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Tomato Aspic?

Really crave canned tomato aspic in warm weather.
Any brand will do; not interested in making it.
Anything you can suggest?

about 4 hours ago
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Hellmans Deconstructed

We have definitely nailed the sugar issue in both Hellmans. It's just not an issue of any sort, at less than 1/2 mg/Tbs.

What is a matter of personal opinion however is 'mouth feel', which differs from 'taste'. Out of curiosity, I'm going to look for the canola oil version. The combo of potato starch, sorbic acid and paprika oleoresin present in the olive oil version doesn't taste very different, but they sure do affect the texture. I like the taste of olive oil, but
can't even taste it in the new version. It's probable that what Hellmans uses in the way of olive oil is an inexpensive, blander version of olive oil than the 'extra virgin' that I buy for salads and cooking.

Jul 14, 2014
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Hellmans Deconstructed

Yes. I went back, and checked the Original Hellmans again. Just as I had typed, the label says there IS sugar
in it. And, none in the Olive Oil version.

But, here's what's truly bizarre: when food has sugar in it, the labels always say how many grams of sugar the food contains, per serving. And, there is no listing of
sugar on the main part of the label, as opposed to the fine print of all ingredients.

So, while the sugar content is very low probably, Hellmans does have a problem in that they are not showing the content on the label, as they are required to do. Unless it is so negligible that it doesn't even amount to 1 mg of sugar/Tablespoon?

Jul 13, 2014
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Hellmans Deconstructed

Thanks for the correction, GH: grams of fat it is, not mg.

Here's the thing: soy bean oil and olive oil have the same amount of calories by volume; the only explanation of why the Olive oil version has a lower calorie count per tablespoon is the amount of water they used to thin it down. A third of the volume of the stuff was water, so
the calorie count went down by a third!

Oddly enough, there wasn't sugar in either version.
Really sorry it didn't print out the way I typed it. The major difference between the two was the water, which was the largest ingredient in the olive oil version, which
also had more emulsifiers and artificial stuff to keep the oil/water/egg mix together in the jar. It sure separated
in my egg salad...

My message to Hellmans would be: don't mess with what
isn't broken.

Jul 13, 2014
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Hellmans Deconstructed

Let me see if I can write this side by side:
Hellmans Original Hellmans Olive Oil
Cal/Tb 90 60
Salt, 90mg 120 mg
Total Fat 10 mg 6 mg
Ingredients as listed
Soybean oil Water
Water Soybean oil
whole eggs&egg yolk Olive oil
vinegar whole eggs& egg yolk
salt, sugar modified potato starch
lemon juice vinegar
calcium Di Sodium EDTA salt, pepper
lemon juice
sorbic acid
calcium di sodium EDTA
natural flavor
paprika oleoresin

Taste test, plain, on a spoon: better mouth feel with Original
More natural lemony taste with original

The mystery is solved. The way it got significantly fewer calories
was because water was the main ingredient in the olive oil version!

While it tasted ok direct from the jar, the new olive oil version does have a lot of minor ingredients that go to stabilizing that water to a reasonable texture. When mixed in something that stands around
a bit, like my egg salad, the water kinda oozes out, and the texture, aside from the flavor of the Original being the gold standard becomes
more noticeable in a not good way. Spread on bread, like a meat sandwich, the olive oil version was fine.

I suspect I paid more per ounce for a Hellmans 'dressing' in which
water was the main ingredient than for the Original Hellmans.

Bah, humbug. A case of messing with something that wasn't broken.
The new version wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. Original remains
the gold standard in my book, even though I truly wanted to love the new version.

(Really sorry about this: won't print out the way I typed it.
The main ingredient in the olive oil version is water)

Jul 13, 2014
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Hellmans Original vs Hellmans Olive Oil Version

I really wanted to love the new mayo in town. Bought a jar; tried it
out spread on a meat sandwich--very nice. I am known for my egg
salad and chicken salad. Knew I would taste the difference in egg salad.

Sure did: the first time I ever made egg salad that tasted blah!
Same opinion the next two times I tried that egg salad. Decided that
Hellmans original was adding something that made my usual egg salad
taste wonderful.

