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Good place for Cantonese breakfast in Chinatown?

Big Wong on Mott is one of the few places open during breakfast time. They have good you tiao and ngau lei sou (sweet version of you tiao). Their congee is good.

M Cafe on Division also opens early and they have made-to-order rice rolls which are really nice.

I can't think of a restaurant that serves freshly made, hot soybean milk. I think they usually buy from a vendor and heat it up.

Sadly, Yogee closed recently and I don't think they're coming back.

Jun 28, 2012
foiegraschick in Manhattan

New Buttercup Bake Shop in White Plains

Surprised to see this open up in WP. Grand opening was last week apparently. The espresso machine hasn't arrived yet but they have all their cupcakes plus some other treats like brownies, cake by the slice, etc. Same as the Manhattan location. I'm not big on cupcakes but once in a while I'll get the urge. The vanilla with chocolate frosting was good.

Sunshine Deli reborn in White Plains?

I wondered the very same thing and tried their tacos al pastor, my favorite Sunshine item. It was good. Not "quite" the same as original Sunshine, but decent enough where I may have to go back and try them again to see. If I correctly understood her limited English, the lady said they were from Lake Street, but I didn't recognize any of the faces at the new location. I still dream about how good the old Sunshine was, so I might make another trip soon in the hopes that this location really is Sunshine resurrected.