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Two nights in Minneapolis

Having no car changes things. Check out this thread. I don't think there has been much change in this area in the last year or so.

Two nights in Minneapolis

Also, what days of the week? Many of the fine dining restaurants are not open seven days a week.

Two nights in Minneapolis

If transportation is not an issue-
Travail or The Rookery
Corner Table
Restaurant Alma

70th birthday suggestions?

Buca di Beppo. There are several around the Twin Cities. Sign up for their eClub; they have lots of coupons.

Roast Duck in St. Paul/Minneapolis

Roasted duck breast at Corner Table tonight. Tender, juicy, flavorful. I'm gonna dream about that plate.

They also had a duck confit starter which I did not taste.

35W - What are your can't miss gems?

Are you actually asking about interstate 35 north of the Twin Cities? 35W only runs from Burnsville to Forest Lake.


Did you see this list? It's quite recent.


Good Coffee and Dessert Spot in St. Paul

Shish Cafe. Wonderful desserts. Definitely unpretentious.


Need a recommendation...dinner in Savage area.

The Windmill never serves dinner and I see Suzette's is closed on Mondays.

Need a recommendation...dinner in Savage area.

I hope this isn't outside what you would consider the Savage area, but I'd go to Porter Creek in Burnsville. If the patio is open, I'd highly recommend it.

My favorite entree is the salmon with roasted corn sauce.

Places to eat around University of Minnesota - and candy?

The confusion happened early on in this discussion as the OP stated they were going to be at the EAST campus. It soon got sorted out. That's all that was.

working brunch

In Saint Paul-

Meritage - for the FOOD.

Red Cow - get a table upstairs, away from the bar. They don't close after brunch service ends which seems it might be an advantage if you are avoiding the U until after 3 pm.

In Minneapolis-

The Kenwood - as with RC, they don't close after brunch. We've been there often; it never disappoints.

Tilia - wonderful brunch and they serve a little later than must TC places (2:45).

working brunch

Both of these have excellent brunch service.

One advantage Lake and Irving has is their acoustics. You can actually have a conversation at your table.

Best New Must Dine Digs?

What time of day was that?

Non State Fair Cheese Curds

Mac's Fish & Chips in SP and now Mpls too.


Jerabek's has closed permanently this time. Damn.



Yes, Junior's is top of mind in Eagan. For clarification there is also Junior's Sports Cafe in BV (same owner), but you want the Eagan one.

Wine Glasses

Is ordering online from Crate & Barrel an option for you? They appear to have a wide selection starting at $3.95 per stem.

Another option might be an antique store. You never know what you are going to find there.

Sausage Rolls

I enjoy Potter's sausage roll but I don't believe they use puff pastry which is what the OP is looking for.

Parents 50th anniversary

I've been to Brasserie Zentral once and can't wait to go again. I think it would be an excellent celebration place.

Parents 50th anniversary

It's helpful to know

-what area of MSP is best?
-how many of you are there?
-are there any cuisines that are out/any cuisines that are preferred?
-are there any budget restrictions?

the Smack Shack Downtown Minny Food Truck

For up to date info on the food truck, follow them on Twitter. @Smack_Shack

Uptown Minneapolis weekend brunch suggestions

We plan to go to the Uptown Art Fair Saturday or Sunday and would like to get there early and have brunch first. We like Lucia's, Lake & Irving, and Barbette but were thinking of trying something else. Suggestions?

A Toast to Bread

A Facebook follower posted this on January 15 2014 and never got a reply-

I was told at my regular grocery store that ATtB has closed. Is that true?

ten top MSP breakfasts

I had the chilaquiles breakfast which included two perfectly cooked eggs, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, a bowl of fresh fruit (pineapple that day), and coffee, all for just under $10. Very reasonable.

Additionally, the owners are very pleasant and the dining area is very clean and tastefully decorated.

ten top MSP breakfasts

Otra Cocina is my newest favorite.


It's a vegetarian option.

"{the verdure}
grilled rapini, fennel-radicchio-currant slaw, roasted red pepper, veggi-cauda emulsion"

It's like ordering a Big Mac without the meat. I have a vegetarian friend who has to do that every once in a while.

Otra Cocina

They have changed their hours for the summer. Last time I checked this info wasn't on their website or Facebook page, so be warned.

Chicken & Waffles

Here's Jess Fleming's take on the subject.


Vietnamese buffet near Champs in Burnsville?

How did you learn of it?