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truffle oil

I don't have Metro anywhere near me, but IGA will deliver.

truffle oil

I would recommend you get the Favuzzi Truffle Mushroom Spread at IGA. It had real truffles inside and tastes (and smells) heavenly. Use it for pasta, eggs, sandwiches.

ISO "Liquid Red Pepper Seasoning"

Thanks for the clarification. The real question is would want a bean and turnip soup? :o)

Where to find US Microbrewery beers in Montreal

Not true. International trade laws make any beer from outside canada as easy to import as any other. In fact there are more intra-country limitations. The only limitation is that the label must be bilingual and show alcolhol and mesurement in metric format.

The main reason we don't see american beers is that we are too small a market for them to explore. Most of the US microbrews are not even distributed nationally.

Wagyu beef

Officially, Prime is the highest grade. After that, I assume that some customers get 1st dibs.

ISO Chinois


Where to get family (big) size organic ground turkey for cheap?

Go straight to the farm. For example: "Les Volailles d'Angèle" in lanaudière

rainy day lunch?


Great local beers available in cans?

If the corner dep has farnham, you're in good hands!

Is there a place in Montreal where one could eat an authentic Mexican-style Caesar salad?

Rib 'N Reef

Bombay Choupati Menu

It was every bit as advertised. Had the butter chicken and madras chicken of the combo menu. Divine naan, disapointing rice.

Will have to try the "full menu". Right now its a tossup with Shahi Palace.

All I wish is they move close to Lasalle.

Bombay Choupati Menu

Hi hounders,

Would anyone have a scanned menu of Bombay Choupati, I wanted to call in and pick up for takeout.

Either way, what are your favorite dishes?

About No. 3 maple syrup... again! Made in Quebec but no sold here?

Try the stand outside at Atwater market. They had 6 grades available last year. Do remember that the dark stuff comes at the end of the season, so anything you buy today would be from last year's production.

Are any of you in favor of having a whole foods in Montreal?

No we have everything we need.

Even a "general" supermarket like IGA now has a surprising selection of gourmet and bio products.

And don't talk about the suburbs, they have Tau and Adonis too.

Good restos in western Montreal or near the airport?

Bring him to Il Fornetto in Lachine right on the canal. He'll love the setting and ambiance.

Best quality/price sushi in the Greater Montreal?

For my money, Misoya in Lasalle nigh-unbeatable at any price.

Delta Quebec

I would recommend the brunch.

Grande Parmaesan Grated Cheese

Buy the real reggiano from a cheesemonger. The taste is so much better and powerful that you'll save money by using less


Definitely not southern, but Imadake's Karaage is real good!

Best Tandoori Chicken in Montreal (and not in the suburbs)

Unfortunately, you'll never get the char and taste that a 480 deg. celcius oven will. You can get great indian taste in your oven, but a great Tandoor is something else!

Porter beer

In addtion to the St-Ambroise oatmeal stout, Boréale Noire is available in most locations. Both make a great substitute as it is denser than a Guinness and this closer to a Porter.

Porters tend to be a little sweeter than Stouts so just add a little maple syrup to the recipe for a perfect match.

Suburbs eating ? (Outside of Montreal or on route from Toronto)

If you are coming from the 20/401, stop by Pete's Smoke Meat on Ile Perrot just before getting on the Island. (It is next to the dairy queen.

Also be careful of the photo radar just before on Ile Perrot.

Sierra Nevada IPA or Torpedo

I seriously doubt it, I've never seen in any beer deps before. May I suggest the wonderful McAuslan, Boreale and L'Alchimiste IPA's that are easily available?

Ham Ham Ham

Available at lot of places, I like the Premiere Moisson


Its was sold not too long ago, that probably exlpains all.

Best cold cuts in Montreal

Charcuterie Monk

Restaurant Closings in 2013

Lasalle is viable, but that location was beyond horrible.

Truffle butter

Can I suggest you make it using truffle paste/shavings? Probably faster, fresher and cheaper

smoked meat - lesser of two evils

I don't know but all the industrial stuff is pathetic. However if you find cryovacked "Nower" or "Quebec Smoke Meat" in the deli counter of your local smoke meat joint, its quite good!

Restaurant Closings in 2012

Faubourg was unfortunately born to lose. Even on its 1st year ('87) the cinema got flooded during a storm. Sad because it had a unique vibe. Can't put my finger on it, but it had its own thing going.