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Recipes You've Never Heard of Outside Your Family

Mom's Weird, But Good, MLPB Sandwich

OK, I know it's going to sound odd, but we kids actually used to request it back in the good old 70's!

-Sandwich Bread (Whatever kind you prefer, but nothing too fancy!
-Lettuce (Iceberg)
-And... Peanut Butter!

Oh, just try it, I think you will be surprised at how well it works! :)

Jul 23, 2015
Garrettini in Home Cooking

Smoky Macaroni and Cheese

Mmmm, smoky! I like the paprika, almonds, and bacon, will give it a go!

Apr 19, 2013
Garrettini in Recipes

Tex-Mex Macaroni and Cheese

I quite like meat in my 'Mac and Cheese', and in any case, this is a 'twist', so it can do as it likes- innovation is usually tasty! Sounds scrumptious, will be trying it soon.

Apr 19, 2013
Garrettini in Recipes

The Tragedy of a One-Note Chowder

A sad story, mirrored all around the world.

Dec 14, 2012
Garrettini in Features

Beef Wellington

This sounds terrific, can't wait to try it!

Dec 14, 2012
Garrettini in Recipes