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Philadelphia CH in Memphis April 10 and 11th, pre-cruise, with travel limitations

I'm a Philly CH with difficulty with stairs, and walking very far. Can use
public transportation or cab of course. We are staying at Courtyard
Memphis Downtown, 75 Jefferson Ave.

Can you suggest lunch and dinner places that would be convenient
for me, and my non-Chow Hubby? I love seafood, barbecue, anything
truly special; hubby is accommodating, but not a fish/seafood eater.

Thanks much all.

Apr 05, 2014
Bashful3 in Kentucky & Tennessee

Fourth Visit to NOLA, but none recently...

Woo hoo, I'm getting excited--keep those recs coming.

Drago, Central Grocery, August: here we come.

I wouldn't worry about cracked sidewalks, but a site
with a full set of stairs to climb would really be out for me.

Oh, I know: reasonable quiet, where we can hear each
other talk is also important to us. We tend to eat on the early side, so that makes it easier to tolerate the sound levels in a lively place.

Apr 04, 2014
Bashful3 in New Orleans

Fourth Visit to NOLA, but none recently...

I think we are staying in the quarter, but not sure. I have mobility
limitations; can take streetcar, but not walk very far; cabs ok.

I'm the foodie, like everything NOLA has to offer, but hubby is not a fish
eater, and not adventuresome. Muffaletta a must for both of us; not up
on the 'hot, fabulous, not to be missed food experiences", but hubby
is eager to accommodate me, so what can you suggest?

Would like a combination of price no limit, moderate, and dive suggestions. Transportation unfortunately will be a big limitation for me. Oh yes, and muffaletta recs please.

Apr 03, 2014
Bashful3 in New Orleans

Dinner ideas for cooking with girlfriend

Sounds like a good recipe for seafood risotto might fit
the bill. Can't beat it with that fresh shellfish. That and a salad with a homemade dressing--what could be better.
Don't have a recipe for the risotto, but you might not even need one.

Mar 23, 2014
Bashful3 in Home Cooking

Heavenly Burger: Homemade Style

Learn something every day. To me, meatloaf and hamburgers start out exactly the same way: but the former
is patted and shaped in a loaf, and the latter is formed
into smaller patties and pan fried.

You mean people simply pan fry ground meat without
egg and bread? I would think it would fall apart.

Feb 25, 2014
Bashful3 in Home Cooking

Heavenly Burger: Homemade Style

Ah. A fantasy fulfilled. Our in-house condo market sells a cut labeled
'top rib' and also blade steaks from chuck, both at reasonable prices.
Yesterday afternoon, I spotted 3 packages, less than 2 pounds total, and asked the butcher to cut off the fat/gristle before grinding them together.

Made them the usual way with 3 slices good white bread + one egg + a tad of egg white, very little salt, chopped lightly to mix. I didn't even have parsley. Pan fried in butter not long after mixing.

Oh, what a difference the cut of the meat + prep soon after grinding made in the texture and taste. Now I know why my Mother's burgers
could never be quite duplicated. Heavenly.

Feb 25, 2014
Bashful3 in Home Cooking

parking close

This is an issue that I also struggle with. Chun Hing near
Pathmark off Monument Ave has excellent Chinese food
choices, without the uncertainly of Chinatown parking.

Something fun and different would be Little Pete's, reached from Fairmount Ave, between 24th and 23rd--parking on Fairmount Ave in that block, or in front of the Philadelphian on Pennsylvania Ave,which usually has a space if you just go around once or twice. Inexpensive; good quality, very different--not Chow, but reliable.

Bar snacks between 5 and 6:30pm at Citron Rose would
be fun for him--we took our 12 year old granddaughter, who sat at the bar (!) had a soft drink, and felt very sophisticated. On street parking, but not when there is ice or snow on the ground as it has been lately. There is a parking lot closer to Old Lancaster, but do NOT use the parking lot next to Citron and Rose--it is too steep and narrow. This would be COOL for a 13 year old. But, very expensive for dinner. Call ahead--see if they have 12oz
Heavenly Burger on menu--$28, and quite divine.

