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New to Melrose...

I am new to Melrose and having some special out of town guests visit mid-Sept. We will only be able to go out to dinner once during their stay, so I was wondering which Restaurant you would say is the best in Melrose?

We are planning a lunch at Stearns & Hill, and one friend does not eat seafood, so Turner's is out.

I was considering Absolutely Fabulous, and still am, as it is convenient to our house and seems to have a lot of vegetarian options, which is also a consideration. But, I am leary after reading a lot of terrible reviews re: service.

So I ask you Chowhounders... given these considerations, where should we go for one great dinner in Melrose?

Absolutely Fabulous
454 Main Street, Melrose, MA 02176

Fabulous on a Budget

I'm visiting DC for a long weekend mid-April, and was hoping for some dinner suggestions in the downtown area that won't break the bank.

I have a reservation at Jaleo, and plan to make one at Bistro Du Coin... I also have reservations for Sunday brunch at Cafe Atlantico.

Lunch options that I am considering: Buffet at the Garden Cafe, Saints Paradise Cafeteria/Oohs & Ahhs, Rasika, Teaism's, Matchbox, Loeb's...

Any other suggestions for great dinner places where entrees top off not much over $20?

Lunch suggestions are welcom too!


Reasonable food at Copley Place or nearby?

I've been to the new Sel de la Terre twice now, and haven't had great experiences. I don't think it's as good as the one on the warterfront.

Reasonable food at Copley Place or nearby?

I second this. I don't think Vlora gets the credit it deserves!

Central Kitchen.... Tonight

I've been wanting to check out Central Kitchen for a long time, and am thinking of stopping in tonight. What are your favorite dishes there?

Any ladies interested in joining me? Impromptu Ladies Night Out?

Sunday Lunch in Concord, MA

I'm taking a zip trip from Boston to Concord, MA tomorrow, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for where I could have a great moderately priced lunch... either on the way to Concord, or in Concord. I've seen good reviews for Helen's Restaurant, but it sounds like a long wait might be an issue... I'll be on the clock, after all! Any thoughts?

Rec's for Waterfire restaurant

A friend and I went to Warterfire last year, and had an amazing meal at Citron. I'm not sure how highly acclaimed this restaurant is in general, but the wild boar bolognese over pepardelle was amazing. I still think about it often.

Portland, ME

What are your favorite spots for lunch and dinner in Portland, ME?

Dinner in Newburyport

Any suggestions for dinner in Newburyport on Friday night? My friend is not a fan of seafood, so Michael's wouldn't be the best choice.

We would like somewhere that we could hang out for a bit after dinner, if possible. Also- something moderately priced (entrees not much more than low-20s.)

Are 10 Center Street or Joseph's Winter Street Cafe my best options? Are there any new spots that might not yet be highly publicized that you could suggest?


Lunch in Central Square

I was thinking the same- but they don't do lunch on Saturdays. :(

Must-try restaurants near Omni Parker House?

Silvertone is my 'Cheers.' Go have the mac n' cheese. Run... don't walk! :)

King Fung Garden- Chinatown

I have been since it switched owners, and had the same experience I've always had. Amazing food... hit or miss service. But- for the price and quality... no complaints at all.

Lunch in Central Square

Where should I have lunch in Central Square on Saturday? A friend and I are going to meet up for a 'catch-up' session. We often go to Tavern on the Square, but i'm getting a little tired of it.

At a Loss ... Need *novel* recs for a 12 person gathering please!

One nice thing about Stella though is that they havethe back bar, which not everyone remembers... I think the back-bar at Stella might be perfect. It would almost be like having your own space w/ 12 people...

Lunch near Franklin Park Zoo

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good lunch spot near the Franklin Park Zoo that is open on Sundays? I found an add for Picasso Creole Cuisine on Blue Hill Ave., but can't find a website or menu. Ever been? Any other ideas... on Blue Hill Ave., perhaps? Soul food would be divine....

Ethnic Cuisine

Wow- great suggestions. Thanks so much.

Feb 19, 2009
anais_in_waiting in Manhattan

Ethnic Cuisine

I can't find the thread/link. Any chance you can post it for me? Thanks.

Feb 19, 2009
anais_in_waiting in Manhattan

Ethnic Cuisine

My boyfriend and I will be visiting Manhattan in a couple of weeks and are looking to make dinner reservations for the evening of 3/7. We would like to go to an ethinc spot.... somewhere different, where we can have a meal that we wouldn't necessarily find in our home-city of Boston. We're up for South/Central America, Middle-Eastern, or what ever else you guys might come up with. I would like to stay away from Asian, as we eat a lot of Asian food in Boston. We're staying in mid-town and seeing an afternoon show on that day, but are willing to travel outside of mid-town for a great meal..... but would like to stay within Manhattan. We are hoping for a place that is reasonably priced, ie, entrees not much over $20, and has a bar. Any suggestions?