Reconfirmed by eating homemade chicken salad with nothing more
than a bit of celery, scallion and dill, and original Hellmans. Wonderful. And, I have no doubt that the same ingredients, but using
Hellmans Olive Oil would also taste blah.

All my life I have not given Hellmans original enough credit for making
everything you put it in delish.

Anyone else experimenting with the new olive oil version? Please
chime in; I really do want to like it--it is definitely healthier.
(Disclaimer: label describes the olive oil version as 'dressing',
not mayonnaise)

Jul 12, 2014
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Open for LUnch and Dinner on July 4: Fuji

Tee Hee, Ritter. No, not a review, just a case of wishful
thinking on my part that I could be in two places at once.
I guess lots of places are open for lunch and dinner on
July 4, but I was still surprised. I'm not a shill, but
I do get enthusiastic about some very special places, and like to share that enthusiasm.

Jul 04, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Open for LUnch and Dinner on July 4: Fuji

This surprised me. We're on their mailing list. The specials looked
yummy. If I had known they were open for lunch and dinner on the holiday, we might have gone there instead of meeting at 5pm on July 8 for supper at Moonstruck. The email flier did suggest reservations though for the holiday: 856-751-1175.

Jul 03, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Good restos near St. Joseph's university

SAn Kee in the Wynwood Shopping Center is good for
another stop: Whole Foods for dorm snacks for your
Grandson. The lunch Bento boxes can't be beat.

Jul 03, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Good restos near St. Joseph's university

Wherever you take him will be a treat for your Grandson.
Tango, Pescatore and the Tavern are all good choices.
If your Grandson loves Chinese food, there isn't much
close by, but Yang Ming feels very upscale, although
not that expensive considering the quality.

Happy times are ahead for all of you!

Jul 02, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Me Again: Odd priorities: Tuesday Night, early

Lots of good suggestions, thank you. Loved the menu at
Vernick and Avance for another time.

But, because convenience and quiet were such high priority
Moonstruck is going to be perfect: it is half way between
where my friend and I live, and has great parking. I'll report, but suspect my reaction will be equally as positive
as Sylvia G. Besides, Moonstruck brings back memories: I catered a special event there 16 years ago
that was wonderful. $35 anniversary special with unlimited choices from their menu sounds like a good deal to me.

Jul 02, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Me Again: Odd priorities: Tuesday Night, early

Quiet, and easy parking are the musts. Zeppolis is closed on Tuesday(it was fabulous, CH's); Matt is off on Tuesday night for dinner at Fuji, so
we are back to square one.

Looking for extraordinary food, no restrictions other than not Mexican or Indian, but prefer someplace new, which eliminates Zahav. Friend is coming from Elkins Park, me from Center City. Moonstruck is a possibility, but can you come up with something else? Not a special
occasion, but quiet is truly a high priority.

Jun 29, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Good restos near St. Joseph's university

Citron and Rose: Expensive, in Merion Station,
Kosher, so forget shellfish, but excellent. They also
have interesting at the bar specials: fab or'doevres,
neat pricing on drinks from 5:30-6:30pm that are a great
bargain for interesting food. Could be a real treat for him.

Jun 29, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Seemed like Old Times...

That';s the place, Faye. Last time I had it, I sort of remember a price like $27. A Bit of inflation there,
but it's still worth it. Less work than whole Maine lobster, and more satisfying at the same time.

One of my other faves here is the shrimp with watercress (or other veggie) Shing Tau style. Oh, fab--huge shrimp,
and very tasty sauce. Their fried dumplings are better
than anywhere in Chinatown, so I never order them anywhere else. And, I don't see that pickled turnip/pork/string bean soup anywhere else--love it.


Jun 25, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Seemed like Old Times...

It's off Monument Road, next to a Pathmark, quite close to a Target just off City Ave. Check it out in Philly white or yellow pages. Ample parking; shopping Center very downscale, empty store front next door: do not be dismayed by any of this. Not far from a City Reservoir.

Phone number is 215-879-6270 for directions; we never make a rez; not necessary.

Jun 24, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Seemed like Old Times...