If I think of more I'll post.

Feb 22, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Best Burger of 2014...

PhillyBest: Here's the thing. If I spend a lot for a relatively simply meal, and don't complain, you can be sure I felt it was worth the money. Citron and Rose is interesting. They have a very large, visible, excellent staff to support; this is not an inexpensive operation.
They are providing outstanding quality at very high prices, and they seem to be pleasing their clientele, which is not limited to the observant. Not only that, but the Happy Hour bar snacks, most at $3 a choice are a value--a good way to try out Citron and Rose without paying top dollar.
All drinks were half price during Happy Hour, but that just
wasn't something I was into. It was fun, and I wanted to share.

Feb 18, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Lunch (Not Quite Kosher): Frittata Ebraica (Jewish Italian Omelet) [moved from Kosher]

I chuckled. Not quite Kosher? Tee Hee. I met my husband at college. We are both Jewish, but my husband
was born and raised in Milan, so he is 100% Italian also.

I prepared a really Kosher egg and Kosher salami dish for
him at the college Hillel, and wound up being reprimanded, even though I had used parve margarine and not butter for making one of his favorite dishes.

We've been married 58 1/2 years, but ours is a mixed marriage for other reasons: I play bridge, and he does not.

Feb 18, 2014
Bashful3 in Home Cooking

Looking for Private Chef/Catering for a group of 13

Barryg, Shola would be up for your challenge: brilliant food, but designed to suit the limitations of many in your party. My take on him anyway. A lot of pride.

For sure, there would be nothing like 'typical catered fare' in whatever he would suggest to you. Why not ask him?

Feb 18, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Best Burger of 2014...

They were, but next time, I would order rare in a Kosher restaurant, as opposed to medium rare. It was seared and juicy, just perfect really. But, when home cooking,
I prefer a burger a tad pinker than this one was. But, no complaint. I guess if I had known how fab it was, I would
have suggested we each have one. It was just too good to have to share.

You can't imagine what that barbecued beef cheek added
to the dish. Actually, I was watching my daughter and hoping she couldn't finish, but no such luck!

Feb 18, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Depressing restaurants you love

This is a funny thread. My favorite restaurant used to be
scary, as opposed to depressing in its original location, in a strip mall along route 130 that was basically a fire trap.
I adored the food and atmosphere other than that, but tried to forget about the inherent danger in the site. Then the landlord got greedy, and Matt had to relocate. It took
him over two years to finally settle in Haddonfield.

Voila: Fuji reborn is better than it ever was in the firetrap.
The décor is down to earth but lovely, service is great, business is good, and the food is truly heavenly.

The moral of the story is to stay loyal.

Feb 18, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Looking for Private Chef/Catering for a group of 13

I'd second Bigley9's suggestion. Over the top wonderful if he would do it. Memorable.

Feb 18, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Best Burger of 2014

And, I nominate the 'Heavenly Burger", enjoyed last night at Happy
Hour of Citron and Rose, in Philadelphia, between 5 and 6:30pm,
Monday-Thursday, maybe Sunday also, not sure.

From the Happy Hour menu card: 12 oz Ground Ribeye; C+R made soft roll; Barbeque Beef Cheek; leaf lettuce and Pickles, accompanied
by Matzoh Crusted Onion Rings. ($28 as is; $44 accompanied by
Black Truffles, which we passed on)

Read my full review on the Philadelphia Board. For me, even though
the burger was heavenly, it was the Barbecued Beef Cheek that sent it
over the top.

Feb 18, 2014
Bashful3 in Kosher

Best Burger of 2014...

And, I nominate the "Heavenly Burger" of Citron and Rose.

It was not cheap, but it was heavenly, and it brought back memories
of my Mother's hamburgers to our daughter and me, but I did not admit
to the fact that I thought the C%R Burger was better.

