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what to substitute for beef in stuffed onions recipe

I would love to make a vegetarian version of this stuffed onions recipe from the May issue of Bon Appetit. The recipe calls for beef or lamb and it is seasoned with garlic and spices and filled into the roasted onions.

Potatoes? Chickpeas? Something hearty that can stand up to all the flavors and cooking, I think. I usually try to avoid fake meat but if you have a suggestion for something that might work really well, would love to know. Thanks.

toddler dinner rut

Our toddler is younger (to be honest, we still call her baby) at 14 months. Her favorite thing to eat is avocados and we do avocados on toast, rice and beans with chopped avocado, avocado mashed with cereal.

Also, lots of Indian food. She loves green peas in onion-tomato-cumin-coriander sauce. Potatoes always go over well and I try to mix in some greens -- as in mashed potatoes with some pureed spinach/kale mixed in. Just recently started her on chickpeas as well now that she has more teeth.

dinner to go from grand central market?

Thank you both. I ended up getting cod cakes from Wild Edibles and a quiche from Dishes, and rounded off the meal with a very quick salad with some arugula. Worked out marvelously.

Jun 24, 2012
nazinbrooklyn in Manhattan

dinner to go from grand central market?

I walk through the grand central market on the way home and I am wondering if any of you have suggestions for an easy dinner I could pick up from the market for two non-vegetarians. I am vegetarian and we keep a veg. household generally, so I have no clue how to go about this. But my mother-in-law is visiting and I'd love to get some fish/seafood/meat that can be easily (like in 5 minutes) reheated and ready to eat while I put the baby to sleep. What's especially good and easy for a casual dinner? For myself, there are dinner options at home.

Jun 22, 2012
nazinbrooklyn in Manhattan