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Can you make brown butter ahead of time?

Here is a link to the microwave method.

And yes, if making it ahead, make it, let it cool to room temp, then store. I've only made it brown butter ahead when using it for baking (where texture hasn't been an issue because I needed to reliquify it).

Oct 03, 2013
suzymb in Home Cooking

Can you make brown butter ahead of time?

I just made brown butter on Monday. I was shooting a CHOW Tip about how you can make brown butter in the microwave. I put the brown butter in an air tight container and let it sit out at room temperature. Tuesday night I threw the solidified brown butter in the microwave for a few seconds to re-liquify it to use to make brown butter buttercream. After re-liquifying it, it looked and tasted just like it did when I originally made it. And the buttercream was identical to an earlier batch I made right after browning butter.

The texture of the room temperature solidified brown butter was the same as when I've stored brown butter in the fridge (grainy).

I have to say, ever since I've started making brown butter using the microwave (thank you Christina Tosi!) I always just make it in the moment now.

Sep 25, 2013
suzymb in Home Cooking Recipe Challenge Benefiting Common Threads - Winner?

Hi HillJ,
We have not yet announced the winner.
Recipe contests take a bit of time as our test kitchen needs to test recipes and then we need to work with our legal team and the sponsor to dot all of our i's and cross our t's. We will absolutely be announcing the winner and following up on the contest very soon!

Sep 17, 2013
suzymb in Site Talk

Question about rules for the contest

Thanks for your question. Our partners on this contest wanted to limit each recipe to 10 ingredients. I'm guessing including your stock recipe, you'd have over 10. If that's the case, then just use stock as one of your ingredients. I'm sure the recipe works better with your own stock, but we want to make sure your recipe qualifies! If it won't put you over 10, then include directions to make your stock within the recipe. Let us know if you have any other questions!

Aug 20, 2013
suzymb in Site Talk

The Testing Thread - Part 2

testing on lastest mac os in safari

Oct 05, 2012
suzymb in Site Talk

"CHOW's Perfect Summer BBQ Pinterest Contest "

Hi meatn3,
We were hoping that people would create exciting, original boards that included more than just CHOW recipes for this contest. We are happy to see that some people are doing that by including pictures of place settings, summer dresses, and other non-food items along with the required 5 CHOW recipes!

Suzy, CHOW

Jun 29, 2012
suzymb in Site Talk