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Cheapest Bubble Tea in Montreal?

Let's be honest. It's just water/milk, mixed with a sugary flavour powder, and added tapioca balls. There is no way this drink should be selling for over $4.00. But it is good! Anybody know where to get one at a reasonable price?

Montreal Bubble Tea recommendations please?

I tried Magic Idea yesterday and it was very disappointing. Maybe it was better five years ago, but the place is extremely dirty (I actually had to hold my breath in the bathroom) and the Bubble Tea was nothing to write home about. For $3.65 I got some kind of flavour powder with water, milk, ice, and of course the tapioca balls. I thought it was a really bad idea that they put the ice in it (without asking) because it made it hard at the end to get at the tapioca balls. Also, because of the dilapidated state of the restaurant, I was concerned about the safety of chewing the ice.