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Globe reports Whole Foods looking to buy chunk of Johnnie's Foodmaster stores

I actually find my fellow customers, and also the folks who work at the West Medford Whole Foods to be (for the most part) very pleasant! There was definitely some group bonding in the long checkout lines on Sunday for hurricane prep. I admit to avoiding the craziness of the Alewife branch though.

I will definitely miss Rt 16 Foodmaster, I shop there often for some specific staples (Martin's potato rolls, for example...!). I always counted myself lucky to be located right between two supermarkets with a pretty different array of products.

Nov 01, 2012
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

Legal Seafoods (sigh)

Although many locations can be iffy, to say the least, I've enjoyed myself at the Burlington Mall location. I usually stick to the simple items, like the grilled fish, though. On one visit there was a slight server misshap with a spill on my husband's shirt (I can't remember of what, but not something devestating like red wine!) but they offered us a comped dessert, and the manager came over with a reimbursement slip for dry cleaning. The spill truly wasn't a big deal, but we appreciated their thoughtfulness.

Jul 25, 2012
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

4/8/11 Sound Bites in Somerville: YES! A Great Breakfast Place at Last!!

I agree Bob, I do find the service to be much more pleasant at Ball Sq and the food a bit better lately (but they are still pretty close in quality).

Sep 29, 2011
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

Cheap Eats [Davis/Teele Square]

I also like Maria's Cold Cuts in Teele as well for a nice Italian grinder.

Sep 15, 2011
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

Tacos Lupita now under a new name - What is the scoop?

Rode by Tacos Lupita in Somerville last night and noticed a new awning and a new name (I should have written it down but didn't)... anyone have the scoop here? New owners or just a new name? I hope the tortas continue to be delicious.

May 20, 2011
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

Looking for nut rolls (aka povitica or potica)...know any eastern european bakeries?

I know them as hungarian rolls - but I haven't found any here in Boston. I love this question as they are one of my favorite treats! When visiting relatives in PA I always buy some rolls for the road and the freezer. The place we go to (Kiffle Kitchen) does do mailorder if you are interested!

Apr 21, 2011
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

Specialty grocery stores in Medford/Somerville?

Maria's Cold Cuts is now open in Teele Square on Broadway (just around the corner from Rudy's). Their Italian grinder is delicious!

Teele Square Cafe
Somerville, MA, Somerville, MA

Oct 27, 2010
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

CHUTNEY'S - Harvard Sq - Quick service Indian is now open ( old Flat Patty's location) YUMMY!!

I just went there for a quick lunch bite and really enjoyed it! Very reasonable prices (5.00 for a perfectly lunch sized roll/sandwich), and is nice new addition to my Harvard Sq lunch rotation. I thought the bread (masala roti) was particularly yummy.

Jul 08, 2010
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

Family Dinner Ideas Post Marathon

Good luck with the race and be sure to let us know how dinner was (and how the running went!)

Feb 11, 2010
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

Family Dinner Ideas Post Marathon

Upon finishing my first marathon I went directly home and ate about 5 pieces of pizza while sitting on the couch. It was perfect. I would have been an unhappy diner elsewhere!

Feb 03, 2010
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

Where do I find good baba ganoush in the Somerville area?

At Formaggio Kitchen they have a nice smoky baba ganoush available - Samira's - made in Belmont! It is my favorite around, but I haven't had Sevan's version.

Oct 26, 2009
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

Auckland and Wellington Fine Dining

We visited Wellington last week and had a lovely meal at Matterhorn. Nice cocktails and great ambiance, service was attentive and pleasant. We had to wait for a table (no reservation) but the host was great - he checked in on us to let us know that a table would soon be opening up. A really nice/cool space with a good crowd.

ISO: Nabeyaki Udon and Katsu Curry

Agreed. I really like the Wagamama version, it is my favorite dish there.

Sep 23, 2009
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area


I've also seen them (and enjoyed them!) as a special at Shiki in Brookline.

Aug 18, 2009
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

Specific Buenos Aires question

We just came back from BA, and had awesome meals. I think in terms of trendy (at least in terms of design) I really liked Standard. It is a lovely looking space, mid century modern, small, maybe a bit "bright" for some but I actually thought the lighting was perfect for me, full of locals and I had a wonderful meal. Price point was good (but we didn't find any restaurants in BA that wasn't a great deal compared to Boston). I am not so into "trendy" eateries so maybe this doesn't entirely fit the bill but I always enjoy your Boston posts, Joanie and happy to put my two cents in! Have a great time.