Feb 19, 2009
anais_in_waiting in Manhattan

Pho in Chinatown on a weekday?....for lunch

I would go to Pho Pasteuer on Washington. Can't go wrong. It's the best. I'll be going there for lunch before a movie on Sat. Love it-- especially when it's cold. Brrrr.

2009 New Year recaps

I got reservations at Hungry Mother. I had been wanting to try it, and thought that NYE was the perfect opportunity. The short walk from the Kendall T to the restauarnt was torturous thanks to the weather, but it was warm and welcoming inside the restaurant. Definitely worth the trek. They had additions to the regular menu, but no pre-fix... which I was happy about. I liked that there were lots of small plate options at reasonable prices before dinner, as it gave us the chance to try several things. We had the deviled eggs, biscuts w/ pepper jelly & smoked ham (yummmm.....), and fried oysters to start. All were very yummy... although I didn't think the deviled eggs were all that special or different from what you might make at home. For entrees we had the catfish & the chicken. Both were very good.... the chicken was actually even better than I expected it to be with a perfectly brown, crunchy skin and beautifully roasted veggies. For dessert we had the persimmon pudding... which I really enjoyed. I was unfamiliar w/ persimmons until recently when a neighbor gave us a bag of them around the holidays. I decided to make a pudding with them and was very happy to learn that my first attempt rivaled the delicious treat we had at Hungry Mother. They also have sparkling wine on the menu at $6 a glass, which was nice on NYE.

Best Mac & Cheese

I'm curious to know how expensive the mac n' cheese is at Max n' Dylan's? Are we talking $10, 15, 20? There are no prices on the website.

The Wine Cellar on Mass Ave.

I'm actually referring to the Fondue Place on Mass Ave. in Boston. Although now you have me thinking about short-rib mac n' cheese.

The Wine Cellar on Mass Ave.

Who has been, and what did you think? I'm thinking of going on Valentine's Day.

Quiet, delicious & cheap

There is a Franklin cafe in Southie now? Where?

Needed: Chicken Soup downtown (or Brookline)

Yes- it is the same broth. You can actually get the soup w/ both noodles & matzo balls..... the best.

Melting Pot vs. Hungry Mother

I know that the Melting Pot was discussed briefly a few months ago, and didn't get very good reviews. Has anyone been recently? What did you think?

I have reservations at Hungry Mother for NYE, and was thinking of switching to the Melting Pot (b/c I live downtown, and have always wanted to try it), but am thinking that I have made the right decision in sticking w/ Hungry Mother.

Where have you always had a bad meal?

I wanted to like Betty's when I moved close by... but I actually think it's pretty awful. It's a slightly trendier Fire & Ice, in my opinion. Although, they do have some yummy cocktails.

Looking for a farm to table style restaurant for my 30th birthday?

When I think of the Farm to Table experience.... I think of Henrietta's Table in the Charles Hotel.

Great chow at Hungry Mother

I'm so glad to hear this. I made reservations for New Year's Eve!

My Worst Dining Experience...Addis Red Sea

I went to Addis Red Sea on Tremont St. on Sat. night, and don't think I can adequately explain my disappointment, but I will try.

I had only tried Ethiopian once before, years ago, in Central Sq. I remember enjoying it very much.

I've wanted to check out Addis Red Sea for along time, and the only positive thing I can say is that I am glad I went on a random Sat., instead of for a bigger occasion, where I would have been even more disappointed.

For starters, we were starving, and it took at least 30 minutes for our app. to come... and when it finally arrived, it really wasn't that great. It was a meat filled, pastry pocket that tasted like it had been microwaved, and then quickly fried.

We then continued to wait for AT LEAST another 30 minutes for our entrees, during which time our waitress didn't check on us once to see how we were holding up. Someone (not our waitress) came over at one point and told us that our food would be coming 'soon', which wasn't the case at all.... I asked him for a glass of wine... which never came. I asked him again when I was able to get his attention, and it still took 15 minutes.

When our food finally arrived, one entree (the mild lamb) was ok, and the other (the fried fish) was awful.

The fish consisted of about 3 or 4 quarter sized flakes of fried white fish, hidden within a bowl of scraps... yes, it looked like the greasy, burnt, crusty, left-over scraps that are scraped off of a griddle after several uses and tossed in the trash. And it was one of the more expensive entrees on the menu. It looked as if someone attempted to fry a fish on a griddle, failed miserably, and then just scraped up all of the remnants in order to serve SOMETHING.

I'm not sure what the problem was, as we got there early (6pm)... it's not as if they were in the middle of their rush. It's the first time in my life that I have left a 10% tip, and it was well-deserved.

What have your experiences been there? Any suggestions for a better Ethiopian food experience?