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Gordon's latest show

I had actually been to Sebastians a few times before this show. And I ACTUALLY think the "flavor combo" idea was interesting. I WAS dismayed to find that Sebastian was an egomaniac (or at least provided footage that could portray him as such) and REALLY dismayed to learn about the frozen food. The menu itself was a mess, but I always thought the concept had some promise. I was disappointed that Ramsey didn't try to include it in the "new" menu more.

Nov 15, 2007
dagman in Food Media & News


I'm looking for somewhere fun to have a birthday get together...informal (people can come and go, don't have to eat), drinks, food available. Kitchy and fun. I was all set on Lowenbrau Keller before I found out they were closed!!! Need help ASAP! Thanks Chowers!

Sep 27, 2007
dagman in Los Angeles Area