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Two Dinners in Dublin

Two nights in Dublin and two meals that were good. Not amazing, but very solid cooking. Worth a try if you're in the nabe. (Apologies that these are not detailed descriptions. Am a bit tired from lots of traveling.)

First night was at the Waterloo Bar and Grill

This is a very large modern pub with a long wooden bar and what looked like a spacious upstairs for private events. We were there on a Sat night, but the place was only moderately busy.

Started with beet root salad with goat cheese. Not terribly inventive, but very fresh and yummy. My DC had clam chowder with a large number of plump and tasty clams.

Main was lobster risotto, that night's special. Really couldn't believe the amount of lobster in the dish. A bit of a spicy kick as well.

My DH had a Fisherman's Pie with delicious smoked fish (maybe mackerel?) as well as shellfish. It had a strong fish taste, but in a good way, if that makes sense.

Second night was at The Larder, a modern restaurant/bar. Very affordable. They had a steak and fries special for 12 Euro, which we did not try. They also were advertising an early bird special - 19 Euro for 2 courses. We did not order that since we weren't there early, but they gave us the early bird price anyway.

We shared a starter of goat cheese and fig bruschetta. Tasty.

Mains: I had a lamb and mixed vegetable Moroccan salad, which was a nice, light dish (after my Guinness Stew lunch).

My DH had crispy pork belly on smashed green onion potatoes and raspberry chutney. (Not light at all, but good.)

Order a glass of wine and get a huge pour. Two glasses of wine was almost the same amount as a half bottle, I'd guess.

36 Upper Baggot Street

The Larder
8 Parliament St

Jun 24, 2012
Brooklyn_Paris in U.K./Ireland

So Far . . . Eating in Paris

Thanks! It is nearby. We'll check it out.

Jun 12, 2012
Brooklyn_Paris in France

So Far . . . Eating in Paris

Our Paris dining adventures continue. This is a lovely little spot in the 15th across the street from a post office. There is one chef cooking in plain view and one server working the room. The menu is very affordable, at 24 and 28 euros. But there is only one choice if you want the menu. There is also an à la carte menu that costs a bit more.

We had: foie gras and goat cheese crouistillant to start followed by 1) canette (baby duck) with sweet potatoes and 2) pork Iberique. All were delicious and worth your time and money.

Jun 11, 2012
Brooklyn_Paris in France

So Far . . . Eating in Paris

Good points. Wrote this run-down quickly. No time to spend on real descriptions. Hopefully can edit later with more details.

Jun 11, 2012
Brooklyn_Paris in France

So Far . . . Eating in Paris

Thanks, everyone. I lurk on Chowhound quite a bit, so I decided it was time to post.

Forgot two places worth mentioning:

Shan Gout (12th) a wonderful Chinese restaurant in a non-tourist quartier. Well-portioned, spicy dishes that are fresh and inventive. A real find.

A La Renaissance (11th) Quelle bonne addresse! We loved our lunch here. The service is wonderful and friendly. My SO enjoyed the terrine du lapin and the andouillettes (tripe sausage). Very rich and delicious. Perhaps a bit too strong for my taste, but he loved them.
As for me, I had the best artichokes ever followed by a stew of scallops and shrimp (it said gambas on the menu, which I assumed were large shrimp, more like Langoustines. These were a bit smaller, more like crevettes, but very good.) House wine was also good. Unfortunately the formule is not available on Sunday (which is when we dined there), so we spent a little more than the 22 euro each for the prix fixe, but it was a lovely meal.

Jun 10, 2012
Brooklyn_Paris in France

So Far . . . Eating in Paris

My SO and I are in Paris for part of May and June. Here are some of the places we have been. Many times, though, we have just shopped at the wonderful markets and eaten in, which is just lovely. Staying in the 11th, very close to the 3rd. Based on this list, if anyone has any recs for us, we would be grateful.

Le Pré Verre (5th) Excellent, innovative food. Highlights were the pea guacamole and cuttle fish (seiche) and duck breast with charred melon. Service, on the other hand, was a bit dismal, especially at the end of the meal when we waited almost one hour to pay the check. I know they let you sit a long time here, but this was a bit much.

Café Des Musées (3rd) My SO said it was his favorite steak tartar of all time. Delicious frites. I prefer them a bit crunchier, but my SO thought they highlighted the beauty of the potato.

Restaurant Lilane (5th).Very good. Lamb was a highlight. Pretty affordable prix fixe for what you get.

La Pharmacie (11th) Pretty good. Asparagus appetizer was amazing, as were many of the side dishes. We thought the meat was a bit overcooked and tough. Interesting strawberry and tomato dessert.

Ober-Salé (11th) A Very intimate neighborhood restaurant featuring bold flavors and a small menu. Perhaps not for everyone. A lot of meat and everything was very rich. And rather unique. I had deliciously seasoned pork served on bread with courgettes.

Bistrot Populaire (3rd) Casual, basic, good. We ate spare ribs and quiche du jour made with a strong cheese and were happy.

Les Papilles (5th) Probably our favorite lunch. The chef's special was beef with vegetables - rustic and refined. You can order the chef's menu with 4 courses, including cheese, or just get the entrée/plat, as I did. They also have a small à la carte menu. My SO had escargot and boudin noir, which he said was the best he ever had. It's a bit expensive, especially if you order one of the wines they have by the bottle, but overall a good value for the money. The only time I wished I could get a to-go bag in Paris.

Café Breizh (3rd)
This was a great find. The Galettes are superb for a casual lunch or dinner. So is the cider. And the rhubarb dessert was crazy good. We ate lunch in the epicerie connected to the restaurant since the restaurant was full. It was perfect.

Le Tagine (11th)
Good middle eastern tagines and cous cous. We ate here our first night in town and really enjoyed it.

Chez Janou (3rd) Great, well-priced lunch formule. I had entrecote and creamed spinach with an endive salad to start and a glass of wine. Seems a bit pricey for dinner, but we found the weekday lunch to be just right.

Le Bar à Huitres (3rd) Expensive, not that great. We didn't try the oysters, so may go back for those. But there are better seafood places.

La Briciola (3rd) Popular pizza restaurant, very much like something you would see in Brooklyn. No reservations after 8PM, at least on weekend. PIzza was good and affordable, but not amazing. But then, we live in Brooklyn. Seems like a good spot for groups or families with kids.

King Falafel (3rd) There are many falafel joints in the Marais. We just picked this one out of the blue. Loved it. I had regular falafel and my SO had the merguez. Had to stand in line for about 20 minutes, and then we ate it standing on the street. But it was very good and fresh. Be sure to add extra sauce piquante. I'm sure many of the other falafel purveyors in that area are also good.

Jun 10, 2012
Brooklyn_Paris in France