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Food trucks recommendations for our wedding?

Hi Dubbfoolio - glad to hear the wedding was fantastic! Yay!

For our really casual wedding picnic, we ended up hiring El Tonayense - (the one from Best Buy in SF). We worked with Benjamin and Maricela there. From a logistical standpoint, they were easy to work with (almost *too* easy - I had to request a written contract which they quickly provided - I think they are used to more relaxed people ;))

We paid them $100 travel fee to come to Laurel in Tilden Park (Berkeley) on top of their 3 hour minimum - with tax and tip, it ended up being about $14/per person (including kids). We had their full menu and we had plenty of food for 70 people (50 adults) and ~10 people took burritos home at the end to meet our minimum price. We never had lines of more than 2-3 people at a time.

Only thing I was a bit uncomfortable with was their large tip jar in the window. I didn't want to insult them and ask them to remove it, but of course, we were planning to tip them after. And some people were scrounging up tip money, which was just awkward, but we didn't know what to say so we let it go. (We told them they didn't have to, but some people just wanted to.


I would highly recommend a food truck if you are looking for casual catering for a party of 50-100 people or so. My only regret is we didn't get a photo of us from inside the food truck! ;) Happy to answer any specific questions about the site or this truck.

Food trucks recommendations for our wedding?

Hi Dubbfoolio, just wondered how it turned out to have the food truck at Tilden? Congrats on the wedding!

Food trucks recommendations for our wedding?

Thanks, good to know! Looking forward to hearing how it turns out! Congrats!

Food trucks recommendations for our wedding?

Thanks for the quick reply, dubbfoolio! Just curious, were there some that you had to rule out for Tilden's Laurel picnic spot based on logistics? (Btw, I saw the video of Laurel on youtube - that's really helpful, thanks!!) Sorry to be picking your brain on this - I know you must be really busy if your wedding is coming up!

Food trucks recommendations for our wedding?

Dubbfoolio, not to be a copycat but I'm thinking of Tilden park as well for a location for a party with foodtrucks for about 100 in Sept as well. Can you tell us what foodtrucks you settled on? Thanks!