Description: 12 oz of Ground Ribeye. C+R Made soft roll,
barbeque Beef cheek, leaf lettuce and pickles; accompanied by matzoh crusted onion rings, lime aioli...

This was $28 as described, but would have been $44 with Black Truffles, which we passed on. Because we were there for Happy Hour,
not dinner, we shared the burger dish, plus an assortment of bar snacks: $3 duck sausage taco and $5 for fantastic spicy tuna tartare (citrus, avocado fried nori; the citrus being tangerine and kumquat)

While the burger was perfect, no doubt about it, it was the barbequed
beef cheek that sent it over the top. Citron and Rose has Happy Hour
between 5 and 6:30pm Monday-Thursday, and maybe Sunday also,
but check as to availability of the Heavenly Burger. Bar snacks change
all the time, but I loved the choices the last time we did this.

Feb 18, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Sushi Omakase

I think I haven't been clear. Matt ITo, the Chef/Owner/Artist or his son, Jesse, will serve you what you like, as you like it upon request. And, they will remember what you prefer/don't like every time you come.

My friend and I never order; we just leave it to Matt, and are always delighted, often with dishes we have never had before. In addition to the superb quality of the fish/presentation, we have found his prices to be most reasonable for the quality.

Feb 13, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Best 'sleeper' vegies I'm missing out on?

radicchio. Most people think of this as a salad veg,
which it is for sure. But, sliced, sautéed in olive oil with some chopped raw garlic, finished off with a little nice balsamic vinegar, and maybe a tad of lemon juice, steamed down a bit with cover on: you've got one heck of a grown ups vegetable that goes with almost any meat/fish or chicken.

Similar process with sliced in half endive, but the color is spectacular with the radicchio.

Feb 12, 2014
Bashful3 in Home Cooking

Sushi Omakase

That's our frequent experience at Fuji in Haddonfield, but
anyone who requested could have that service. We sometimes ask for our favorites: live scallop, giant clam,

Feb 12, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

New Birthday Event: Same Deal, Gotta have Parking and Quiet

Decision made. Good friends will be joining us for a lunchtime Omikase at Fuji in Haddonfield. Lobster, Matt Ito style is already ordered for my main course, rest will
be a delightful surprise. Hubby not in on the Omikase,
but he always finds plenty of good stuff to his liking on the regular menu that is not 'fish'.

Route 6 is on my list for another lobster splurge some other time. Thanks all for good suggestions.

Feb 10, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Best Sushi - Collegeville/Limerick/Phoenixville

If you are going to be driving to get the best, then
Fuji in Haddonfield is the place to go, whatever
your preferences.

Feb 07, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

New Birthday Event: Same Deal, Gotta have Parking and Quiet

Oh yeah, Syl, Route 6 has my name written all over it!
Only problem might be limited choices for non-fish eating hubby, but I will call them. No, I was not aware of Route 6; thanks so much.

And, yes, I did notice the lobster special dish at Fuji, which
is definitely my fall-back destination if Route 6 doesn't work out. Fuji's special lobster preparations are heavenly.

Feb 07, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

New Birthday Event: Same Deal, Gotta have Parking and Quiet

Only this time it's my birthday, so top notch seafood, particularly
Maine Lobster and other finny goodies highest on my list, but resto
also has to have food choices for meat-eating veg loving hubby.

Possibility of super upscale lunch here, which would make Philly
destinations accessible by cab possible also.

What's new and good; I haven't eaten out much lately. Again,
am looking for someplace new that neither hubby nor I have been to

Feb 07, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Pescatore: Birthday Dinner Tonight

Good one, Deluca! Funny thing is, I really liked the taste,
but it didn't like me. Not a pretty scene though--yucky color, but great taste. I can even eat squid, but not the ink.

Feb 05, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Pescatore: Birthday Dinner Tonight

Thanks for a fine rec, Arepo; keep em coming.

