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Russian/Ukr. food in Edmonton


I travelled to Ukraine for 3 weeks this past summer, and since returning to Edmonton, I am craving Ukrainian/russian food. (The people I stayed with were Russians living in Ukraine). Does anyone know the name of the russian food store on the west end? I stopped at K&K imports on Whyte Ave out of curiousity, and the lady there told me that there was a Russian food store on the West End somewhere, but she could not remember the name of it. I have scoured the internet and cannot find it either. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Btw, I noticed the post about Kvac (spelled "KBAC" in Ukrainian), and I tried Kvac when I was in Ukraine, and it is good! It is sort of like root beer, but a little stronger.

Sep 28, 2007
cphelps in Prairie Provinces