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What are you drinking tonight?

Thanks for this! I'm in the process of making my own liquers right now. I already have the amaretto and coffee. This would be the next one.

May 11, 2013
aneil4lom in Spirits

Christmas Eve, what's on the menu?

I'm going with pasta too, Ziti Alla Carbonara with Ham-Stuffed Parmesan chicken and maybe some baked salmon in a cheese sauce.

Dec 24, 2012
aneil4lom in Home Cooking

Homemade Amaretto

I'm currently doing this but I'm only soaking almonds and apricots in the alcohol. Is it possible to use both of them after in a fruit cake?
Would anyone advise this?

Dec 15, 2012
aneil4lom in Recipes

Fat Washing

I just came across this and want to try asap.
I think i'll stick to butter in dark rum for now and then move on to more exotic concoctions.

Oct 11, 2012
aneil4lom in Spirits

Looking for input for my eat around Chicago days coming up

Go to Hot Dougs and order everything on the menu you won't regret it. The line is generally a 2 hour wait but it's worth it.

Check out this pic of 2 hot dogs I had form there last year:
(Foie Gras and Sauternes Duck Sausage with Truffle Aioli, Foie Gras Mousse and Fleur de Sel.
Yak Sausage with Smoked Gouda and Bacon Mayonnaise)

Sep 01, 2012
aneil4lom in Chicago Area

Below-the-Radar Local and Small Regional Chains That Are Worth Knowing About

In Trinidad and Tobago:

Royal Castle - Fried chicken, fries, cole slaw etc but slightly more "local" than the foreign brands.

Wok and Roll - American style Chinese take-out but catered more to Trinidadian taste.

El Pecos - A huge variety of Trinidadian food from buttered cassava, jerk chicken, stewed pork, corn pie.
Anyone visiting Trinidad needs to eat at El Pecos!

Sep 01, 2012
aneil4lom in Chains

"A man's drink of choice , tells volumes of one's character"-- need help..

I think an "Old Fashioned" is a perfect choice. It has a great name, looks sophisticated and does not require anything that's hard to come by. Even if you have to explain how to make it to a bartender; it sounds simple and sophisticated.

Jun 21, 2012
aneil4lom in Spirits

Generic Triple Sec ==> Cointreau

How about making your own Triple Sec but using the best possible ingredients available?

Jun 20, 2012
aneil4lom in Spirits

Rum: What's good? Anything new to try?

The Pusser's that I have is one that I bought in Dartmouth, England that only lists Trinidad as the source of the rum. I'll look for the bottle and find out the exact name of it.

It might be that that particular Pussers isn't made anymore because when I was at Angostura a couple years ago they told me that they make 10 Cane there still and they used to make Pussers but not anymore.

It's sad that I always have to go abroad to buy Kraken. lol

Jun 20, 2012
aneil4lom in Spirits

Summer Beers 2012

I tried Sweetwater IPA and BlueMoon for the first time in Miami last week. I'm generally a fan of darker beers but I was impressed with both.
I found 6-packs of BlueMoon all over Miami and NY but I never saw Sweetwater again.

Jun 18, 2012
aneil4lom in Beer

Rum: What's good? Anything new to try?

my favorite rums include:
El Dorado 15 year old ( I never had the older ones but I suppose those would be amazing)
Flor De Cana Centenario
Ron Zacapa 15
10 Cane
Kraken Spiced Rum
Pussers Navy Rum (the 15 yr old one)
Angostura 1824

The last four are all from Trinidad and Tobago. If ever you want to get a great $10 bottle of rum; you get the most value for your money in Trinidad (imo)

Jun 18, 2012
aneil4lom in Spirits