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"Sauce" on the Danforth

Noticed a liquor license application posted in the window of one of the vacant storefronts along Danforth just east of Linsmore Cres., and saw that a new place called "Sauce" is set to open up.

Google turned up this little tidbit of info:

Sauce on Danforth
Coming Soon:
An East-End Toronto Lounge with a Victorian-Goth Bordello-Chic Design.

We offer:
- a vast selection of Craft Beer on Tap and in Bottle
- an array of 1920's inspired cocktails
- Top shelf Tequilas, Bourbons, Scotches & Vodkas
- music, music, music... you never know who you'll hear

Conveniently located steps from Greenwood Station.

Opening August 2012

Craft Beer, Cocktails, Fresh Pasta, Sauce

Anybody know anything about this? I'm hoping it's legitimately a cool place, not some wannabe upmarket hole that will only increase the nighttime skeeve factor around here even more.

Niagara-on-the-Lake. 3 great dinners?

Definitely Peller Estates. We went a year ago in January and it was just perfect. Great food, top-notch but not stuffy service, and a lovely atmosphere. NB, if you're staying at one of the Vintage hotels (we were at Queen's Landing), they offer a complimentary shuttle bus service to most of the local wineries that have restos. Enjoy!

Restaurant "Har Gow" on Danforth

After reading this thread, I headed straight out to get some lunch. Ended up chatting with the owner's son for a while. The chef/owner has been making dim sum for 25 years, and everything is made fresh in-house. You can tell. The har gow were perfect: a tender, not-too-thick wrapper that held together and plump, juicy shrimp that were perfectly steamed. Also had the sitcky rice in lotus leaves, which were packed with well seasoned rice and lots of tasty meaty bits. Tried a couple of other dishes as well, a steamed veggie dumpling and a seaweed/tofu *roll* I guess, for lack of a better word, and both were yummy.

They also have a full (if short-ish) menu of non-dim sum that covers all the basics and has a few more interesting dishes as well. If the dim sum is any indication, I'm sure the rest of the offerings will also be good.

For those who are interested, they use vegetable oil rather than peanut. I didn't ask about MSG, though. Will have to remember the next time I go in.

As for how the dumplings held up as take-out, mine were still hot and didn't suffer at all for the 10 minute walk in the cold that it took me to get them home. Even being dropped by my 2-year-old a couple of times didn't do them any damage. :)

I really hope locals embrace this place, especially until they start running delivery. There were half a dozen people there, both eating in and getting take-out, when I was there, so it looks like they're off to a good start. It's a small family-run restaurant, and if they keep the quality up, it will be by far the best Chinese take-out I've had in the east end.

Morgans on the Danforth

Just walked by there at lunch and it was pretty busy. Now that Ten Feet Tall is gone, it would be nice to have a local pub that serves decent food (unlike Sarah's *shudder*).

Ten Feet Tall
1381 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J, CA

Yukon gold potatoes - best way to prepare

Wash, boil whole (with skin) until tender, then mash roughly with a fork. Season with olive oil, garlic powder, s&p, and a whack of fresh herbs (chives, thyme and parsley all work well). Great warm, cold or room temp.

You could also slice them into 1/2-inch rounds, brush with olive oil, season with s&p and grill them with the salmon. Top with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese while they're still warm. Delish.

Sep 02, 2011
Sweet Pea in Home Cooking

How do you keep noodles from turning to mush in soup? (I mean soup you're saving/freezing?)

As fall comes into focus, my mind is turning away from the grill and towards the stock pot. I like to make big batches of soup and freeze for quick weeknight meals, but I never manage to make soups like chicken noodle or minestrone successfully. The pasta always soaks up all of the broth and leaves me with an unappetizing lump of solids with no actual "soup" left. I know I could just prep the noodles last minute and add them after re-heating the rest of the soup, but that kind of defeats the purpose of making it ahead. How do you keep the noodles from turning to waterlogged mush?

Sep 02, 2011
Sweet Pea in Home Cooking

C5 - how is it, really?

DH has stated his desire to go for our anniversary dinner. Menu looks good and the room looks gorgeous, but I'm worried it will be a bit vacant on a Wednesday night, so not overly romantic.

Wedding at Globe bistro?!

Friends had their reception there last summer. They booked the private room and roof top patio. The food was lovely and the service was great. I have no idea what the pricing was like, but I know they had a fairly tight budget, so I'm assuming it was reasonable. I've never been there for brunch, but have had dinner there several times and never been disappointed.

Amuse (in the Beach) - anyone been recently?

Hey, Hounds.
I'm trying to nail down an anniversary dinner locale and have been meaning to try Amuse, since it's close to home and I always forget about it. Has anyone been recently and tried the spring menu? Is it special dinner-worthy? Do they have a nice, romantic patio perhaps? I'm hoping to avoid revisiting old stand-bys like Mistura for the umpteenth time.

265 Davenport Rd, Toronto, ON M5R1J9, CA

Peller Estates Restaurant?

DH and I went for dinner in January. We both had the seven course tasting menu, and while I can't remember specifics at this point, every course was delightful. Even ingredients that DH doesn't usually like (artichokes, oysters,) were done in such a way that they won him over. We went during the ice wine festival, so the wine pairings were heavy on the sweet stuff, but the regular wines that we had were all well-matched to their respective dishes and were better than we had expected.

