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Any good cheap or somewhat cheap spots ($10-$20pp) in Williamsburg?

I agree about the Commodore, they also have really good Bloodys. But keep in mind it's primarily a bar so super crowded pretty much every night after 7ish.

Any good cheap or somewhat cheap spots ($10-$20pp) in Williamsburg?

That's pretty cheap, hopefully you mean not including tax and tip? Qi ( is really good Thai and reasonably priced, and Ramen Yebisu ( is my favorite. Meatball Shop ( too, although it's not Asian obviously.

Anniversary Dinner in Brooklyn

In what neighborhood? I love Al Di La in Park Slope. In Williamsburg, St. Anselm, Traif, Xixa, Marlow and Sons (although Marlow and Sons can be kinda loud).

Williamsburg-area group dining with prix-fixe

Traif! They do a chef's tasting menu for $45/person when you have a group. And the food is so, so good.

Patrizias Williamsburg

It's pretty good. Solid pizza and Italian staples, plus they do a great family-style where you pay a flat $50 (might be a little more or less, it's been a while since I did it) for a crazzzzzy amount of food and non-stop carafe wine. While the food isn't phenomenal, just good, I think people really like the ambiance. It's very popular with families and big parties. Really festive, sometimes they have live music, and big portions.

Need a restaurant like Osteria Il Paiolo (Williamsburg) for tonight

PT, in the same area, or the new one on Kent Ave., Fabbrica (although it's not supposed to be as good as any of the others mentioned so far)

Planning a trip to Brooklyn in mid-October...where to begin?

Seconding Marlow and Sons, Traif, Xixa, and Maison Premiere. Traif is my absolute fave, and Xixa is a must if you like tequila or mezcal. All have excellent food and cocktails. If you really want creativity, you have to go to Traif or Xixa. The stuff they come up with is just incredible-- you can't go wrong with a single thing on the menu, ever, promise. And Maison Premiere has the best cocktails, a great backyard, and the biggest raw bar selection I've seen in New York.

Fun dinner for 2 in Williamsburg

Can you do fish? I'd say Marlow and Sons.

Best Filipino restaurant in Queens?

Alright you're getting too technical for me...but they definitely have a satisfying crunch.

Best Filipino restaurant in Queens?

I haven't had the chicharon bulaklak but the lumpia is great. Not too crispy, not too soggy.

Best Filipino restaurant in Queens?

Yeah, their dinuguan is the boooomb. I always get an extra order to take home.

Best Filipino restaurant in Queens?

I looooove Tito Rad's.

Dinner in Williamsburgh

traif and xixa are both great, (traif has a small backyard and xixa has big front open windows that make you feel like you're outside).

maison premiere is the best for cocktails and oysters, and has a beautiful backyard. OTB isn't that r

st. anselm is also a wonderful steak/anything grilled place, but no outdoor seating.

72 hours in Brooklyn

just dinner, except on the weekends. i think they open at 5 or 5:30.

72 hours in Brooklyn

this is a good list! just add st. anselm and traif, and you'll be golden.

Great African restaurant?

service is going to be slow at any african restaurant. that's how it's done there, and if it's an authentic place with actual transplants doing the cooking (or anything else), that's how it'll be. le toukeleur went out of business for that reason, and i'm willing to bet that abistro did too.

72 hours in Brooklyn

st. anselm (the place being discussed below, next door to spuyten duyvil) is one of the best, and most underrated (although still has a very long wait) restaurants in brooklyn. also love traif and xixa (both are owned by the same couple, although one is more mexican-influenced and the drinks center around mezcal and tequila).

72 hours in Brooklyn

i believe those avatars are for the first letter of your username...

