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100 things you should eat before you die- sacramento

Did I miss it or has no one mentioned the BBQ Tuna or Japanese Mafia roll at Mikuni. I fly across the country for those. Not exactly Sac but also breakfast at Bert's Diner on Grant Line Road in (Sheldon) Elk Grove.

Bert's Diner
8972 Grant Line Rd, Elk Grove, CA 95624

1565 Eureka Rd Ste 1, Roseville, CA 95661

Jan 26, 2011
MN Hick Chowhound in California

Sacramento downtown/midtown expense account

Will be entertaining clients in downtown/midtown and need chow-worthy recommendations.


Jan 26, 2011
MN Hick Chowhound in California

Creolina's Take Out - Davie

A few weeks ago their answering machine message (you have to let it ring for a very long time) basically said that they closed due to a lack of sufficient business. It was a heartfelt and somewhat tearful message. This is a real loss for the area!

New York foodie coming to Fort Lauderdale

Raw peanuts in the shell, salt and boiling water. Boil until extremely soft (tender) and eat. You're done.

Cheap chowhound recs in Miami(miramar)

We are opendng a new location in Miramar and I will be there for most of the next 3 months so I will definitely try the L&L..

River Bay Cafe (Bay City, WI)???

Heading to Maiden Rock to pick blueberries on Friday. Any suggestions for lunch (besides the Harbor View in Pepin)? Any experiences at the River Bay Cafe in Bay City?


Milwaukee this weekend

Thanks for the tips. We enjoyed the Bastille Days very much, especially the wine and the Cannoli's from Peter Sciortino's Bakery. We also had lunch at Trocadero which was nice, especially to sit outside. The breakfast burrito from Margarita Paradise in the City Market was also excellent. Dinner at the Mason Street Grille at the Pfister Hotel was disappointing. The food was just fair and the service was extremely slow and disjointed.

Road Trip Suggestions - Mount Rushmore to Devils Tower Wyoming

Sage Grille in Custer, SD is very good for lunch or dinner. I was just there last week and the Philly steak made with Buffalo was great!

Milwaukee this weekend

Thanks for the tips!

Milwaukee this weekend

Thanks ! We will definitely check it out.

Milwaukee this weekend

My wife and I will be visiting downtown Milwaukee for the first time this coming Fri - Sun (for the Circus Parade). We will be staying at the Pfister Hotel and would appreciate any "not to be missed" breakfast, lunch and dinner recommendations. We are open to pretty much anything but would prefer casual places. Thanks!

Lexington Help

Thanks for the responses! Our visit was great! We loved Ramsy's so much that we had lunch there two days in a row. I especially loved the chicken livers and the Kale. We also had dinner at the Beaumont Inn and the fried chicken and country ham were both outstanding. We had dinner at Halls on the River - outside Winchester. We sat outside on the patio, overlooking the river. I really liked the shrimp and grits appetizer as well as the Kentucky Hot Brown. Thanks again for the recommendations!!!

Lexington Help

Sorry 'bout that! You are too right - there's a Lexington everywhere you look.

Lexington Help

We are visiting Lexington and Pleasant Hill for four days next week and are looking for recommendations for: Home Cooking, Meat and 3's, KY BBQ, DDD's and any other fun places. We already have reservations for the Beaumont Inn in Harrodsburg and The Trustee's Office Dining Room (we are staying 2 nights at Pleasant Hill - although the food there has been mixed in the past). Thanks in advance!

Sacramento area burger help!

I'm currently visiting Sacto from Minnesota and am looking for advice on the best burger in the area. I have a car so don't limit yourself. Thanks!

If you ever visit the the Twin Cities of MN the best burger is either Matt's Bar or Shamrocks. Hadn pattied prime beef, local baked bun, cooked to a perfect , grilled onions and served with great fries.

Mar 27, 2009
MN Hick Chowhound in California

Ft. Lauderdale help

Thanks for the help. We liked Coconuts a lot!

Ft. Lauderdale help

We will be in Ft. Lauderdale for 4 days this week and would like some recommendations for casual good local spots for seafood, mexican, cuban and any other suggestions. Would prefer local, casual, non-gourmet - just good food. Beach suggestions are welcome as well. We have a car and are willing to venture away from Ft Lauderdale as well. Thanks in advance.

