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Nice Quiet Lunch on Feb. 7

Le Cheri sounds great, but a tad too upscale given that I am being treated by out of town friends. And, one of them is picky about food, so I'd like to narrow the choices between
French, Italian and Continental/American. No seafood either.

Fancy brunch on a Sat. might be fine, as long as it is quiet.

Dec 13, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Speaking of Pancakes: Johnnycakes anywhere in PHilly area?

Yeah, I know. A Rhode Island specialty. I've not had
much luck making these white corn pancakes, but is there
anywhere nearby where they make these? Seriously good
every time I've had them in RI.

Dec 12, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

That Old Reliable: Chun Hing

On the way home from an appointment, City AVe, 5:30pm, what
the heck. Drove to Chun Hing, and ordered three of my favorites: pork, turnip and string bean soup, 4 fried
dumplings, shrimp shing tau style with watercress.

don't know how they maintain that consistency: I've had those
three dishes from time to time over the last 40 years at least,
and the quality never varies. Huge shrimp, cooked just enough; sauce fantastic. Almost too much to eat for $24 total, but I managed.

Eating early it was even quiet and peaceful.

Dec 12, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Nice Quiet Lunch on Feb. 7

Planning ahead for a change. Requisites for me would be
fairly quiet, so we can talk. Almost any kind of food,
but either downtown close to Market Street, short walk,or
anywhere where parking is close by like Passyunk, Chinatown, near

Any ethnic or Continental, Seafood,etc but not Mexican/Indian.

I guess Saturday is problematic for some places, but quiet is a must. Anyplace new, that might not be on my radar?

Dec 12, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Best $12 Meal in a While

Lunchtime, at San Kee Duck House, Wynnwood. Usually order a Bento
Box lunch, but felt like a change. Remembered simple plate of
roast pork + roast duck, white rice and vegetable dish I used
to like at original San Kee Duck House in Chinatown.

For $12, a generous yummy plate + tea + tasty crispy pickled
vegetables was a most satisfying lunch. POrk was very good,
but large portion of duck was outstanding.

Dec 02, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Sansom St. Oyster House

I did leave out one tiny complaint. I ordered too much: NE
clam chowder. Recipe was different from the one I remembered,
and while not in a bad way, not in a good way either. Very rich,very bacony, fewer clams, tiny chopped, not the flavor punch
I was expecting. And, everything chopped small. Next time I'm sticking to the raw oysters and clams, plus those irresistible fried Ipswich clams. I would not
order them anywhere else. But, the dinner 'small plate' was not small, and well worth the $15.

Nov 12, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Sansom St. Oyster House

Played in a bridge match all day; didn't feel like cooking at all, so I hopped a 4:30pm bus to the Sansom St. Oyster House
where 'happy hour' was just getting started.

Didn't need any drinks to make me happy: the James River Oysters and Cherrystone clams at $1/ each made me plenty happy. And,
a generous platter of fried Ispwich clams were the icing on the cake for $15--far more generous on the clams than the clam roll
I enjoyed last week for $14.

Large congenial crowd there; all seats taken when I left at 5:45pm.


Great location; sounds interesting, but I am afraid I know
the answer to this question, but will ask you agozoic, as
you have been there.

It's on the second floor; is there an elevator?
The last time I climbed a flight of stairs for a restaurant
it was for a production by xxxxxx (memory loss), a fabulous chef
who did small dinners for happy people in West Philly.

Nov 02, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

New to Philly and I need awesome food in my life and belly!!

Here's outstanding Japanese that hasn't been mentioned yet.
And, a bargain price wise, for the quality. Get in a car,
and drive to Haddonfield, for Fuji. Worth the trip, if
you appreciate the finest in Japanese cuisine. Even my husband
the non-fish eater loved their tempura and other selections.

Illicit indulgences

NOt sure what makes it illicit, but mine would be pre-ordering
huge oysters from Taste Queen in the Northeast, and having them
steamed with black bean sauce and scallions. I mean, to die for.

Oct 30, 2014
Bashful3 in General Topics

Epoisses in the Witness Protection Program...

I have a hunch it's the ziplock that led to so much
gas coming off it--ie, trapping the gas. What I would do, if it smelled more powerful than usual is have a tiny taste. If it's off, it won't kill you. If it isn't off, it is heavenly.

What is interesting is that Whole Foods will not even sell
it to you, if it is one day past the sell by date. According to Delucacheesemonger, it would be at its best at that point. And, I believe him.

Oct 21, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Better than expected Chinese Food: NE Philly Taste Queen

I usually pre order exotic ingredients like huge oysters to be steamed, or lobster, but tonight I had to run an errand in NE
Philly, and felt Taste Queen in Krewstown shopping center was as good a choice as any.

