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Cleaning a new Wolf Range :-(

Thanks're right. I need to get over all the brand warnings....and just use and enjoy the range.

It reminds me of 20 years ago, when I put in a new stainless sink...and then worried about "scratches" on it, from normal use. Months later there was that "patina of life" on in...thats beautiful in it's own right. With this 20 year later remodel, I kept the sink. :-)

Feb 22, 2013
DeborahC in Cookware

Cleaning a new Wolf Range :-(

Let's talk cleaning Wolf Ranges...because I never read this until I own one- a 48" DF, with pretty red knobs and blue interiors.

Did you know:

Wolf expects the owner to wipe up all spills and splashes right after cooking or using the ovens-as soon as it cools? Otherwise, the splashes will stain the grates, dull where the splashes occur on the pans under the grates, and in the ovens. They expect you to scrape the interiors with a razor blade after it is sprayed with a grease remover to remove all food splashes and anything baked on, then wash the interior with soap and water, and dry BEFORE you put on the self cleaning feature...or the blue glass will be etched by the food residue. I'm stunned.

They warn against using any abrasives on anything. They ask that one uses an oven cleaner on stubborn spots only as a last resort.

They say that the windows need to be scraped with a razor first and then cleaned with window cleaner on both not spay the spray directly on the window, because the moisture could get between the two panes of glass.

I'm horrified. I thought that the beautiful range would enhance my life...and today, I spent a few hours scrubbing oh so lightly, with non-scratch blue sponges, the stubborn spots that did not come off perfectly with the razor.

Anyone else know this? ...or find this crazy? How about your nice range?

Feb 21, 2013
DeborahC in Cookware

Komi...a huge disappointment...just saying

Yes, I agree that the Spanakopita was very good. We were not presented with any of the other dishes that you mentioned here.

I suggest at the very least, that multiple years is a long time to continue a strong defense of this restaurant...that now costs $125. Please...go again and let us know what you think.

Komi...a huge disappointment...just saying

Honestly, this restaurant as serves now-as of April 2012 couldn't dream of a Michelin star even if they plopped it on top of le Tour de Eiffel.

Komi...a huge disappointment...just saying

Please, enlighten all of us here...and defend those dishes. Tell us what the goat shoulder tasted like, was the salt cod topping prepared thoughtfully, great gnocchi?,

Komi...a huge disappointment...just saying

I assure you that I am very fit, and never mentioned the size of the portions. I attempted to post information on the quality of flavors of the dishes. There was plenty of food presented.

Komi...a huge disappointment...just saying

Ok…someone needs to stand up here and say this emperor has no clothes!

We have dined in fine restaurants all over the world, and have spent much more than Komi’s (in this case, exorbitant price) per person. This restaurant is a joke. In fact we laughed often at it’s pretentiousness- which they are, in spite of it’s amateurish fare and modest décor.

Some lowlights:
-the little brioche bite topped with salted cod: this cod was extremely salty, and stringy…getting stuck in our teeth. Salt cod is supposed to be soaked in baths of water to remove most the salt. These ‘creative’ chefs-thought they didn’t need to…they really should.

- crudo of hamachi and sea urchin on a chickpea ginger puree
 and crudo of Monkfish liver and scallops: interesting textures I guess…but no flavors…zero …isn’t it supposed to taste good too? …or just taste of something?

- the sardines were tasty…but we were asked to share! two tiny 2” pieces of fish. There were 4 of us, and I was sharing this tiny plate with the person to my side…trying valiantly to slice this “bite” in two…and carry it with fork and knife to my fresh dish placed ceremoniously before me. What? For $125 per person…we are asked to share this dish?

- The little hot dogs were a happy relief. It’s popular because it’s the first dish of the evening that has FLAVOR!

- I know what a good potato gnocchi is…I do. I’ve had it all over Italy. This was soggy, mushy, barely formed gnocchi….with no discernable flavor. This gnocchi was like my first mistakes, trying to learn how to make a good gnocchi….not enough four worked in or something.

- A super sweet stuffed date in the middle of dinner? …super sweet. Wrong place, wrong time….too-too.

- The suckling pig should be a happy time. Greasy, not tender chunks of..pig, with skin that had the texture of leather. Sad.

- This Goat shoulder. It had no flavor. It tasted like it was boiled for a day…pulled out, and dried and then seared crisp on the outside. Great crunch on the outside…no flavor..just boiled meat flavor…awful bland mushy meat on the inside. Thank goodness for the little tasty sides that could mask the meat.

- Oh the little balls of…breaded cheese. Crisp on the outside, melted cheese on the inside. They hold out a plate of them, and ask us to use our fingers to serve ourselves…and then add it might be a little warm. Well, there is no way to test that…holding this cheese ball in our fingers, and it’s bite size…so it gets popped in the mouth. One of our party said she thought it burned the top of her mouth. Shouldn’t they have the temperature of it down…so this doesn’t happen? Dumb. Put it on a plate then, so we could cut into it and test the temperature.

- The gyro was very good, the rigatoni was good.

- These desserts are a sad play on dessert. When you see little chocolate things, you expect sweet, right. Not here….no sweet- for all three desserts. The some kind of “bark” actually tasted of burnt, sticky sugar…and this stuff got stuck on our teeth….really. Something sticky and nasty.

Yes, they will have two servers presenting plates at the same time, switching out fresh dishes in front of us that are many times not used, because they also suggest we use our fingers and serve ourselves family style from a community serving dish. …or they ask us to share dishes that are placed between two people- and it seems useless to cut and drag your portion to the fresh plate in front of you.

Honestly…a waste of money, and time. Who’s agreeing with me here? I can’t be alone.