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How much do you spend on groceries each month?

If you think you are shocked feeding a family of 4 wait till I tell you what we spend for 2 people and a toddler. Not far off from you we spend about 250-300 dollars every 2 weeks. I do shopat wholesale clubs BJ's/ Costco and use their coupons. I do clip other coupons but don't go crazy , if I see it is something we use, I will clip the coupon, but won't clip the coupon if it is something we usually don't get. We eat a lot of fish, meat occasionally and I would say that 50-60 dollars of my grocery bill goes towards produce, vegetables and fruit. I buy fruits and vegetables in season and try to buy local and organic. We don't go out to eat except for an occasional chinese take-out night. The amount of money we spend on food aggravates me but when I look at the quality I put on the table it is worth it. I am always looking for new things to cook and hoard cookbooks:)

Jun 24, 2012
nuttynursem in General Topics