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Burlington Ontario restaurants

My husband and I regularly enjoy the Sunday buffet brunch at the Water Street Cooker which is also on the waterfront in Burlington. For $30 you get one supersized mimosa, a spread that includes roast beef (wonderfully rare) along with another roast (it was ham today), fresh oysters, a wonderful seafood chowder, personalized omelets and all the eggs benedict you can handle. The dessert table is not spectacular (good cookies) but you should be eating the fresh warm waffles with fruit and whipped cream anyway. All the coffee/tea you need to wash the food down. There is a gorgeous, patient Canada goose nesting below (if you get a window seat) with five eggs in her nest and I can't wait to see how she gets her goslings down to the water!

Bloor West Village restaurants

I have lived in BWV for the past 18 years and can say I have been going to this place a couple times each year and have never been disappointed by the food. Was there a couple weeks ago on a Friday night and since we were heading across the street for a play, had giant dinner salads. Me: Chopped salad with turkey and Date: Oriental salad. Fresh, large, lots of protein and variety of ingredients. Service was friendly and efficient even though the place was packed. I know I'm weird but I love grilled calves liver and they do it very nicely there with bacon and gravy. This place is also one of the few BYOB in the city and it costs only $1 on Mondays, $2 on Tuesdays! My only complaint is the desserts tend to be limited and fairly heavy which is not what you want after finishing your excellent dinner.

How to Get Really Smooth Mashed Potatoes

I prefer Yukon Golds for the colour and always heat my milk and butter to boil(3:1)in the mircowave before gradually adding them to the pot using an electric beater for speed and lightness. You can add additional cold milk until the consistency is to your liking. Salt to taste.

Mar 17, 2013
EastCoastGurl in Features


The website has been updated to reflect the current menu. Went there on Saturday, beginning of March on a Groupon. Called ahead for reservations and a lovely lady said no problem...however might have to wait a few moments for a table to clear. Got there at 8 and was promptly seated by Nancy in a lovely two person booth. The place was crowded but the room was dark, warm and you could smell all the pizzas cooking in the oven in the room. Pleasant server bought us Organic Steam Whistle which was on tap. I started with Just the Blues salad- shredded romaine, carrots, beets, house-made blue cheese dressing finished with flash-fried capers and pistachio dust- $10 nicely executed. Husband had Baby Arugula (traditional)- fresh lemon, DOP olive oil, shaved parmesan reggiano- $8 which he enjoyed. My pizza, the Capo- DOP San Marzano tomatoes, smoked provola, hot sopressata, red onion, fresh basil, finished with hot honey- $17 was excellent (you can really taste the honey!) drizzled with the chili infused olive oil they have on the table. I cannot comment much on the husband's pizza (the fior di latte was divine on it) except he ate it all. No room for dessert but I can say that there were many orders for the tiramisu on the tables. The restaurant is located a ten minute drive from us and I would certainly go back again for the pizza.

Logan's Bar and Grill

I do not know if you get a larger portion...personally I doubt it. They have a large sampler platter and the sharing fee is mentioned in relation to this. Since I was not ordering that platter I was surprised when they invoked it on my order.

Logan's Bar and Grill

I'm not from Washington but here in Toronto, some smaller places do not like it if you do not order an entree during the dinner hours. They can't make you order one of course but it can be unpleasant. I just had dinner at a place that charges $6.50 to "share" an entree if one was not ordered for everyone at the table. So would you pay the fee or order up in this situation?

Logan's Bar and Grill

Yeah, sorry about the name. Logan's Tavern which is across the street from a Whole Foods.

Logan's Bar and Grill

Wandered in here last February during that Thursday when it was gorgeously warm and sunny. I was visiting a friend and wanted some local food for dinner and this place is part of a chain of restaurants which he had been to before, just not this location. Had a great beet salad as well as the crab cakes...both were apps on the menu. No attitude over that since some places make you order an entree during the dinner hours. My date had a chopped salad wih chicken breast and it was massive and satisfying. Sat at the bar since we did not want to wait for a table (it was packed) and the bar staff were a blast! Ordered a great bottle of red wine chosen with the recommendation of the highly opinionated bar staff and they didn't blink when I asked for ice cubes to chill my wine. Throughly enjoyed food and experience there. I'd go back in a Toronto minute.

Real BBQ in Etobicoke

Oh yeah, I questioned that $6.50 sharing fee and Sandy herself told me that it was applicable. Couldn't do take-out so ordering the burger for $4.50 (I think) seemed the only way to get around paying for nothing but an expanded profit margin. I am really sorry I didn't get any of the pulled pork or brisket but running out of those items at 6:15 means it was not meant to be for me...ever.

Real BBQ in Etobicoke

I went to this place last night with my two teenagers and was sitting down in a booth at 6:15pm. The waitress gave us our menus and said they were out of pork and brisket with only ribs, chicken and meatloaf available. I was quite disappointed but went with onion rings and two dinners of half ribs, one with one order of chicken and one with two orders of chicken with a total of four sides (two of coleslaw and two of the tomato cucumber salad). The waitress informed me there was a $6.50 sharing fee since I had not ordered three meals. I asked if I could then get it to go since I live nearby but the take out menu is not configured to match the eat-in menu. So I decided to order a hamburger for $4 and change since it was cheaper than the sharing fee, which I saw no mention of on the menu at all.

The rings came quickly, followed by garlic bread, then about 30 minutes after we sat down, the three plates of food arrived. Under one half rack of ribs was a quarter chicken leg and under the other was something that resembled maybe a chicken leg. I asked the waitress if this was supposed to be my double chicken order and she said they had run out of chicken and that was all I was getting. Nice to know. Ribs still had the nasty skin on the back and was passable doused in the sauce. Chicken was tender but one was so badly mangled I wouldn't have served it to my dog let alone a paying customer. Salads were ok but the kids disliked the strong dill in the tomato cucumber salad.

Our water was never refilled (and it was hot in there) and an hour after sitting down and $56. poorer, we left with our uneaten forced to order hamburger in a styrofoam tray.

The pulled pork may be good there. So may be the brisket. But I will never know because there is no way I would ever go back there again. My husband is not sorry he missed out on this experience so I guess we'll have to line up at Barque the next time the mood for some Q hits us.