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Elderflower Royale

For an excellent elderflower liqueur, check out - their elderflower liqueur is called Blossom. It's imported from Germany, distiled from wild elderflowers gathered around Lake Constance. Fabulous artisan product!

Jan 05, 2010
flosshilde in Recipes

Oktoberfest/German party ideas

For dessert: Pflaumenkuchen/Apfelkuchen (plum cake/apple cake). Use the recipe at for Original Plum Torte. This is almost exactly like the basic fruit kuchen recipe in the "Bayrisches Kochbuch" I have, though using Imperial measurements. You can easily substitute thinly-sliced apples for the plums (or any other stone fruit or rhubarb - sugar accordingly). You can double the recipe and bake them in large sheet pans to serve a crowd (use parchment underneath - with extra hanging over the sides - for easy removal from pan, put a little grease under the parchment to keep in from slipping while you spread in the dough). Lay the plums/apples/whatever on the dough like shingles. We do an Oktoberfest every year and these cakes are a great hit.
If you have a German butcher near you, order a couple of loafs of "Leberkaese" - it's like a big loaf of balogna (has no liver in it), just heat it up in your oval crock pot or in the over. The "Amis" (Americans) love this stuff. Viel Spass! O'Zapft is'!

Sep 29, 2007
flosshilde in Home Cooking