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Need recs...Rte 2 Greenfield area lunch, then 2 dinners and a lunch in North Adams

I would go to the Hope and Olive in Greenfield. Never have had a bad experience there. The People's Pint also in Greenfield(not sure when it opens during the weekdays) is always a solid, wholesome, reasonably-healthy pub fare (their turkey burger is good enough to make this devout beefeater make the switch). There's a Mexican restaurant called Mesa Verde which is also quite good. Better than the usual cheap eats in a college town Mex. If you want something quick to take out, there's a co-op called the Green Fields Market, and I've had both really good sandwiches and the type of prepared foods you'd find in a co-op market.

You couldn't go wrong with any of these and they're all smack in the middle of downtown.

There are going to be people who will tell you to go to the Farm Table in Bernardston, not too far from Greenfield, and while I won't disagree with that... if you're on a timetable and really want to stay close to Route 2 then the travel time might make it an unattractive option.

Grub Sandwich Shop in N'hampton

Went in the other night at midnight to try their Night Owl Menu. Lots of GREAT choices, and it was hard to pick just two (if I really wanted to be piggish, I would have ordered a third).

Tried the Seoul Dog and the Buffalo chicken slider. Both incredibly tasty, great flavors, but I will concur that for both, the bun to filling ratio was a little bread heavy. That's me REALLY looking for something to complain about though, and overall I will go back, many, many times. Service even at that hour was friendly, prompt, and helpful. Can't say that about too many after hours locations, right? Altogether, with a bottle of water the bill came to $6 and change.

As far as I'm concerned, if I have a late night hankering ever, this is definitely going to be a place I'll return. I hope they do well there!

Best doughnuts in the Springfield, Mass area

Donut Dip's sour cream glazed donut. End of discussion!

Honestly though, anyone else have some good suggestions? Mrs. Murphy's is, I think, kinda dry.

Dinner in South Hadley?

My recommendation for fine dining in South Hadley would be to leave the town altogether. Food 101 is aptly named: the chef should go back to school. Over-inflated prices for food that at best is mediocre, and at times even falling short of that. Myself and two others have complained of serious gastric distress after consuming seafood there. Strong accusations, I do know. But one incident, possibly a fluke. Three? a pattern. The place seems to be a hit, strangely, but perhaps for people who don't know any better?

Not gonna lie though, I'm going to have to check out this Thai place. Sounds pretty good!

The Farm Table

I've been there for dinner, and while the food was good, I didn't find it terrifically remarkable. If I knew that I'd be in the area, I would consider going back. But a destination drive isn't really something I would go for.

The whole notion of gathering products from the area is, however, a laudable concept, and I give them a great deal of credit for that.

Interestingly, as JunieB said, I do recall some itemized ingredients (a very carefully curated menu) missing or replaced in our dinners (there were 5 of us), and while I didn't think it a big deal at the time, and perhaps a victim of small-batch purveyors, I could see why it might throw a wrench into the works.

Overall, on a scale of 1-10, I'd give them a 7-7.5. Not wow-worthy, but not a rip-off either. The staff seems pretty committed, and Ruben was exceedingly helpful. Hopefully this venture continues to get better with time.

Springfield Frigos & Zonins

I'm not sure what exactly the difference is (maybe Joe Frigo always on hand), but I MUCH prefer the Springfield location.

As for what I like there... I'm not sure I've ever had ANYTHING that wasn't amazing. Anything he does with pounded veal cutlets is pretty much better than anywhere else in western Mass.

Cape Cod Father's Day Recommendations

a friend whose opinion I value above almost all others swears that Fin in Dennis is one of the best restaurants she has been to.

Northampton area updates and places to try (?)

it saddens me to say it, but Northampton's epicurean days are over. the restaurants are straight up businesses now, and the food quality is what you would imagine when the people controlling the budget aren't chefs. it's a popular regional tourist destination, and these places know thus that they've got ya by the short hairs. sadly, not the short ribs.

one distinction within this is Local Burger, and I wholeheartedly recommend them. kudos also to La Veracruzana. but fine dining is sadly relegated to a product that you could find in places where they consider food just that-- product.

Chez Albert in Amherst is a different story, as is the Federal in Agawam. bit of a haul also, but the Farm Table up in Bernardston... all restaurants that are easily offering a quality of dinner that you would find in a much more competitive dining market.

Mission Cantina South Amherst anyone been?

I've been here a few times-- once with enthusiasm as I love good Mexican food, and twice additionally, begrudgingly, as friends wanted to go.

the atmosphere is very cool; there's not a whiff of being in a strip mall once you're there. but I'm not overly impressed with the food. and I do agree, it is pricey for not having my huaraches knocked off. the carnitas is ok. the al pastor was so salty as to be almost inedible. temporary glitches? maybe. but if I'm going to splash out dinner menu prices for this type of food, I'm gonna want to be impressed consistently. the second time I was there the hostess seemed more concerned with having a laissez faire "cool" attitude than actually doing her job: she skipped over our party who had been waiting there to waitlist another party that came several minutes later. again, big issue? no, not at all. but when there are better options within a very short drive away, I'm not going to go back.

Mi Tierra on route 9 in Hadley? now that's a different story. always solidly awesome.