Ran late on a routine med appointment. Didn't want to cook.
Called hubby: ok if we drive to Chun Hing for supper tonight?
(We hadn't been there in ages)

Smart hubby said yes. Lovely drive. Not crowded. Decor is
getting even shabbier, but service friendly, and the food consistently wonderful. We ordered our old standbys: the pickled turnip/pork soup,
pan fried dumplings, but because they ran out of clams for the clams and black bean sauce I truly splurged on the lobster with ginger and
scallions, at a pricey $31.95. Worth it though--fabulous.
Hubby's sensible choice of beef and brocolli was excellent. Two happy campers.

Don't let the shabbiness fool you. The food is no slouch. Been going there for at least 40 years; same ownership.

Jun 24, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Zeppolis, Collingswood: The Whole Truth

Yes, the noise level was that bad with just one other table of 5 plus us, and a silent single at 5:30pm. And, yes, it did get full on a Monday night. And, it wasn't that
the guests were rowdy either: they were just mellow and happy.

You mentioned all the dishes that spoke to me: the house made sausage and broccoli rabe, the pesto trapenese pasta, the gnocci, the whole fish at $36 which was a true temptation, and the zeppoli for dessert, aside from the fact that all the desserts were beckoning. I couldn't even talk my husband into sharing two...

We like Italian food, but it's always mildly disappointing
Stateside, due to our immersion and passion for just
run of the mill ordering in Italy. I like a lot of Italian in the City, but Zeppolis had them beat by a mile.

Yes, I"m coming back. And, have already invited a friend who is a chef and his wife to join us. But, we are going
to have to pick a night carefully, and reserve for an outside table. And, I'm going to pack earplugs for my hubby just in case. He actually got a mild headache from the noise. I was too blissed out by the food to mind
as much as he did.

Jun 09, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Zeppolis, Collingswood: The Whole Truth

No exaggeration: the best Italian food on this side of the Ocean.
And, Sicilian touch, which is even better. We've been to Sicily three
times, and to mainland Italy about 12; I do not say this lightly.

And, the bad news: noise level unbelievable. There are two ways to
beat this, and enjoy the fabulous food: one is to reserve a table outside, on the later side, as there is no awning to protect from early evening sun. The other would be to take ear plugs, and pads to communicate in writing with your dinner companion(s).

Here's what I chose, and loved every dish: gamberetti and white beans: huge shelled shrimp, garlicky, lemony, awash with parsley, white beans the perfect companion. Spaghetti with cockle clams: again, just perfect, with pepper flake bite, yummy sauce. For the main,
Mediterranean stew, which included shrimp, mussels, swordfish, another flaky white fish, squid, clams, with golden couscous poured over. Good thing there was wonderful varied breads to sop up all the
juices from each dish... Seriously good dish. Dessert was no slouch
either: flourless chocolate almond cake, with a touch of creme anglais
on the side. Light, no guilt yummy. Chose a Sicilian orangeata-lemonade to go with our meal: perfect. Tab came to $120, with tax,
two appetizers, two pasta dishes, two mains, one dessert and one coffee. So, in addition to superb I thought the pricing was very reasonable for the quality. Service friendly, but oh, the noise.

I could eat here once a week for along time, bringing those ear plugs and a pad... it was too humid when we came at 5:30pm to sit outside,
but we would have enjoyed our meal even more if we had been able to.

Reservations a must: only 35 seats inside. Another small negative:floor
very slippery, even my chair slipped some on the floor.

Jun 09, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Why is it always a Monday? Top of the Line This Time Though

Woo boy. Thanks for the heads up, Deluca. My allergy
to squid ink is so fierce I have to instruct the chef of
a restaurant that serves this to be meticulous about washing the pan before making my dish in it.

I only had it once in my life, and liked the taste, but
the reaction was frighteningly severe.

Jun 05, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Why is it always a Monday? Top of the Line This Time Though

Thank you all! Made a rez for Zeppoli on Monday, and
can hardly wait. Really like the menu for me at Fork,
but the choices at Zeppoli are far more of interest to my husband.

Sorry we won't get to meet, Delucacheesemonger, but
Monday works better for us. I can see this being a fave
of mine also. Will report.

Jun 05, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Why is it always a Monday? Top of the Line This Time Though

Looking for somewhere special, for a Monday night dinner.
Will be on the early side, so quiet isn't as crucial a feature, but
we either need Center City not far from Market Street, or else
suburban with parking. N. J. OK, most cuisine, but not Mexican, or Indian.
(Passyunk with parking probably fine)

In the mood to try someplace new.

