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Red Fish Simi Valley

People with high blood pressure should never eat here since the food is extremely salty no matter what was ordered.

The service was competent yet seemingly indifferent. It's disconcerting when talking to the waiter to have him suddenly leave while I was in mid sentence.

The prices are high (for Simi) but the portions are generally large. Entrees start at $16 and go to about $50 per person. Aside from the salt issue the food was prepared competently.

Jun 22, 2008
empirejd in Los Angeles Area

REVIEW: Granville Cafe, Burbank

Granville's service is, at best amateurish. The food is OK but the fries arrived at the table cold & soggy and obviously old while the burger was warm. The server kept me waiting for catsup while the burger grew cold. Then to top it all off, the server spilled some aioli all over my wife, her chair and herself.

The manager was disinterested and never offered an apology. It never fails to amaze me how huge operations are left in charge of managers just barely out of puberty and who have no idea of what customer service is all about.

Granville has a web site where customers can comment on their dining experience. Four days later I have yet to hear from their Corporate headquarters. Typical if the experience in the restaurant is any indicater.

Jun 13, 2008
empirejd in Los Angeles Area

Onyx Sushi in the Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village - Anyone?

Our party of four visited Onyx on 9/26/07. The room is beautiful but alas the food was not and the service was very slow. We all shared two combo plates which included various sushi and sashimi. It was good but not memorable. We also had some hot dishes and the hawaiian sushi (tuna, avocado & mango) which again were very forgettable. The only saving grace was there was a special of 50% off all food in the restaurant so the bill for four was $98 plus tip. We would NOT go out of our way to visit again especially at their regular prices.

Sep 28, 2007
empirejd in Los Angeles Area