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Last Minute Reservation Needed For Foodie's Birthday

Thank you to all that replied. We're headed to Fifth Floor. Haven't been for years. Trusting my fellow hounds!

Last Minute Reservation Needed For Foodie's Birthday

My brother's birthday is this Saturday 3/16. He was going to be out of town, but plans have changed. I'd like to take him out for a great dinner. Having trouble reserving at his favorites (Park Tavern, Delfina, Range). Any help appreciated in locating a spot of similar quality that might have availability at this point.

Need Gift Certificate Recommendations For NYC Wedding Gift

I need a gift certificate to a nice (food and ambiance) NYC restaurant for my brother and his wife. They live in Manhattan and have enjoyed Morimoto, Gordon Ramsay and Le Bernadin. I'm looking for something along those lines where it won't be too difficult to get a reservation (no Per Se). I thought Corton looked good, but I'm interested in other ideas. Thanks!

Jun 22, 2012
scchang in Manhattan