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Calling All Dynamic Allergy-Friendly Bakers!

This particular plan I'm following is supposed to be like a special-tailored diet and supplement combo to heal my intestines and reverse various damages I've amassed over the while I've been sick. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't skeptical, vitamins and food are supposed to heal all of this? Haha

Using results from hormone testing, allergy testing (http://www.alcat.com/), and various other forms of testing, I have an irritatingly specific diet plan I have to follow for awhile to give my guts time to heal.

After a bout of particularly severe worsening symptoms these past weeks, I was able to get in touch with a doctor and a nutritionist today who will write recipes that fit my special plan well :) I'm always open to new ideas though.

Jun 26, 2012
Sprue in Special Diets

Low carb sweets that don't use chemical fake sweeteners

I'm sorry :/ I thought the post was referring to "no chemical sweeteners" which seemed to fit the bill.

I'm flailing in my own restricted diet pool, so please excuse my misinformation. I'm pre-diabetic and on low glycemic. Doc said green apples are okay for me. I'm not on low carb, so I totally accept screwing that one up.

Where are the carbs in the recipes I posted if you use nuts to make the crust (got the recipe from a low-carb site) and add no sweetener? I just want to learn D:

I also read about apples from my doc and various sites


Jun 25, 2012
Sprue in Special Diets

Low carb sweets that don't use chemical fake sweeteners

Hello! I'm in the same boat of no artificial/alternative sweetners other than stevia. I also have quite the sweet tooth, so I've been scrounging around for recipes to fill that hole in my life </3

Moving away from the spongey cakey goods, I thought about pie! Apple pie, since apples work well with low-glycemic business too.


For the crust, it wouldn't be the traditional double crust if you want to go lowlow carb, but I'm intrigued by this almond crust that may or may not fall apart upon serving.


Best of luck! I'm looking forward to seeing more creative ideas to fit this bill.

Jun 24, 2012
Sprue in Special Diets

Calling All Dynamic Allergy-Friendly Bakers!

Thanks so much for the info!

Yeah :/ I can't have any of the alternative sugars like xylitol or z-sweet and bananas are high-glycemic. I can't have coconut either which makes me pull my hair out because coconut oil was the only oil my stomach seemed to like, go fig. Negatory on the dried fruits like dates too.

Ground flax is a great egg substitute, I can't use ener-g because potato came up as a sensitivity too x_x

I'd be afraid to cut out fruits (which would make 0 sugar in any form) because it might make me lose even more weight, since I've been eating a servings of fruit a day whenever I get cravings for all those wonderful cookies, cakes, and jellies of the past.

Again, thanks for the input! If I can get anything to get these culinary cogs turning, I'm incredibly grateful.

Jun 24, 2012
Sprue in Special Diets

Calling All Dynamic Allergy-Friendly Bakers!

Hello, hello! I have a bit of a predicament. After almost two years of worsening autoimmune issues, a holistic doctor did various testing (although I'm still a little leery about all of this) and found a boatload of things.

I'm "sensitive" to all types and forms of sugars, alternative or unrefined (except pure Stevia), I don't have much insulin (requires low glycemic diet), and I have various food sensitivities, so I have to avoid a lot of different things like casein, yeast, soy, eggs, and more.

I'm not new to the allergy-friendly baking world, but this combo of things has thrown me for a loop. Unfortunately, I'm severely underweight (in 0 percentile for my age group) and sugar used to be my easy calories.

I have a wicked sweet tooth I haven't been able to satisfy with no sugar except stevia and some fruits (apples, pears, grapes, berries, no dried), only whole grain, and vegan ingredients.

I've tried half a dozen recipes that I've had to edit to meet criteria, and of course they flopped. Too much liquid it seems... The best sweetness comes from a combo of stevia and pureed fruit, but I haven't nailed down how to scale back the liquid in the recipe enough to keep the end product from being waterlogged mess.

So I'm curious if anyone knows the ends and outs of :

Vegan Baking, Sugar-Free Baking, Low-Glycemic Baking, and Soy-free Baking all wrapped up in a neat little ball?

Jun 24, 2012
Sprue in Special Diets