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Where do locals go for dinner in Napa? Looking for one more place to eat....

I'm mostly in agreement with the above recommendations. I'd further whittle down the list by offering my faves among them: Bistro Jeanty, Redd Wood, Goose & Gander (my vote for the best burger in the Napa Valley), Pizza Azzuro, and Zuzu.

Need lunch spot for an old flame.

Okay SF / Bay Area peeps, I need help with a very specific San Francisco lunch spot recommendation: A friend of mine wants to take her ex-BF out to lunch. She's considering rekindling the old flame, but doesn't want to make too big of a statement in case it doesn't pan out. She's asking for a place that is upscale, but not so obviously romantic. A place that has good energy, but not so loud (or service that is so obtrusive) that they can't flirt or have an intimate conversation. A place that is kind of special / unique, but doesn't make the lunch feel like a special occasion. All cuisines are on the table, but personally, I would stay away from strongly spiced or "stinky" foods... just in case, ya know?

Initially, I had a bunch of ideas, but then I realized that most of them were dinner-only. Any ideas??

If you had a $100 OpenTable gift certificate, how would you use it in the Bay Area?

Yes, really! lol
I've been doing it (depositing it in my checking account) for years. If you look at it (front and back) it's just a regular ol' check. There's a space/line for notarizing it on the back like a regular check. =)

reasonable Napa caterer for a large crowd

Do you have a venue, or do you need a place for 150+? ANd what's the date of your event? You mentioned that it's a "memorial," so do you mean that you need a caterer for this SUnday?

If you had a $100 OpenTable gift certificate, how would you use it in the Bay Area?

Not sure if you're aware...
But that "dining cheque" from Open Table is just like any other check. You can endorse it on the back and just deposit it in your bank account/ATM. That's what I do. =)

Napa Winery Tours

I would consider Domaine Chandon.