Jun 05, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Yang Ming: Consistently Excellent

Last night it was crowded, with a large party upstairs, and several smaller parties in the main dining rooms. Didn't affect quality of food, or service at all. Prices are reasonable for the quality, even though portions in general are somewhat small, but quite adequate.

Every dish I ordered was outstanding, even though none were 'fancy'.
Outstanding sweet and sour soup, very good tiny spring rolls, scallop,
shrimp and vegetable dish superbly sauced ($16.95 I think). After all
that I didn't really need dessert, but fried banana with peanuts sounded
tasty, and I couldn't resist. Perfect: small portion, so I had no guilt about
finishing it all.

Sure wish it wasn't such a long drive for us--it would be a regular 'go to'
place for a weekly outing if we lived closer.

Jun 04, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Lunch on a Monday: convenient to Roxborough and Center City, but not

Wow, the parking is great there, but as close as it is,
we have never been there. Do tell me what you like about

Jun 02, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Lunch on a Monday: convenient to Roxborough and Center City, but not

Thanks, Bigley. Will remember this for the next time.
Our friends had a conflict with Monday, so we had
drinks and snacks in their backyard this afternoon,
and will save the dinner half way for another occasion.
East Falls would be great.

May 31, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Lunch on a Monday: convenient to Roxborough and Center City, but not

Not in Center City please, with easy parking.

Not familiar with the area, and Mondays can be tough.

Any ideas?

May 30, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Lunch on a Monday: convenient to Roxborough and Center City, but not


May 30, 2014
Bashful3 in Philadelphia

Gulf Oysters: Raw vs Cooked

WE just got back from Memphis and New Orleans. I had raw Gulf
oysters in Memphis, and they were fine, although I kinda prefer the saltier taste of some of our East Coast oysters.

However, in NOLA, most of the high end restaurants were serving
some variant of a cooked oyster, and seldom raw on the half shell.

Are you aware of any pathogens that might be more prevalent in Gulf
oysters than from the West or East Coasts? I asked this question on
the New Orleans Board, and got kind of mixed answers. I do have a friend from NO who can't eat them raw, but can eat them cooked, so
I do wonder.

Apr 25, 2014
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Green Goddess: OUr Last Night in NOLA

A block from our hotel, the Green Goddess was the perfect choice,
Duck sausage with pickled veggies was a wonderful appetizer for $8.
Hubby ad I both chose the lamb meat loaf which came with a lovely salad
and a few other things--oh, yum. One dessert stood out as weird but fun: pecan brittle ice cream with bacon bits, caramel sauce + whipped cream, and some salt(!) with a cherry on top. Might have sounded weird, but it worked, and I did enjoy it. Friendly service;outdoor tables, many families with small children, who enjoyed drawing on the walkway with colored chalk.Vegetarian and vegan friendly, as well as gluten free for those who would need that accommodation, but lots of tasty meat for the carnivores.

Highly recommended adventurous menu, and reasonable besides.
Large portions; I didn't really need that dessert, but couldn't resist.

Apr 23, 2014
Bashful3 in New Orleans

Oysters: RAw vs Cooked in NOLA

Good to know, and it makes sense. Esp about cold water oysters shining when cold. Off the record, I ordered a dozen raw in Memphis, and asked where they came from
when I saw those huge plump beauties. Dumb question:
where else would they come from, but the Gulf? And, having never eaten Gulf oysters to my knowledge, I had some brief hesitation, but plunged in anyway, with fingers
crossed there would be no unpleasant aftereffects. There weren't, and I loved them, even though I sort of prefer the saltier flavor of some of the East Coast oysters.

Apr 23, 2014
Bashful3 in New Orleans

Last Dinner in NOLA: Can You Help

Thanks, Ziggy and Sanglier. Because proximity is
big with me, and I'm absolutely worn out from traipsing,
we decided on Green Goddess, which sounds adventuresome and tasty--very close to the Mazarin.

GW Finn's is my idea of fish heaven, but I wanted hubby to
have better choices that Green Goddess offered. Like Lamb meatloaf!

I will report from home, or possibly later tonight. We fly
back tomorrow morning.

Apr 23, 2014
Bashful3 in New Orleans