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Made it to Terzo today for brunch inside. They have a porchetta focused menu on Saturdays and Sundays from 11-5. I had the bowl which includes polenta and pepperonata. I also added an optional poached egg which I would forgo next time as it just got lost and really wasn't needed. But oh my, it was very good.

Favorite restaurants from the past

Are you thinking of Gregory's?

Jfood Returns to Heyday - 80% Brilliant / 20% Disappointed

Itinerant snow plow driver?

The Salt Cellar

I don't give Yelp much credence. Wait, that's not true. I don't read Yelp.

SC went on my To Do list from the moment I first heard of them. They came off my list when they published their menu. It just does not appeal to me; too carnivore. I did just now take a second look and I see their bar menu looks interesting. I might give that a try.

The State of Toast in the Twin Cities

I don't really care about toast but it was included with my breakfast at Blackbird yesterday. The bread is from Patisserie 46 and the toast had a nice crunch when I bit into it.

I don't believe the state of toast is all doom and gloom.

ISO date night spots

Joan's on the Park. Small, intimate space that's on the quiet side. The menu changes often but I've never been disappointed. Service is excellent.

I know it's months away, but they have a great patio too.

Spoon and Stable - Anyone been?

Their Open Table reservations need to be made about 7-8 weeks in advance. That's my observation, anyway.

I think they do hold some tables back, however. They recently tweeted suggesting people call in if they can't find what they need on OT.

Anniversary Dinner--like the Strip Club but different?

Tongue in Cheek in Saint Paul. Call for a reservation; they have no online res system.

Be sure to order several Teasers.

Great Seafood

Yes, Coastal. Follow them on Twitter; I think they have a discounted special every day.

Good Salad Bar in/near Eagan

Byerly's is my first thought. I can't think of a single Eagan restaurant that's a fit.

I haven't been there in years but Ruby Tuesday in Apple Valley had a huge one last time I was there.

Dinner near Marriott City Center Minneapolis

I concur with the BZ recommendation. Get a seat at the kitchen bar if you can.


Dinner near Marriott City Center Minneapolis

Ike's is a favorite of ours but there's nothing unique to the area about it.

Assuming you are coming during the winter, start with a cup of chili. The accompaniments are served on the side, which I like. Ask for the cracker basket if they don't bring it. Damn...I need to get there soon!

future planning: restaurant w/party rm & open 12/25?

They were not open Christmas Day this year. From their Facebook page-

Dec 23 at 7:29am ยท
Jax Cafe will open for lunch tomorrow from 11-2pm (last seating) and Closed ALL DAY Christmas Day.

Northern 'Burbs Help

For something casual, Maverick's Real Roast Beef. It's top of mind when I find myself in that area.


Minneapolis Eater

Great Eater Mpls article today about the Minneapolis food scene and in particular Doug Flicker-

How Doug Flicker Made Piccolo a Minneapolis Must

It's often the loud guys that get the ink. Chefs who blaze a trail from kitchen to kitchen with fiery tempers leaving a trail of disillusioned staff behind them grab the food section headlines. Whoever is the new, shiny talent of the week follows as a close second. Then, there is a chef like Doug Flicker. A small town guy, happily married, holding down the kitchen inside his diminutive restaurant where he churns out plate after plate of stunning, delicious, forward-thinking cuisine.


Open 12/25, group-friendly, and near the conservatory?

Which conservatory do you mean?

Errors in the Best of 2014 Nominees

Thanks for the quick fix, CH!

Errors in the Best of 2014 Nominees

Since you've locked the other discussion, here's a new one.

I see at least two errors.

It's Barbette, not BarbetteR.

I don't believe The Rabbit's Farmer is a real thing. Did you mean The Bachelor Farmer?


I haven't tried them but Common Roots has them on their apps menu. Some go try them and report back, please!

Red Wagon/Maude

Red Wagon is in the old In Season space.

Lutefisk Novice Seeking Lutefisk Suppers

Exactly. And don't dawdle. A lot of them have already happened.

We always go to Mount Olivet Lutheran. Their 85th annual was last Friday. They have it down to a science. One thing I like about going there is that you don't have to buy tickets in advance.

Spoon and Stable - Anyone been?

I like the name. It's very particular to the chef and the space. Too many names are generic and/or interchangeable.

dinner mpls sat nigt

Saturdays are always busy at Alma. According to Open Table, their earliest reservation that evening is 9:00.

dinner mpls sat nigt

Sanctuary. Intimate, warm space. Menu changes often but the chef really likes to braise stuff. Service and food are always excellent.


Rule #1...always...

Don't "rest your eyes" whilst waiting for the water in the teakettle to come to a boil.

My new teakettle has a whistle.

Rule #1...always...

Along the same line, always clear the time if you take your dish out before it runs to zero. It's easy to miss this when you go to use it again.

Nov 25, 2014
ChillyDog in General Topics

Would you say your Thanksgiving this year is going to be a big deal . Or your just going to make it simple ?


The only thing I'm making is reservations.

Nov 25, 2014
ChillyDog in General Topics

Thanksgiving Restaurant Help Please

I recommend Colossal Cafe in St Paul. Their traditional Thanksgiving meal is $12.95. It's very casual; no reservations. They do takeout too, if that works better for you.

Some of the moistest turkey I've ever eaten was served there.


New Sri Lankan Restaurant - House of Curry in Rosemount

I have a hard time with "could not get a bill for more than an hour."

No way I would wait that long.

Best Reuben you've had in the Twin Cities?

Oh man, I gotta get over there for that.

I did Mac's recently due to the recommendations here. Oh my. That was as good as reported. I'm not a huge french fry fan, so I appreciated the large variety of sides from which to choose.