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Courthouse Subs - skip it

i guess you'll have to go back to cannoli joe's for a quality meal, burn. keep up the dogged search.

Mar 25, 2010
weeds in Austin

Zoot, the new location

hey body,
glad you enjoyed the meal. i am curious of your being suspicious of "hot" rolls. it is a wonder why anyone would want the hassle of owning a restaurant.

Mar 25, 2009
weeds in Austin

torchy's tacos--what am i missing?

i've been to torchy's twice. both times left me way underwhelmed. on saturday afternoon i went to their store location at s. 1st and the place was packed. they have done a good job updating the interior and adding an outside area (although napolito's was one of my favorite little known gems). but the food is just is just blah. i had the crossroads($4) and the green chili pork($3.5). not worth the money. this food might fly in pittsburgh but not on s. 1st where there are better choices. can someone out there tell me what i'm missing?

Jun 16, 2008
weeds in Austin

Best machacado?

borrego d'oro (not spelled correctly). congress & ben white. spicy and delicious.

Jun 11, 2008
weeds in Austin

BYOB restaurants

dai due supper club. jessie & tamara do a great job. it is roughly $75 per person, bring your own wine. i've been to a number of them and it has been a great experience. check out their website for the different dinner themes.

Jun 07, 2008
weeds in Austin

New Restaurant Jezebel in Austin?

hey joey,
what fine restaurants are marking up at 2X or just over retail pricing? i'd like to go and support them(or take advantage of them). when it was open, i especially liked cibo's wednesday half-off bottle pricing. i drank some really cool and interesting italian reds there. i liked their wine list better than the food. a shame really. last time i went, fino had a happy hour half-priced sparkling bottle special.

Jun 01, 2008
weeds in Austin

New Restaurant Jezebel in Austin?

hey joey,
when pricing wine in restaurants, keep in mind that texas is more expensive than other states, thanks to our legislature. restaurants in texas can ONLY buy from a wine purveyor. the so called three-tiered system. why is this? follow the $$$ trail from these wholesalers to the pink dome in austin. comparing wine prices in austin to an internet site like is not fair nor an accurate representation of what jezebel (or other austin restaurants) pays for their wine. what can be done? write your state rep that you want these antiquated laws changed. not only are you paying more money but your selection is limited.

May 29, 2008
weeds in Austin

"Onion Sandwiches"

the feb. 7th issue of "the onion" listed their top 10 sandwiches in austin. in order: 1) beef lomito-buenos aires cafe, 2) chicken artichoke blt-moonshine, 3) grilled pork banh mi-tam deli, 4) salmon salad-foodheads, 5) the lami-foodheads, 6) the flat iron building grilled cheese-manny hattans, 7) curried chicken salad-neworld deli, 8) italian night club-jimmy john's, 9) yard bird sub-spicy pickle, 10) hot meatloaf- kitchen door.

i would like to nominate for inclusion: the b.a.t. (house-cured bacon, arugula, & tomato)-cissi's market, torta cubana with al pastor-arandas, cheese steak or hot italian sausage-delaware subs, and anything at hog island deli.

i'll be going to buenos aires next week to check out the lomito.

long live the earl!!

Feb 13, 2008
weeds in Austin

new restaurant in south austin(78745)

i was running errands today and notice some renovations at the strip mall at s. 1st and stassney. the space that formally contained gino's and maynards deli has been combined to house "south-by-south-first", a gulf seafood/bbq joint with a stage for live music. i talked to the owner and he hopes to be open in march. i'm saddened to see gino's go (terrible food but a fun, authentic, south austin hang out joint), but look forward to some more dining options in the '45.

Feb 02, 2008
weeds in Austin

Restaurant supply stores in Austin?

i went to the ace mart on 5th St last week and they will be moving to s. congress and oltorf (in/near/around bealls). the person i talked to said sometime this spring although the move has been delayed several times.

Feb 02, 2008
weeds in Austin

Alamo S. Lamar bellyaches

ordering indian food at a movie theater in austin texas is like ordering a t-bone at ihop. you have to remember where you're dining and order to that establishment's strengths. at the drafthouse, it is pizza, beer, good wine selection too, and more beer, along with kickass movies. to each his/her own, but i favor the sweet bun.

Oct 26, 2007
weeds in Austin

bar dining downtown

hey hounds...looking for upscale restaurants where i can sit at the bar, have a drink and an appetizer and pretend to be wealthy. will be downtown(grant park area) and would like to hit a few places in one night. walking or el or cab.

Sep 27, 2007
weeds in Chicago Area