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Looking for the best smoked meat in Toronto

Sorry bjinyyz....I meant Montreal Deli on Dundas. Still the best Montreal smpked meat sandwich in the city and reasonably priced, too.

Baby Beef - unique to Toronto!! (New York Deli)...

It's true - "Baby Beef" is indeed unique to Toronto. The first time I tried it, I found it to be overpriced and with too dull a flavor. At that time I was 'fresh off the ....VIA Rail from Montreal and prefered the flavor 'whollop' of Montreal smoked meat... Many years later, nothing has changed...this 'deli meat', was a bit on the boring side...

Where do 'Foodies' meet to eat?

I'm new to Chow Hound. Do any of you 'foodies' ever plan a pot luck dinner, or restaurant hop as a group? Any meetings, events?

Dipamo's closed, tried Ferraro instead

Phil's - that's it, thanks! It was pretty good for what it is....smoked baked beans, ummmmmmm....

Where to find chocolate cups in Toronto?

Retail or wholesale?

New Whole Foods Location??

It was in the news that Whole Foods bought the land kitty corner to Pusateris on Avenue and Lawrence. The feud continues...

I did not hear that Whole Foods was opening in Etobicoke or Richmond Hill, but they should definately consider Richmond Hill...

Coconut Sugar

AHA! I have some!!!! Available in 4 different varieties, Coconut Palm Sugar (plain) with Ginger, or Cinnamon...or Vanilla.

I saw them online at a Canadian website:

Oh, by the way, they are the ones from Big Tree farms - Bali


Looking for the best smoked meat in Toronto

O.K., there is smoked meat for Montrealers and smoked meat for Torontoians. Toronto loves Yitz's and Katz Dedi, whereby Montrealers love Centre Street Deli, allbeit overpriced!!! and Mississauga Deli on Dundas Street...(AHA!) Reminds me of Lesters Smoked Meat..and by the way...their Pizza's are like the ones you would remember form Mike's Submarine.... sigh...smoked meat withdrawl....

Dipamo's closed, tried Ferraro instead

WAIT! Wasn't there another Dipamos on...College Street, just past on the western end of the Italian section? Didn't the location on Eglington (family member) open up but fought bitterly with the original location???

Foie gras East/NorthEast of Toronto

Kawartha Cuise has a book out of the various restaurants in the region. Foie Gras Terrines should be easy to find, but 'seared' Foie Gras is the way to go.

in search of: SQUID INK

Squid Ink is available frozen in 500gr containers. try