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hotel grotta palazzese

We had lunch there in the summer of 2010. The setting is gorgeous and unlike anything I've experienced elsewhere. The staff were very nice and accommodating with a group of 12, including 6 girls then aged between 3 and 6. The fish was extremely fresh - we had massive plates of crudi and carpaccio of various kinds of fish - but some of the dishes were a bit overwrought, and the prices were out of this world. The wine list was comprehensive and fairly-priced, though more expensive than what we saw elsewhere in Puglia. It is worth a visit for the setting alone, but on balance I would recommend just getting a drink.

While in Polignano, a visit to the Supermago del Gelo is essential.

May 15, 2015
JeremyM1 in Italy

One lunch in Senigallia

Many thanks for the feedback. Allende - Having previously read so many raves about Uliassi and Madonnina, your post is surprising, but appreciated.

Pongetti is north of the center of town, a couple of blocks from the sea, on the busy road parallel to the sea. The friend we are visiting in Arcevia, a person with whom I have had some extraordinary meals, rates it very highly, and describes it as a classic place, where fish is prepared "the way it used to be." I tried to eat there a few years ago, but arrived too late.

Jul 04, 2012
JeremyM1 in Italy

One lunch in Senigallia

My wife and I will be in Arcevia for a wedding in mid-July, and have one slot available for a meal in the area. We are thinking of heading over to Senigallia, and are considering Uliassi, La Madonnina del Pescatore, and Pongetti. I would be most grateful for any views on these or other places nearby. Thanks!

Jul 03, 2012
JeremyM1 in Italy