And, ordering from the regular menu was great.EVery dish was tasty, and different from similar dishes in other restaurants.
Baby clams in black bean sauce was truly unusual, an appetizer my friend enjoyed sharing. Lamb with veggies was solid, and
shrimp and scallops was outstanding--huge shrimp, perfectly cooked, nice texture and taste on the scallops, good saucing.

Nice decor, spotlessly clean, friendly service and management.
They remembered me, but I hadn't been there in a couple of years.
Gonna be my 'go to' place for Chinese food in the NE.

Oct 09, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Glatt Kosher Catering in Philadelphia?

Wow. Comprehensive, cw.

Now, my question remains: who has used a Glatt Kosher catering
service, and what was your satisfaction level?

I will start exploring menus and prices with some of the ones
with sufficiently high levels of supervision.

Oct 05, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Glatt Kosher Catering in Philadelphia?

Yes, I posted this on the Kosher Board, but know that many CH's
who read this board might have an answer to this question. This would be a lunchtime buffet; guest size undetermined, but could be as high as 100.

Has anyone used the new Citron & Rose catering service?
Has anyone used Mama's Vegetarian on a catering basis? (food delish, but not a varied menu, and not sure how well this would keep)
What other firm can you think of? Event would be soon, on a Sunday.

Oct 04, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Glatt Kosher Caterer in Philadelphia

Need help with this rapidly, for a memorial service
on Sunday, Oct 26. I hope to have this where I live,
in a large hall, but the food has to be appealing
to Gentiles as well as Orthodox observant Jews.

Time would be lunch; dairy I imagine. Not sure the size
of the crowd, but not small--maybe up to 100.

Which caterers can you suggest? Any recent experience with
Citron & Rose? Has anyone used Mama's Vegetarian for catering?
Their menu is limited, but I might be able to use them in addition to another caterer for other kinds of buffet...
Who else would have the highest levels of Kashrut that you were
pleased with?

Eager for responses! Thanks much.

Oct 04, 2014
Bashful3 in Kosher

Re Seafood near 34th & Spruce

Wow, quite a discussion on Great Seafood in Philly area!
Family was staying in hotel near HUP while husband had a procedure--I got it there were no good seafood places within
very close distance, so family had a wonderful time being together in hospital cafeteria out of necessity.

But, this to Bumble esp: daughter and husband had lunch
at Doc Magrogans and loved it! Thanks to all for responses.

Sep 28, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Great Seafood: West Philly, Close to 34th & Spruce

One gripe about Han Dynasty though: food delish, but their
practice of delivering the food as it 'comes out' is truly
maddening, when soup is ordered, and they bring it after mains!!!
A warning for non-Asian customers perhaps?

Made me think I was in Canada, where this sort of thing happens
all the time.

Sep 25, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Great Seafood: West Philly, Close to 34th & Spruce

Nice dinner with family at Han Dynasty tonight,
but for tomorrow night would like a really good seafood
place. Nothing comes to mind for me in that general area.
We don't want to drive to far.

All suggestions welcome. Speedy return please!

Sep 25, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

More from My Ohio Road Trip

Actually, we ate in three of them on this road trip! Olive Garden turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Living in a
large city loaded with all sorts of individually owned places
one can choose easily: no need to eat in chains. On a road trip
through small town mid America, tired after driving all day,
the choices tend to be limited to chains. I thought Olive
Garden deserved a positive shout out on my local board, but
the moderators would have simply yanked it and posted it here.

Aug 27, 2014
Bashful3 in Chains

What's the best way to introduce Lamb to someone who's never had it?

A different take on the original question: the psychological
approach. You are more likely to avoid disappointment if
you don't make your friends feel pressured to 'like' this new food. Making a big deal out of a presentation, like say, a garlic infused luscious leg of lamb as an impressive main could
put your friends in the awkward position of not wanting to disappoint you.

Better psychologically might be simple lamb patties, perhaps
accompanied with a similar main, tasty hamburgers. The appearance of less effort, less expense and even a choice might
make the whole experience more fun, less pressured, and more likely to be a 'wow' experience for your friends.

What's the best way to introduce Lamb to someone who's never had it?

2nd on Lamb Burger for sure. Add egg, bread crumbs, garlic, salt, pepper, chop gently, don't overcook. Texture is familiar,
no fatty edge, a cut above the best beef burgers.

Aug 09, 2014
Bashful3 in Home Cooking

Question(s) about Fuji of Haddonfield

Wow, you are knowledgeable, dndicco. Appreciated your feedback,
and am delighted Jesse san and Fuji did not disappoint.

I forgot to mention the unique plates and pottery that add another level of charm to the food.

Aug 08, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Han Dynasty, University City

I'm pretty much a neophyte myself. Given the relatively large price difference between lunch and dinner, maybe good
to experiment a bit at lunch? Also, why not call them and ask your question about fried fish?

