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Empanadas filled with pork and tomato

Hello, Pirate Ice here.

I dated this guy who was a real jerk. He called himself a "spaniard" when he was really a Long Island half jewish second generation Puerto Rican. He's big on the (tiny) DC Metro scene now as a club kid calling himself Master Skywolf and leading young ladies around on leashes. We did not part on good terms.

However, he did make some really good empanadas with a crisp golden crust that dripped with ruby red pork fat. I thought, "Yea, I live in the era of the Internet. I will find this recipe, no problem."

Unfortunately when I search for empanadas online I keep finding chicken empanadas, veggie empanadas, and monstrocities of cinnamon sugar filled with fruit. Nothing has a similar pastry crust. I try to remember how he made them but it's all a blur due to the trauma of dating the twerp. Please, Chowhounds, help me find closure by helping me to locate this recipe!

Pirate Ice.

Sep 07, 2012
PirateICE in Home Cooking

The cheapest possible wedding reception in DC... Help please :)

It's "hors 'd ouvres" and you're absolutely right not to want to spend a whole lot of money on a wedding reception. It really ought to be snacks, and not a feast. Between the ceremony and the reception you send people off for their dinners and then have them come back for desserts that match the theme of your wedding cake. Be sure to tell them that they're not to expect dinner at the reception...but also expect them to stay pretty late, depending on the crowd.

The way you sell this to your bride-to-be is that you tell her that people won't all want the same kind of foods anyway, and the grown-ups will want a chance to drop off their kids with the sitter.

Have coffee and tea in big urns, and a banquet table with little tiny dessert plates. Then cake, 3 cheesecakes, petit fours (that's little chocolates), cherries, grapes, jordan almonds, pistachios, dried apricots and other bulk food stuff that looks good. Keep it chill and play some jazz. I think this is a better option than serving people tunafish salad on toast. You can even see if you can borrow the dishes from those same church ladies since you're really laying out a bunch of candy dishes.

Oh, and probably never let her see this post. Congratulations and good luck!

Fresh Peppermint

I second the "all asian grocery stores have it" comment. Check by the other fresh greens up top and it won't even be in a moldy little box, it'll be in a little bundle like the parsley. Depending on where you are, you can also check a historical site that has a garden, a plant nursery, or farmer's market. Peppermint is super easy to grow and tends to take over. Oh, but don't bother with Home Depot or Lowe's for herbs after the 4th of July. Actually, don't bother with them at all since their herbs have been touched by everyone passing through the store. Would you really want to use an herb that EVERYONE has crushed, sniffed, dropped, and sneezed on in something you were going to eat?!!

The very strongest mint, on ice?

I've been craving very strong (stronger than starlight, mint puffs, altoids, or typical peppermint patties) peppermint flavor. You know, the kind that is bitter first and then inescapably icy cold! Supernaturally strong! Any suggestions from candy to cocktails?