West Chester Cheesesteak???

Thanks for the feedback! I took my friend to Peppermill in East Goshen Twp. on Monday night and it was as good as I remembered from 20 years ago. We had the pizza steak stromboli with added onions and sweet peppers and it was fantastic. The pizza dough is light and chewey but nice and crispy on the outside. The meat for the steak was very tasty and the pizza sauce (marinara actually not gravy) was just right. Service is still high school kids but who cares about service when the food is this good and cheap too!

On another note - I had fond memories of the BK Diner in West Chester and went there for lunch. Forgetaboutit! Some memories don't last.

Thanks again for the posts!

Best Thai on east side on Twin Cities

Thanks for the advice and for the link. We tried True Thai on Franklin and liked it a lot - especially the friendly and helpful service from Mim. Next stop will be Bangkok Thai Deli.

Thanks again to all who replied!

West Chester Cheesesteak???

20 years ago when I lived in East Goshen Township our three favorite local cheesesteaks were John's in Paoli, Peppermill in East Goshen Township and Betty's (south on Rt. 202 - I think). I will be passing through for one day with a friend who has never had a cheesesteak and I want to treat him. Any ideas or comments on the three above? And no, I'm not taking him to South Philly and Pat's, etc - I never could stand the taste of Cheesewhiz. Thanks!!!

Best Thai on east side on Twin Cities

Any suggestions for the best Thai on the east side of the Twin Cities?

Jacksonville Meat and 3

I will be visiting Jax for several days in March and am looking for local meat and 3's. Nice decor and ambiance optional - just good home cookin'. Also any favs at the beach for peel and eat shrimp, oysters, etc? Lastly any comments on Michael's Restaurant for dinner. Thanks in advance!!!

Feb 14, 2008
MN Hick Chowhound in Florida

Hermosa Beach Area

Thanks to all of you for your recomendations. We were able to walk to Polly's from out hotel for brunch and sat outside, and it was exactly what we wanted. Based on a recommendation from a HB resident we tried Sushi Sei and I would give it a 3 out of 5. We also went to Coral Beach Cantina on PCH just north of Malibu, again sat outside and had excellent homemade mexican food (fish tacos and a great carnita burrito). Thanks again!

Hermosa Beach Area

Yes even rainy and 54 beats cloudy, snow showers and our current -3. We were -15 last Saturday and the high was a wopping -2. Thanks to all for the posts!

Hermosa Beach Area

I am visiting over the weekend, will have a car and staying in Hermosa Beach. Would really appreciate brunch, lunch and dinner recommendations within a 15 minute or so drive. Casual, local, perhaps a view (not mandatory) and great food. Would also appreciate advice on a good mexican restaurant - same qualifiers as above.

I would also appreciate warm sunny days - although any temperature above 0 degrees sounds nice.

Thanks in advance!

Madison, WI lunch

Thanks and sorry for the delay in replying. AS it turned out that was the Saturday of the big snow storm across MN and WI and we had to cut our trip short and head back to the Twin Cities at lunchtime. I will save these for future use though. Thanks again!

Madison, WI lunch

My wife and I will be passing through Madison on Saturday and are looking for lunch. Something local, good food, etc. Any cuisine, anywhere in or around town. Thanks.

Sacramento xaccount dinner

Need help with a downtown Sacramento restaturant for entertaining a client. Looking for great chow, good wine list and nice atmosphere - mostly great chow and good wine. Thanks in advance for the help.

Nov 06, 2007
MN Hick Chowhound in California

MSP Liver and Onions

Key's Cafe (in Woodbury at least) has it on the menu and it's pretty good. The Machine Shed (Inwood/Radio Drive exit off 94) also does a nice job with it.

Visitng Chowhound needs recs

Thanks to everyone who relied! We tried: Babes (2 locations), Sweet Georgia Browns, Matt's, Benito's, and Vern's. Loved them all but especially sitting outside at Matt's, and the food at SGB's and Babe's.

Jul 09, 2007
MN Hick Chowhound in Texas