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Looking for Romantic restaurant in Richmond Hill

In the north end of richmond hill, but
SARPA ristorante.
it is a high end italian restaurant.
(part of the TERRA chain)

out of towner - mid priced reccommendations


I'm in town for 3 night with my wife.

We've boooked at Babbo and Cafe Boloud for 2 of the nights.
Looking for a recco for the last night

Was thinking of
Eleven Madison Park
or any other ideas.

Willing to spend upto about $200-250 with wine.

Not really interested in asian, since we get lots of great asian in Toronto.


Jul 18, 2008
rubeushagrid in Manhattan

Indian restaurants near Aurora??

I didn't like bombbay chuntey, I found the food not ver authentic.

I like Taj Oddesy on yonge south of elgin mills, so in richmond hill.

The naan is amazing.

Top-notch Thai or Malaysian in Toronto?

I defintiely second Restoran malaysia in richmond hill.

How is the gelato at Soma Chocolate?

I really loved the chocolate at soma, but

Personally I didn;t like the geleto there.
The flavour was good but the texture was not right.
Much too icy.

I found another place in woodbridge on lagstaff called gelato gelato.
Claims to be artisnal and made in house.

I liked it better than La Paloma.