Mini food crawl in Flushing - Report (plus a stop in Jackson Heights)

have you tried laoma ma la tang? it's the big red one where you point at stuff, tell them how spicy you want it, and they stirfry it with a bunch of spices and chili oil. it's the best place at NWM, hands down. (also the place dave mp is talking about).

the new bubble tea place, kung fu, is the best bubble tea i've had in new york. not only is the tea quality, but the bubbles themselves have a really interesting honey-ish, sweet taste.

there's also a szechuan place (near kung fu, i think to the right of it if i remember correctly), they have a slideshow of photos going on their computer screen, that has a great spicy garlic fish soup. AMAZING BROTH.

i'd say those 3 are very worthwhile at NWM, and so is the shaved ice place (snopo). you can't really knock that mall without trying everything first. (of course, i go there about twice a month, so..........)

also, j mart is super fun to explore after you eat and they sell pretty much any asian food item you'd want, and then some. plus turtles.

72 hours in Brooklyn

brooklyn is huge-- i think we'd need to know where you're staying, what cuisines you like, what kind of atmosphere you want, how much you're willing to spend, etc. etc. with some of those in mind you could find a lot on this board already.

Affordable birthday dinner in Williamsburg?

your options for cheap and good in that neighborhood are pretty limited.

if forced to choose, i'd say meatball shop. they have veg options (despite specializing in meatballs), take reservations for 8 or more people, and are inexpensive without compromise in quality.

qi is a new place that also takes reservations and is near the train-- i haven't been there, but it comes from (at least one of) the sripraphai people, which makes me think it won't be bad.

fornino is also good for pizza (although i don't know if they take reservations), and cubana social has decent food as well (although it's pretty loud, they have live music if you're into that).

there may be others, but these are really the only ones i can personally vouch for. i wouldn't touch wild ginger or sea with a five foot pole, but i do love zenkichi. if you wanna go super cheap, you can always head to oasis. ;)

senegalese/guinean restaurants

i know they exist, somewhere in queens and brooklyn (and the bronx?). who knows where they are? sidenote: i've read the old threads about fatima, aicha, le grand dakar, and all are closed now. abistro used to be my fave but is also closing (if it hasn't already).

Williamsburg brunch recs?

egg and five leaves are both good but they don't take reservations, le barricou is also nice and does.

Restaurants serving shad roe in Brooklyn?

oops, i was totally wrong about the season. was thinking it started in may, but that's when it ends. good luck!

Sticky Rice Pork Meatballs

are you sure? i didn't think there were any restaurants on the top floor (just jmart) you mean in the food court in the basement?

gluten-free astoria / williamsburg

i don't think it's that hard to avoid gluten. most decent restaurants will have meat/vegetable options, at least for dinner. williamsburg is full of great restaurants. traif, marlow & sons, st. anselm, dressler...

egg is very popular for brunch in williamsburg, and they have granola and oatmeal (that's pretty much all you're gonna get for brunch, unless you order sides of salad and meat).

cheapest places in williamsburg at vanessa's dumplings and oasis. and they're open late. and delicious, of course.

BIG Birthday Adventure for Coolest Chic EVER. - Please Help!

what about xixa, the new place just opened by the traif people? i haven't tried it yet, but it's getting rave reviews. i also really like rye, st. anselm, and five leaves. all three are in williamsburg and are sexy, dim, and have great food and cocktails (except for st. anselm, but still some interesting stuff). similar to several of the places you mentioned. rye is pretty big and has been open for a long time so you wouldn't have to wait long, the other two don't take reservations and will have a wait-- but they're worth it! st. anselm is definitely the way to go if she's into grilled meat/seafood.

also abistro in ft. greene is incredible food, but terrible service. i just heard they're closing at the end of the month, so you could only go there if this is relatively soon.

Restaurants serving shad roe in Brooklyn?

it's not in season now, will be in another couple months.

looks like there are a couple place in the city that have at least served it before:

i've never had it outside of south jersey. let me know if you find it!

Post engagement meal at short notice - NYC

vinegar hill house? it's in dumbo not too far from the bridge and very well-reviewed. small, warm, delicious "american" food.

Royal Kathin celebration, Wat Buddha Thai Thavorn Vanaram, 2012

dave, do you know about what time the festival will begin tomorrow?