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Hot dogs without Hot Dougs

I'll be in Chicago in June and am wondering if there are any hot dog places worth trying. We went and waited at Hot Dougs last summer and my partner was thoroughly impressed. He has been to Portillos too. We aren't opposed to waiting in line or a place a bit further out, we will be staying in River North.

Also any restaurant ideas. I love great food and am not interested in pre fixe. We have been to Publican, Gt Fish and Oyster, Maudes, Purple Pig and Sable. We have reservations at Girl and the Goat and will be going to Au Chevel for brunch. We will be celebrating our anniversary so would like somewhere special but not too stuffy. Thanks.

Mar 17, 2015
nsm08 in Chicago Area

40th birthday in Chicago

A group of girls and. I are heading to Chicago in early November to celebrate my friend's 40th bday. We are staying at the W lakeshore and will have lunch at Lou Malnati's and the Purple Pig. We are having dinner on night at Maude's and have reservations at Boka for Saturdsy night. I know the reviews are fabulous for Boka but I'm not sure if it's too far north and if the ambiance will be fun or is it more reserved. We won't be dancing on the tables but am looking for an ambiance to keep the party going. I've been to Sable, GT fish and Oyster and Publican and want to go someplace where we can get reservations ( so Au Cheval is out). A plus would be a restaurant in a neighborhood with fun craft cocktails nearby. Also any breakfast suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We will be there Friday and Saturday for breakfast. Thanks.

Oct 05, 2014
nsm08 in Chicago Area

Check my itineray-I want an amazing Chicagoan experience

I am going to Chicago in a few weeks and have been scouting out Chowhound and other various Chicago magazines for amazing restaurants. I wanted to spend around $100 for a meal and am going with a non-foodie. Here is what I have planned, give you me opinion or other ideas.

lunch-Purple Pig-know it will be a wait, but am hoping the wait is less on a Thursday.
dinner-La Scarola

breakfast-Little Goat
lunch-Au Chevel

breakfast-either Seven on Heaven or Wildberry Pancake and Café

Oct 06, 2013
nsm08 in Chicago Area

Breakfast ideas please

Thanks for all of the ideas. I went on a food tour to seven on heaven and wanted to go back there again. I think we decided on Jam (will be coming from O'Hare), Little Goat and either Wildberry or Seven on Heaven. I'm looking forward to a weekend of great food.

Oct 06, 2013
nsm08 in Chicago Area

Breakfast ideas please

I'm going to be in Chicago for a few nights in October with a friend. I am looking for a few breakfast ideas. We are staying at the Fairmont near Millennium Park. We will be in town from Thursday-Saturday. Thanks so much.

Oct 01, 2013
nsm08 in Chicago Area

food trucks

I'n coming to Vancouver and want to eat at some noteworthy food trucks. What are your favorites?

Jul 03, 2012
nsm08 in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

best food trucks

I'll be in Seattle in mid-August and want to try some food trucks while I am there-any suggestions for your favorites?

Jul 03, 2012
nsm08 in Greater Seattle

seafood/sushi/all around good food

We am coming to Vancouver in mid-August for 3 nights. We want to eat a lot of seafood, sushi and just plain good food. We we don't have a budget but would like a variety of pricepoints. We am also looking for a place with a view. We are not afraid of ethnic or trying out new foods. Ideas please.

Jun 29, 2012
nsm08 in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)