We'll happily go back the next time we're in NOTL. The room is a bit stuffy and old-fashioned, but they have floor-to-ceiling french doors running the length of the room that open onto their patio overlooking the vineyard, which I would imagine would be a spectacular setting now that everything will be nice and green.

We haven't tried any of the other vineyard restos, so I can't offer any comparisons, but I don't think you'd be disappointed at Peller.

indian cooking- substitute almond butter for cashew paste?

Great. Thanks!

May 18, 2011
Sweet Pea in Home Cooking

indian cooking- substitute almond butter for cashew paste?

I'm making butter chicken and don't have any cashews in the house to grind for paste as a thickener. Can I substitute almond butter, or will that make things go horribly awry?

May 18, 2011
Sweet Pea in Home Cooking

Anywhere to get a decent b-day cake on the Danforth?

We're having a party for my 2-year-old twins this Sunday, and while I'd love to bake something, I have two 2-year-olds. So, can anyone recommend a good place to pick up a ready-made cake on the Danforth? I want to avoid one of those cloyingly sweet supermarket cakes if possible.

Can I freeze leftover sweet and sour cabbage?

Made a whole head, only ate half. Can I freeze the rest or will it turn to mush?

Mar 06, 2011
Sweet Pea in Home Cooking

What to do with leftover slightly mushy plain spaghetti?

Okay, to clarify: it is *slightly* mushy, ie: just past al dente. I did toss it with EVOO and put it in the fridge, so I believe it is salvageable. I just thought there might be something more interesting that I could do with it than toss it with more sauce or cheese. The frittata idea is intriguing, except that two out of three eaters in the house don't like eggs. But maybe the allure of more pasta and cheese will override the dislike of eggs.

Feb 27, 2011
Sweet Pea in Home Cooking

ISO Jicama

They had it at the Don Mills Superstore last week.

What to do with leftover slightly mushy plain spaghetti?

So, kinda like a fried noodle cake? Is that hard to flip without it falling apart?

Feb 26, 2011
Sweet Pea in Home Cooking

What to do with leftover slightly mushy plain spaghetti?

I accidentally dumped WAY too much spaghetti in the pot while making dinner tonight, and now have about 3 cups of cooked spaghetti that has gotten a bit mushy from sitting around. I hate to throw it all out. Is there anything I can make with it, other than more spaghetti with sauce?

Feb 26, 2011
Sweet Pea in Home Cooking

What's your favorite comfort soup of all time?

Hot cucumber soup at Bread and Roses in BWV and the lentil soup at Butler's Pantry (Ronces location).

Butler's Pantry
813 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J1G1, CA

Interesting comfort food (NOT Italian) near ROM/Yorkville?

Oh, that looks awesome! Reservations required for a Saturday, I presume?

Interesting comfort food (NOT Italian) near ROM/Yorkville?

Harbord is fine. Pretty much anywhere within a 10-15 minute walk of the subway is good. I just don't want to be transferring to a streetcar or bus to get to dinner.

147 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S1H1, CA

Interesting comfort food (NOT Italian) near ROM/Yorkville?

Meeting a couple of friends for dinner on a Saturday coming up (post-winterlicious). One is preggers and craving comfort food. I'd rather not go too pubby (she suggested the Pilot). Any recs?

Biff's - Jeans appropriate?

Mmmm...oysters. Love, love, love.
If I have time I'll report back on the meal in the next few days.

Now I just have to figure out what *I'm* going to wear, LOL!

Biff's - Jeans appropriate?

Thanks, all. I'm still going to try to convince him to wear a proper pair of pants, but at least if I lose the fight, I'll know that he'll still pass muster.

Any recs. for "must have" menu items? Blood sausage is not on our radar, but other than that we're pretty open to trying just about anything.

Biff's - Jeans appropriate?

DH and I are heading out for date night and he wants to wear jeans. Will he be under dressed at Biff's?

celebration lunch downtown T.O.?

Hm... Some interesting suggestions so far. Thanks! I'm wondering if Loire or Le Paradis might be good options? I've never been to Loire, and haven't been to Paradis for lunch, but I like the idea of bistro.

Le Paradis
166 Bedford Road, Toronto, ON M5R 2K9, CA

Looking for good sushi - Danforth & Broadview

I order delivery from Casa Sushi. Better by far than Katsu or Aji Sai in terms of quality of the fish and overall freshness. And their black cod appetizer is actually quite good.

celebration lunch downtown T.O.?

As long as it's TTC accessible it doesn't really matter. They'll be coming from the Annex and I'm in Danforth Village, so something central (rather than west - Parkdale, West Queen West, etc.) would be preferable.

celebration lunch downtown T.O.?

My best friend's mom is coming into town from AB and wants to surprise her with a nice lunch to celebrate her finishing her grad degree. Any recs for a spot downtown for lunch that's not too expensive? I'd like to keep it to less than $60/pp with wine. They're meat and potatoes girls, and anything Asian is a no go.


Girl's night out on the Danforth?

Thanks. I've been to Globe a few times and 7 numbers once or twice (at this location). Both were on my list, but I wasn't sure about Lolita's Lust, having never eaten there. Does it turn a bit clubby later in the evening?

Lolita's Lust
513 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K1P5, CA