I left out one detail that meant a lot to me. They had a special of squid ink pasta tonight. When I heard it, I asked the waiter to please alert that chef, that my allergy
to squid ink was so high that it was important to me that
my dish not be cooked in a pan that had not been thoroughly washed if it had been touched by squid ink.

They "got it', and handled my request with grace, and assured me that a freshly washed pan had been used.
Now that's service.

Feb 04, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Pescatore: Birthday Dinner Tonight

5:30pm rez. Drive was ok. Parking not as easy as we might have thought--some icy pavement in driveway. But, once inside, all was well.
Lovely attentive service; varied menu hard to choose from; we enjoyed
ourselves thoroughly. Fairly priced for the quality: our tab came to $100 for three appetizers, two pasta dishes as mains, lemon sorbet for hubby, homemade cannoli for me, + two coffees.

Now, let me get specific. I loved my oysters rockefellar! I mean, over the top perfect. Hubby ordered a their special Nonna's meatballs--two tender, large meatballs of beef/pork and something else, maybe veal--seriously good, and I had myself a big sauced taste. He also ordered an arugula salad, which was accompanied by a huge Roman whole stemmed artichoke, cherry tomatoes, shaved cheese on top--again, seriously good, and again, I had a good sized taste.

My main was sure to my liking: fettucine Pescatore: rimmed with mussels, loaded with clams, crabmeat, two huge shrimp, subtle, but
totally scrumptious sauce: taste could not be improved upon, and I
managed the whole large dish without struggle, albeit slowly.
Hubby's main a little more prosaic--Something Bolongese sauce, but
I was too focused on my dish to even taste.

Cannoli was great, but the surprise was the refreshing in-house made
I believe, lemon sorbet. The perfect ending to a lovely meal. I wound
up enjoying almost half of it. Coffee satisfactory, but the weakest link
in very satisfying dining experience.

We will be back. Thanks for the rec, CH's. It was quiet, but might
not have been if full. An asset to quiet Bala.

Feb 04, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Taconnelli Questions

Scene: an elevator in our 20 story condo. Hubby sees a man coming
into the elevator with him with a Pizza box from a Port Richmond address. Refreshments for the Super Bowl... Hubby tells me the story, and how good it smelled, and I say, "Taconnellis". Hubby freaks

So, now that we have decided to go their for the first time (been in Philly 50+ years), here's my questions. I know you have to order
ahead, but do they have seats in which to enjoy said pizza on site?

And, what time/day of the week is best to avoid large crowds doing
'eat in"?

Feb 03, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Birthday Dinner: Parking and Quiet Important

Many thanks to all. I decided on Pescatore, based upon menu choices and parking. Fond and Vernick looked great to me, but didn't have enough menu choices for non-fish eating hubby. Italian we had never been to is perfect.

I will report.

Jan 25, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Birthday Dinner: Parking and Quiet Important

Hi to Buckethead and others: we've had an easy time
of parking on EAst Passyunk Ave; which places could
you suggest, other than Le Virtu, which is fine, but we've been there several times, and would like to try someplace

I have a call in to Pescatore also to ask about where to park nearby. That sounds great also.

Jan 25, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Birthday Dinner: Parking and Quiet Important

My usual problem: with cold weather, close parking is a double must,
quiet enough to hear each other also important.

Food could be French, Italian, Continental--what's outstanding that
we could get a rez on a Tuesday night, early might solve the quiet problem?

Jan 24, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Devon: LUnch Today, Avero Bar.italiano

Yup, cwdonald, I didn't realize there was a Devon Seafood
place. We were indeed in Devon, at the Avero Bar.
Which was fun.

While the Arborio rice didn't quite meet my standards for
risotto in Italy, ie, not quite al dente, the sauce was most
ample and tasty. I know they had some sort of short cut,
because when I make risotto it takes at least 20 minutes,
and the waitress told me it would only take 10. I'm not complaining, just observing.

Jan 13, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia