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vegan milkshakes

This is intersting. I will give this a shot.

vegan milkshakes

What can I say? I've only had the mint chip, but it's hard to imagine a vegan shake getting any better than that. It's creamy, sweet, thick, and lacks the subtle but mysterious twang that is present in some non-dairy products masquerading as milk-based.

But do I know of vegan shakes? No, I say. I've only had the ones from Saturn. I look to expand my options and my horizons.

The search continues.

vegan milkshakes

This is my new thing. I'm not even vegan, really. I just love 'em. I decided that I'm going to spend the rest of this weekend trying to find vegan milkshakes in the Bay Area. We've been to Saturn, (which is the standard by which I wish to judge all others and Rico's (3.5 out of 5) But where else is there? East Bay preferred, but we'll travel if necessary. What say you, Chowsters?