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Pickled Sichuan Peppers [split from General Topics Sichuan Pepper thread]

One last "hard to find" ingredient, pickled Sichuan peppers: Years ago in San Francisco (c.1972) Henry Chung gave me his own recipe for preserving chilis that he used in his Hunan Chinese restaurant. I have used it ever since because honestly I have never in all of this time and travel been able to find a commercial product that even comes close. They are very easy to make and you can find a similar recipe online at:

Please give it a try and I don't think you will ever want to resume the hunt for a store-bought variety. The flavor profile of the "pickling" ingredients overrides the flavor of whatever mild to medium fresh pepper you decide to use and the "mouthfeel" is just as important. These attributes are impossible to find in a canned/homogenized product from China. All the Best,

Jul 13, 2012
eatahorse in Home Cooking

Authentic Sichuan Chinese Ingredients

What they DO have is authentic Pixiang chili paste and hence the post...Sorry you had such a hard time navigating.

Jul 05, 2012
eatahorse in General Topics

Authentic Sichuan Chinese Ingredients

As of June 2012, A domestic mail order source for Juan Cheng brand Pixian Doubanjiang broadbean and chili paste (the "Holy Grail" of authentic Sichuan cooking) is : located in Boston, MA

Jun 29, 2012
eatahorse in General Topics