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Munich -- Rosenheimer Platz, Au, Ostbahnhof, Giesing suggestions?

You can try the Lissabon Bar in Breisacher Straße or/and Wirtshaus in der Au in Lilienlstr. Both are casual places.

Mar 15, 2013
Bavaroise in Europe

Recs for Group Dinner in Nuremberg

a "must try" at the Christmas market is "3 im Weckla". The number 3 stands for 3 Nürnberger sausages (bratwurst) and "Weckla" is the local franconian dialect for (bread) roll. " 3 im Weckla" is eaten with mustard.

The local Christmas specialty is "Elisenlebkuchen". Lebkuchen is gingerbread, Elisenlebkuchen is an espacially fine kind of gingerbread. You will find it not only at the Christmas market but everywhere around town.

The "Glühwein" at the market usually is not very good, BUT for some strange reason it tastes very good, if you enjoy it directly at the market.

Dec 09, 2012
Bavaroise in Europe

Munich - Open on Sundays?

Supermarkets, department stores etc. are closed on Sundays, but restaurants will be open.

In case you are coming in December to Munich, you will find many Christmas Markets in town, where food is - also on Sundays - easily available.

Nov 14, 2012
Bavaroise in Europe

Baking soda in Germany

Yes, "Backpulver" ist "baking powder" - the best brand to be found in the supermarkets is Dr. Oetker.
To come back to your original question: We don't use baking soda here in Germany for baking, we only use "Backpulver". Natron - as mentioned above- can be found in the supermarkets, but usually it is not used for baking.

Oct 31, 2012
Bavaroise in Europe


Hi Stompielna,
you may get more answers, if you post your question in the "home cooking" board here on chowhound. The "international" board is quite lonely.....

Jul 13, 2012
Bavaroise in Home Cooking