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Where are the Best Ramen Joints in United States?

Recently Asia Blog posted a story: 'Ramen Dreams' Chef Picks His Five Best Ramen Joints in United States:


Keizo Shimamoto, a ramen chef and blogger at Go Ramen!, who eats 600 bowls a year, had some interesting bi-coastal picks. But I'm sure there are more hidden gems out there.

What are some other places to go for a good bowl of ramen?

Feb 26, 2013
tahiat in Food Media & News

Hop Li Arcadia Gone?

You're on the East Coast? You're making quite the waves with your Top 10 Best Chinese Restaurants amongst New Yorkers. They are quite stirred about the fact that they are all in Cali. Check it out:

Jun 21, 2012
tahiat in Los Angeles Area

Where are the best Chinese restaurants in New York?

[NOTE: This post was originally on "The Best" board (a New York City area board), but we've moved it to the Food Media and News board, since the resulting discussion is not specific to the New York area. -- THE CHOWHOUND TEAM ]

Today's top Asia Blog story was: The Best Chinese Restaurants in America: Are They All in California?

David Chan, the author, who has eaten at over 6000 Chinese restaurants across America, had some interesting perspectives.

Where are the best Chinese restaurants in New York?

Jun 20, 2012
tahiat in Food Media & News