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Great food mid-afternoon Saturday

Also in this neighborhood, Revival. They definitely are open during your timeframe.


Great food mid-afternoon Saturday

Saint Dinette


They serve their dinner menu all day.

Looking for cookbook suggestions

From chef Sameh Wadi,

The New Mediterranean Table: Modern and Rustic Recipes Inspired by Traditions Spanning Three Continents https://www.amazon.com/dp/1624140955/...

Jul 27, 2015
ChillyDog in Home Cooking

getting in to Spoon and Stable

For the summer, the bar opens at 4:00.

Their tweet dated 5/26/15-
@spoonandstable: Today's the 1st day of summer hours! Join us at **4pm** for drinks in the bar and lounge, then dinner starts at 5pm.

getting in to Spoon and Stable

You are correct! I would just add that there is a Bar Only menu too. The full dinner menu is also served in the bar, so you actually have more choices when seated in that area.

getting in to Spoon and Stable

Did you call the restaurant for a reservation? You might get lucky. They don't release all their tables to Open Table.

Sorry, haven't been there at opening time.

And as for other recent openings-

Saint Dinette

None of these three take reservations.

My Favorite Hummus

Jul 16, 2015
ChillyDog in General Topics

Long Slot Toaster Recs?

I really like my T-fal. I did a lot of research before purchasing it about five years ago. It's only slightly different than this one that is currently on their website.


Jul 08, 2015
ChillyDog in Cookware

Paleos in Lino Lakes

Apparently a lot of people agreed with you. They're closed.

Sunday lunch near Mn Zoo (Apple Valley)

I would describe the pizza as nothing special. If you are looking to feed a group of kids, it would do the job. Thin crust. Good amount of toppings. For point of reference, I prefer Neapolitan style with very simple toppings.

As a category, I think the pizza is the weakest link. I recommend the hot entrees or any of the sandwiches.

Just so you know, there is no seating. It's all takeout.

Sunday lunch near Mn Zoo (Apple Valley)

Good answer! Better than mine.

Sunday lunch near Mn Zoo (Apple Valley)

Valley Tap House comes to mind. http://www.thevalleytaphouse.com/

Other than that, there's every chain you can imagine.

Unfortunately my favorite AV restaurant, Satay 2 Go, is closed on Sundays.

Breakfast near the Renaissance

Thanks for the report; glad you enjoyed it.

Looking for Friday Breakfast Edina, Bloomington, Richfield

Jensen's Cafe


It's in Burnsville but that is just across the river from 98th & Lyndale.

In Search of Good Seafood Paella in MSP

La Ceiba has Paella Marinera on the menu.

This new bistro is supposedly a revival of sorts of El Meson. I haven't been there yet but I have high hopes.

Anybody been there?

Breakfast near the Renaissance

I concur. I really like Hell's Kitchen for breakfast. My usual is a small porridge and a side of sausage bread slathered with peanut butter. An order is four thick slices so there's enough for sharing.

Need some local advice on Mexican fare

The Midtown Global Market EBM closed recently.

Need some local advice on Mexican fare

There are lots of great suggestions for Mexican places posted to your previous request. Did you try any of those?


Colossal Cafe on Grand

Have you noticed the pastry display by the front door? Much of it is uncovered and is easily within reach of customer sneezes, fingers, long hair, and lord knows what else.

I'm amazed they are doing this. I won't be buying any if it.

Designing a complete foodie experience.

Who's a doofus?

Designing a complete foodie experience.

Buy tickets, you'll be guaranteed.

If that doesn't work for you, be there at 5:00 or be prepared for a long wait. It's worth it though.

Business Etiquette. How cheap is too cheap.

Now that you know all this, why not just order off the menu with no substitutions?

Accept the upcharges or don't. Your choice. He's not gonna change.

St. Paul restaurants win Twin Cities Burger Battle- MSPBJ

The Nook did compete.

Big E

Here's the info, but it's undated. There's a number to call for more information.

Colossal Cafe on Grand

It was a wee bit messy. If I recall correctly, I managed to sop up all that lovely runny yolk with the toast and avoided wearing it.

They know how to do toast right. And the tomatoes were surprisingly flavorful for this time of year.

Soft Shell Crabs?

George & the Dragon.

They have them in a BLT sandwich.

Colossal Cafe on Grand

I was there for breakfast midweek. I had the Fried Egg, Fresh Tomato and Feta on Toast which I have had many times at Como. It was just as excellent as at the other location.

The new location has full table service which was also excellent. My coffee cup was never empty.

Cookie scoop?

I got mine from King Arthur Flour. I use the smallest one most.


May 14, 2015
ChillyDog in Cookware

Afro Deli

Great article about the place-


S. Mpls Restaurant with Racist Sign?

There are worse things than seeing one's underwear.

@ Blue Door Pub