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Sisig (Filipino Sizzling Pork)

i only give this recipe 2 stars because i live in Manila and get real sisig regularly - which makes comparison unfair, i know. This is, however, a good 'american-ized' version of the sisig. Something to add though, we usually have our sisig with an egg: once everything is cooked together, leave it in the pan for a few more minutes until the bottom gets toasted but not burnt. Then turn the flame off and add one raw egg. Mix everything together, this allows the heat from the meat to cook the egg just right and properly mixes the crispy bottom with the softer meat from on top, resulting in a perfect balance of texture. Dont be shy with the calamansi either! Add more after cooking right before eating. The acidity is the perfect way to cut all the fat and richness. Plus we filipinos are never shy about our souring agents.
TRAVEL TIP: If ever in the Philippines, hit Aling Lucing's in Pampanga for the original and BEST sisig you'll have in your life. If you find yourself in Manila, Dencio's restaurant (found everywhere) never disappoints. But this little hole in the wall in Pasig City called IC's serves the best sisig in Manila.

Jul 22, 2012
annaliwanag in Recipes