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Baltimore: Cream of Crab soup

I really like Captain Harvey's in Owings Mills. They only serve it on the weekends, but I find it to suit my cream of crab soup needs. When we have out of town guests they always ask for us to get some.

Woodberry Kitchen

My wife and I celebrated our 9th anniversary last night by trying out Woodberry Kitchen for the first time. I've got to say we were both very, very pleased with the experience and would definitely recommend it. We started the night by sampling the wood oven roasted oysters with the bacon on top. Really nice size to all of the oysters and the taste was top notch. In addition, we got the Montana Whitefish caviar which was one of the specials. The caviar came on top of bite sized potato pancakes and had a great burst of flavor. Our main courses were two of that nights specials: Pecan Duck served two ways and the Lamb Chops. The duck was cooked absolutely perfectly and had me wishing for more. The only disappointment in the dish was its accompaniment of a dried out buttnut squash garnish. However, the excellence of the duck easily outshone this slight misstep. My wife had the lamb chops which I also sampled, and they were very moist and had a nice red wine sauce that was not overpowering. Her garnish of potatoes was nicely done, and had none of the problems found in the squash. While we were enjoying our main courses I decided to go ahead and have a plate of the sizzling cheeses brought out. This consisted of two types of cheese (goat brie and some type of chedder) brought out on a sizzling hot plate with fresh rosemary giving off nice aromatics. We were happy with the cheese and felt they were fair portions for the price ($11).

We finished dinner having the French Press coffee, a pumpkin toffee roll with egg nog ice cream, and a chocolate tart with burnt orange ice cream. My wife and I were both merely OK with the pumpkin roll and chocolate tart. They weren't bad, but they were both pretty standard compared to the delicious food we had had earlier. Both of the ice creams however were excellent. If I had to do it again I would have just gotten a bigger portion of the ice cream.

Service throughout the evening was great. I should also note that you definitely would be wise to get reservations. We had reservations at 6:30 and the place was packed all evening long. At no point did we feel rushed to leave though. All in all, it was a great meal, and we'll be going back.