Ferran Adria at Harvard

Thanks so much for the great recap - I couldn't make it. Much appreciated!

Dec 10, 2008
mizzduke in Food Media & News

FISH TACOS - who has good ones in the Boston area?

3 regular sized sized tacos (maybe 6 inch tortillas?). I felt somewhat gipped although they were yummy!

Nov 18, 2008
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

FISH TACOS - who has good ones in the Boston area?

I thought the Green Street tacos were good as well, if not a bit overpriced - $21!!!

Nov 18, 2008
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

looking for a great couple's cooking class

I've found Helen's classes to be great (I've gone to the raw fish class and the pasta making class). Always a great mix of people, in a comfortable home environment, and Helen is a very knowledgable (and accessible) teacher. Usually only about 8 people to a class, if I remember correctly.

Nov 12, 2008
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

Farmers' Markets week of June 16th

I've also seen them labeled as local Greenhouse tomatoes. This was the case at the new Allston farmer's market...

Jun 20, 2008
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

Whole Foods, Medford has opened

When I visited the new store there was a staff member right in front of the prepackaged meats, and explained that they didn't have room for the full counter. They also offered to cut to order (I didn't ask specifically about this, the staff member offered it up).

I live within walking distance, and the convenience of it all trumps any problems with size/selection for me.

May 19, 2008
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

Wild Oats Saugus... sigh.

Great news! You made my day.

Sep 28, 2007
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

Wild Oats Saugus... sigh.

Sorry to hear about the Saugus WO. The Wild Oats in Medford is my closest market (the only one that is a short-ish walk from my home), and I am afraid they may close. I haven't heard anything either way. I've asked at the store a while back, but they didn't know what was going to happen. It is pretty slow there as well, so I am worried. If anyone has any info on the Medford location, it would be much appreciated.

Sep 27, 2007
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

fresh tortillas from cinco de mayo, chelsea

The tortillas are also at Market Basket on Somerville Ave. I love them too!

Jan 18, 2007
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

Poppy Seed Filing in Boston?

Does anyone know of a good source in Boston for poppy seed filing (even in the can, Solo is the most common brand)? I've looked in my local Shaw's (Porter Sq.) and Foodmaster (Rt 16), but no luck so far. I'm looking for the sweet kind, not just regular old poppy seeds, obviously. I'm on a mission to make hungarian poppy seed roll! Thanks!

Dec 14, 2006
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

Blue Ribbon, Tennesee's or FireFly's for a party

I have preferred Firefly's catering to their actual in-house meals in the past... I am not sure why this is, but the quality had definitely been better at catered events. The SO and I were excited about making it to the restaurant after having Firefly's at an event, but I found their in-house food underwhelming.

I prefer Blue Ribbon overall, although I haven't been to anything they have catered!

Dec 04, 2006
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

Where have you always had a bad meal?

Oh but it is more than just cheap! Their arancini (rice balls) are the best I've had, a trip to Galleria Umberto is nothing without them.

Nov 22, 2006
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

Boston Organics, lately?

I had a similar bad experience this summer (damaged veg, yellowed broccoli, overripe fruit), and for the first time I had to send an email complaint. I received a prompt, pleasant and apologetic reply. The next week I received extra produce that more than made up for the previous week's items. I think they have had a LOT of growth in the past year or so, but I am willing to look past some of the growing pains, especially when they are so helpful and responsive to any comments or complaints. I wish more companies would have such competent customer service.

Oct 25, 2006
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

Interesting Hot Alcoholic Drinks—Suggestions?

The B-side has a number of hot alcoholic drinks. Last month a friend had one of the hot chocolate/booze concoction and really enjoyed it! Sorry for not having many specifics but I would check it out.

Oct 09, 2006
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area

Favorite Cocktails at No 9

The Pisco Sour at No. 9 Park is definitely frothy! I had my fair share of pisco sours in Chile, and it met my expectations.

Aug 03, 2006
mizzduke in Greater Boston Area