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Need a dinner spot between Halifax and Moncton

KGill, Glad you enjoyed your stop at Masstown Market.

Montel, Thanks for the Saltscapes suggestion.......I have stopped at the Trading Post on the Treaty Loop for their beautiful handcrafted baskets, but I never thought to eat at any of the adjacent businesses. Glad to have this option for Moncton-Halifax travel

i have had very mixed experiences at the Big Stops between Halifax and Edmunston...several are regular stops and several I avoid ! Though its hard to go wrong with the 24hr breakfasts.

Nov 18, 2012
CarolynGay in Atlantic Canada

!! Help !! Doing a project on culinary tourism in Newfoundland...

Newfoundland is a place I have travelled to for work.....probably a hundred trips...
and the best meals have been home-cooked (moose stew, fish and brewis)!
As you surmise there are places where you can get home-style meals. Most motels across the Island have coffee shops that serve traditional meals. I have eaten well from local ingredients at Sinbads Hotel in Gander (cod tongues and cheeks, fresh fish, real vegetables: potatoes, carrots, turnips, partridgeberry desserts), the Deer Lake Motel, Viking Motel in St Anthony (Jiggs dinner and sandwiches packed for travel made with fresh cooked turkey on homemade bread), even the Airport Coffee Shop in Deer Lake: a family business...stick with the daily special and homemade and chips from a house near the Bell Island Ferry, and a small shop in Twillingate.
Sounds like a delicious adventure !!!

Nov 18, 2012
CarolynGay in Atlantic Canada

Tvorog (quark, etc) in Canada (Atlantic Canada in particular)

At the Dieppe Farmers Market (Saturday mornings) there is a couple who sell their hand made dairy products, made from goat and cow milk. I have seen Quark in their case.....the butter, yogurt and gouda are all delicious......I don't remember the name of their's near Nick the Dutch Baker.

Oct 15, 2012
CarolynGay in Atlantic Canada

Bottled Moose

Yum, lucky you !
Yes, include the liquid with the stew meat. Add chunks of turnip, potato and carrots, and if you like, parsnip and onion and summer savory, salt and pepper..

You could make a roux with flour and butter to thicken the gravey, but I prefer to let the potatoes do the thickening and let the flavor of the meat and vegetables stand out. Serve with homemade white bread or pan rolls.

Oct 12, 2012
CarolynGay in Atlantic Canada

Honeymooning in PEI

Sim's Corner Steakhouse and Oyster Bar in Charlottetown is top of the list for food, wine and service. Visited PEI during September's Fall Flavours Festival and the dinner here stands out with it's thoughtful pairings of food and wine.
PEI off season begins after Thanksgiving.....Most tourist oriented businesses close down for the winter. .check ahead if you are travelling outside of Charlottetown and Summerside during meal time.
Highlights: Island Chocolates in Victoria(by the Sea) delicious, hand made, interesting fillings. They serve coffee, hot chocolate and a chocolate breakfast. Check if they are still open during your trip.
If you like oysters you can buy them directly from the wholesaler in Malpeque.
Congratulations, the beaches will be yours to explore. If you are wandering the island from end to end, visit the Geenwich Dunes NP. In the villages along you way you will find local Cafes with soups, sandwiches and home style cooking. Again check openings and closing times. Even during the height of the summer season, the Ann of Green Gables House closes at 5pm.

Oct 06, 2012
CarolynGay in Atlantic Canada

Need a dinner spot between Halifax and Moncton

The Masstown Market is a casual, local place for home style soups, sandwiches and baked goods.
It is at TCH Exit 12, Masstown, Nova Scotia.
What began as a seasonal vegetable stand is now a year-round business featuring locally produced goods.
There is a soup and sandwich counter where you can order sandwiches made to order on the site made bread and rolls, seafood chowder, a veggie-rich mild chili and several soup choices.
On occasion I have purchased one of their rotisserie chickens ( local chickens that are tastier than the supermarket product), and a salad from the deli counter and eaten it picnic style in the dining area is furnished with wooden tables and chairs. Local farmers gather there for coffee and a chat during the winter. The coffee is from the fair trader roaster, Just Us, who are located in Wolfville, NS.
The bakery offers traditional Maritime products (vegetable oil not butter ) home-style white, brown, raisin breads and rolls, fruit pies, cinnamon buns, cookies. The rolls and cookies are sold in packs of 2, 6 and 12. Just enough for your dessert, or enough to take along on your travels.
The grocery features the local apples, blueberries and vegetables. A recent addition is a seafood counter and the Market is a NS Liquor outlet.
If they are closed, the nearest option is the 24 hr Tim Hortons at the Debert exit Hidden from view by the trees but just off the highway.
There are restaurants in Truro but they are well off the highway.
Enjoy your journey, the trees are just starting to change colours

Oct 06, 2012
CarolynGay in Atlantic Canada

What to eat in Moncton

Simon, I enjoyed reading your 'Old Recipe Revival' article this morning in East Coast Living Magazine. Last fall, using the 'Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens' recipe as a guide I made rose hip jelly. The hips were foraged from one of the Petitcodiac Riverfront Parks. The parks are ripe for fruit foraging opportunities. In the areas where I walk there are, in addition to the roses, raspberries, blackberries, elderberries, sumac, pin cherries, apples and crabapples.

Sep 17, 2012
CarolynGay in Atlantic Canada

What to eat in Moncton

Les Gourmandes at 995 Main St is a family business that makes chocolates with interesting very delicious fillings. They also carry hand crafted cheeses produced in New Brunswick along with cheeses from around the globe. If you are interested in composing a cheese platter they can provide knowlegeable suggestions. They also have a cooler with interesting regional pates and meats ....these vary with the seasons, you could find duck or rabbit.
They serve a daily sandwich special to eat in at one of their cafe tables, or wrapped to-go for your day of site seeing or travel.

If you are in town on a Saturday, there are morning markets in downtown Moncton and Dieppe. You will find produce, meats, cheese, cider, seafood and baked goods from local producers, along with prepared food from the eclectic ethnic cooks in the area. Some vendors are at both markets!

My favorites in Dieppe: handmade butter and Gouda, the selection of local oysters and mussels, warm gevulde koek from Nick the Baker, cider from La Fleur du Pommier, organic and free range eggs, poultry and meats, including sausages and pâtés from several farms, and a variety of breads......

If you have time during the day you can contact to find info about the local apple u-picks. Several are located close to town and also have pears, crabapples and vegetables.

Sep 15, 2012
CarolynGay in Atlantic Canada

What to eat in Moncton

excellent seafood with no views: Windjammer at Beausejour Hotel (featuring100 km menu),
Little Louis on Collishaw St. featuring oysters.
Excellent pub food with street views and patios: Tide and Boar, St James Gate.
Early Bird breakfasts where locals eat: Steve's Diner in Riverview, Jean's Restaurant on St. George and Mountain Rd., Hynes Restaurant on Mountain Rd.
Coffee and pastry: Tony's on McLaughlin Dr., Coissant Soleil in Dieppe.

Sep 08, 2012
CarolynGay in Atlantic Canada