Next time I go, I will venture further afield. Waitress was very accommodating about my need to keep the spice quotient down.

All I can report is that the dish I ordered: lamb with scallions and onions in oyster sauce was not greasy, meat not tough, several cuts above in quality and flavor from other times I have
ordered this dish elsewhere.

Aug 07, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Han Dynasty, University City

I can't do very spicy, but finally got to have lunch at 3711 Market St. Lamb with scallions and onions in oyster sauce
was excellent. Something like $10.50 on the lunch menu.
It was very tasty, but not spicy at all, so I added Chinese mustard. Next time I'll try a 'mild' rating of 3 on a dish, but ask them to tone it down a bit.

Tip for others: for dinner, after 4pm on weekdays, they offer
free parking in the garage that can be reached from Filbert St
in the back. But, don't park there without getting the free parking offer, as it would be an expensive $21 for a short visit.
(I got discounted parking due to a physical therapy appointment
in the building next door)

Hubby and I will try this for dinner some weeknight. He really
likes spicy. Interesting soups and apps on the menu.

Aug 06, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Olive Garden, Zanesville Ohio

A very good observation, genoO. By the time we left, maybe 6:30ish, there were long lines. I never thought OG was bad, it's just that I was surprised how good it was for a chain at that price point. When traveling in small towns, and even off
a highway, it's good to know about the quality control at OG.
I thought it was far better than middle of the road. Eat early
would be a good tactic at OG. The noise from lots of families
with small children was hard to take toward the end of our meal.

Aug 04, 2014
Bashful3 in Chains

More from My Ohio Road Trip

Wendys for lunch: meh. Sad salad in plastic bowl, nothing else I felt like trying. Reinforced why I don't like chains
on general principles.

Steak N Shake ( or something like that) Clean retro look,
clean restrooms, brightly lit, nice service. Nice breakfast,
interesting menu choices: would go back readily another location.
Very reasonable; how do they make a profit?

Aug 04, 2014
Bashful3 in Chains

Olive Garden, Zanesville Ohio

Confessions of a food snob with little comfort with chains,
other than Popeyes. ON a road trip, passing through small towns
in Ohio, an Olive Garden appeared to be the best choice near our
motel. What a pleasant surprise!

We came in early--before 5:30pm. All you can eat soup and salad
was a nice feature, but the soup itself was the best minestrone
I have had in a restaurant to my memory. Wish I could make that
myself! Hubby's soup with kale/sausage was also good. Salad
came in a big bowl, and was fresh, varied in ingredients, most pleasing. My main, seafood over papperadelle with a blush sauce was simply yummy:al dente pasta, very flavorful sauce, 5 tasty clams, 5 large non-overcooked shrimp, some small scallops,
some squid: oh yeah that was good. No room for seconds on soup, salad, or dessert. And, so reasonable, even though I don't remember price exactly. Maybe $16.99.

My question: Has their soup/salad always been this good?
Was there something unusual about this Zanesville location--service was noticeably excellent and friendly also. Would I find this consistency in my Philly area?

Aug 04, 2014
Bashful3 in Chains

Question(s) about Fuji of Haddonfield

it's both a neighborhood gem and a destination, dniccio. And, it's great for solo diners. They do have a lot of regulars, but almost every time I am there I do see solo diners at the sushi bar.

Yes, fresh wasabi is served with the reconstituted type all the time: your choice. I find the fish, salad, soups to be of the highest quality at fair pricing for the quality. Be family:
go, and mention to Matt or Jesse that CArol, from Carol and Lee
gave you tips.

Best tip is to tell Matt what you don't like/can't eat, and place
yourself in his capable hands. My friend Lee and I never order;
we don't have to. Matt remembers what she is allergic to, and that I can't handle much spicing.
(I far prefer Fuji to Morimoto, even though it is quite a bit further to drive) Enjoy.

Aug 02, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Desperate for Canned Tomato Aspic...

Still desperate! That America Grocerwebsite did not work, and chilled beef broth is a neat soup,
but it wouldn't do well sliced (!) on a salad plate.
I'd even buy outdated aspic. I don't think they make
it anymore. Thanks guys.

Aug 02, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Desperate for Canned Tomato Aspic...

When I posted on the General Topics Board I learned a
brand that make it: Reese, in addition to the Cento Brand
that I knew about. But, have not been able to locate either
brand on the internet or in stores I frequent.

If anyone knows of a store that still has some cans left,
please let me know: have car, will travel for aspic.

And, no, I'm not interested in making it from a recipe. Tried
that twice, and for the purpose I use it: on a salad plate in the
summer, the chilled canned aspic is perfect.

Jul 28, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia