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Quality Traditional Japanese Sushi in Hampton Roads

Mizuno in virginia beach-upscale feel but very very fresh perfect cut of tuna. they do serve something called new style pieces that are accompanied by a sauce suited for each piecs but they also serve traditional pieces. sit at the bar and talk to the chef so you can be specific about what you want

Inaka sushi on princess anne rd- never been but my sister frequented before she moved away and she swears its the best

Jun 15, 2012
Strayvb in Mid-Atlantic

Seafood Dives in Virginia Beach & Wiliamsburg?

Bubba's on shore drive- best broiled crab cake and is on the water and you can watch boaters go by you can even tie up at bubbas and order from your boat,

Charlie's Seafood on Shore drive has the best she-crab soup but have not been in a long time and definately a dive but not on the water.

Surf Rider Grill (Marina Shores location) a tie with Bubba's for a great broiled crab cake also on the water but not as good of a view as Bubba's.

Tautog's is at the beach and is in an old beach house- different menu than most seafood places.

avoid the buffets like captain george's and thumbs down to lucky oyster -feels like a wanna be franchise next to a strip mall(not at the beach)

must have breakfast at the Belvedere a locals spot. located in one of the last remainging original beach motels on the north end of the boardwalk

Jun 15, 2012
Strayvb in Mid-Atlantic

Virginia Beach Eats

Try Bubba's seafood restaurant. They have the best broiled crabcakes in the area. Everywhere claims to have the best but most are full of fillers. Located on the lynnhaven inlet on the chesapeake bay you must sit outside on the deck along the water. Not super fancy ---plastic cups. But the best crabcake. Fresh catch yes they do fry but they also broil and grill the fresh catch. I think softshell crabs might be available too - but you have to eat them fried. Crabcakes are best broiled
Belvedere is a must for breakfast small tucked away in an old hotel along the boardwalk. Diner style interior and very friendly staff sit at the counter and watch the guys cooking on the grill
Also tautogs is in an old beach house good dinner spot with great dinner specials seafood but not your typical fried stuff. Check out their menu online

Jun 15, 2012
Strayvb in Mid-Atlantic

BBQ Near Norfork/Virginia Beach?

I agree try Malbon Bros. the general booth location has a small counter in the gas station or the newer location at hilltop is a larger location in a shopping center rather than a gas station. Malbon family has been around for years. More the vinegar based carolina style sauce.

Jun 15, 2012
Strayvb in Mid-Atlantic