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10" nonstick skillet/frying pan

I thought we had the non stick situation sorted out when we bought-what is essentially disposable cookware --@John Francis-3 Tramontine frypans from Costco for $25. Then I started looking into PFOA and PTFE (nasty non stick chemicals). see:

I don't like the Ozeri pan referred to in the above article because it has a plastic handle and cannot go into the oven.

I have settled on the Cuisinart Green Gourmet non stick frypan, which is also "petroleum free". This brand has a stainless steel handle which allows you to stick the pan in the oven, and is and broiler safe too. Most of the non stick formulas do not allow you to heat the pan up to a high temperature. Of course I have not had it long enough for an endurance test, but it comes in at $29.99 at my local B,B&B without their coupon.

Finally, let's not forget the nicely seasoned cast iron pans which are essentially non stick. When they get unseasoned (from SO soaking in the sink!), I start the seasoning process all over by putting in in my oven during the self clean, and starting the seasoning process all over again...

Jun 27, 2012
DJfromCT in Cookware