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Townie in Berkeley

anyone been to Townie yet and if yes what is good?

Costco desserts offering's now?

Hello all!

I am hosting a kids centric easter party on 4/13 and expect 40 guests.
I will not be able get to costco until Saturday and need to decide if i can buy a good dessert there or put in a order at bakery which will be $$$.
i am closet to Richmond CA Costco. I tend to like coconut cake or lemon cake.
Let me know what you have seen!

Brainstorm: East Bay, large group, short notice!


New Mom's First meal out: Recommendations [Berkeley]

Sorry 5-6 people!

New Mom's First meal out: Recommendations [Berkeley]

Hello all,

I am part of a group new mom's and want to organize a causal drink and dinner out in Berkeley.

There will be about of us on a Friday around 6:30pm and hoping to find a place that has parking nearby will not be too crowded and will be okay with a group.

My first thoughts were Cesar or Five both both can get pretty crowded.
What are your recommendations?

Best Thai Takeout in Berkeley? Need your help

thanks everyone. i live a few blocks from Sabuy Sabuy II and have eaten there many times and good to know that is what most are recommending

Best Thai Takeout in Berkeley? Need your help

Hello all,

Want to celebrate my birthday on Wed by picking up great thai takeout and eat at home with family and need your guidance!

I live in north/west Berkeley so can go anywhere from 4th street up to Shattuck but do not want to cross university towards the south.

Some of my favorite dishes are:
spicy chicken wings (not dripping with grease)
stuffed chicken wings
red and yello curry (with lots of veggies)
roasted duck
green beans

Spoonrocket: Designer meals $6 delivered

I live in Berkeley an ordered last night.
Food came in 6 mins and I ordered the short ribs dinner.
It came warm with mashed potatoes, carrots and kale.
I can imagine doing this 2 x a week.
I tipped the driver $3.

Resturants with a private room: need your help!

Thinking 2-4pm casual is fine no children expected and any food is ok $12-$15 per person.... Hopefully a place that we can bring our own wine

Resturants with a private room: need your help!

Hello fellow CH,

I am hosting a baby shower for about 35 people on a Sat in Oct. I hoping for suggestions for resturants in Berkeley, Albany or Oakland that have a private room and provide a reasonable priced menu for this type of event.
As many specifics as possible would be great and appreciate any help!

Tasting Menu: East Bay under $50 each

thanks for the suggestion!

Tasting Menu: East Bay under $50 each

Hello CH,

I want to treat a friend to a tasting menu expericing for his birthday and I am on a budget.

Does anyone one have a recommendation for a restaurant prefebably in Oakland/Berkeley area with a tasting menu for each for $50 or less?


Good caterer in Berkley/Albany or Rockridge: Hosting a baby shower

Hello All ,

I intend to host a baby shower for my sister in October and expect about 30 people.

I am trying to find a godo catering company and i have a budget of about $15 per person for food.

Any suggestions would be great!