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Chowhounds best 10 restaurants in GTA - 2014 voting

Where is the result?

Seafood in Buenos Aires

Check out Fervor in Recoleta.the seafood platter looks and smells amazing. I didn't order it last time but I am going back to try that.

Seafood is not huge in BA. Everything is about beef.

taste of the danforth picks

I avoided those huge line ups because I got quite disappointed with those popular stands past years. This time, I tried pizza from Liberetto. It was a simple slice but was very well done. I've been wanting to check out Liberetoo for a while. It is as good as I heard.

Looking for a great restaurant for birthday celebration

Sorry for the belated response. All of us really enjoyed Enoteca Sociale. Food just kept coming. We got full before the main dish. Everything was amazing. It's was definitely a place I will go back.

Thanks for the recommendation!

Wedding at Capitol Event Centre

I am thinking of booking Capitol Event Centre for my wedding next Summer. Is there anyone who went there for wedding recently? Any reviews on services or food? I've seen some mix reviews from 2011. I wonder if things have been changed lately. Much appreciated!!!

Thank you.

North York - NOT sushi

I know you said no Japanese food, but there's a Izakaya restaurant across the street from Empress walk Loblaws is worth checking out. It's not sushi but lots of different tapas. It's called Tzuki Izakaya.

Looking for a great restaurant for birthday celebration

Thank you so much!! That's good call! I booked the restaurant. :)))

Looking for a great restaurant for birthday celebration

Hello foodies!

I am looking for a new restaurant for my bf's birthday. We plan to have dinner with about 8 to 10 people somewhere in Toronto.
What I am looking for is a fun place which has great food and wine. Something like Alimento or Campagnolo. Price range $30 - 50/person. We've tried a lot of new restaurants in Toronto. So I am seriosly running out of ideas to surprise him.

Much appreciated for your help! Thanks!!

Foodies Beware!!!! - 'Saigon Star' is BAD! Way over-rated and Way overpriced!!!

awww. This is so sad to see. Saigon star is one of my favorite restaurant in Toronto. My favorite dish there is the eggplant.
I do agree many dishes there are over-priced. I wouldn't recommend the curry crab either. But I love the lamb, the assorted appitizer plater, and their clams.
Hopefully the restaurant will get this feedback and improve on the quality and adjust their prices.