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Leftover Enchilladas??

Hash - Cook down onions and peppers, add potatoes, brown the potatoes, add chopped enchiladas and heat through.

Top a fresh salad with a warm enchilada. Greens, cucumber, black beans, onion, pepper, tomato, cilantro, etc.

about 10 hours ago
Tara57 in Home Cooking

Fun St. Patrick's Day Desserts

grasshopper pie
Key lime cake
Key lime pie
pretzel salad with green lime jello
rainbow layer cake
rainbow trifle
green trifle
rainbow Jello mold

about 11 hours ago
Tara57 in Home Cooking

ball shaped cake topping?


Dinner ideas for a family with food restrictions!

Lettuce wraps - I had the Asian style in mind but lots of these look good and not too difficult to tweak. Keep some fillings plain and offer some sauces on the side.


Feb 24, 2015
Tara57 in Home Cooking

Help with recipe please!!! ASAP

Honey, etc. should work just fine.

Feb 22, 2015
Tara57 in Home Cooking

Breakfast and Lunch suggestions for a group of women

I would be very happy and well fed with your menu. The fruit can carry over from breakfast to lunch. Are you planning on some cold beverages - water, tea, lemonade?

Feb 20, 2015
Tara57 in Home Cooking

What to serve with hot wings?

Don't forget the celery.

Friday Night in Lent ideas...

You mentioned canned soup on hand - vegetable or tomato soup could be the base for:

chili pie (veggie chili cooked in the crockpot, top with cornbread batter, bake)

stuffed peppers or stuffed any cheap veggie (stuffed with beans, rice, tomatoes, breadcrumbs, what have you, crockpot versions are out there)

Cheese and vegetable strata

Veggie shepherd's pie

Feb 18, 2015
Tara57 in Home Cooking

Leftover mushroom and jarlsberg salad?? What to make?

Omelet filling
Stuff/top pork chop, beef, or chicken
Cheesesteaks / hamburgers

Feb 18, 2015
Tara57 in Home Cooking

stuffed bell pepper menu -what else to serve? acorn squash?

Stuffed peppers are a meal in themselves, but I wouldn't turn down some acorn squash baked with butter and brown sugar. If the family doesn't need them with this meal, they will come in handy to round out another meal soon.


Feb 17, 2015
Tara57 in Home Cooking

Please help a new mom cook healthier! I need some inspiration

Congratulations on the new baby!

First of all, take it easy on yourself. Dinner can be simple sandwiches, soups, cheese and crackers, fruit, carrot and celery sticks, etc. If convenience items like preminced garlic, canned tomatoes, and preshredded broccoli slaw help put a healthy meal on the table, so be it.

Martha Stewart Everyday Food recipes are easy and good, without using hard to get ingredients. Budget Bytes are, too.


The crockpot is great as you can prep bit by bit when you get the time, even the day before. Just about any soup, stew, or braise can work in the crockpot. Freeze some leftovers. Flat containers or gallon plastic bags don't take up too much space. Budgetbytes has recipes to cook a whole chicken in the crockpot (the broiling isn't necessary if you are going to shred the chicken), or shredded beef or pork. You can freeze portions of that for later meals.

Feb 17, 2015
Tara57 in Home Cooking

Your favorite recipe using a ham bone?

Black-eyed peas

Feb 12, 2015
Tara57 in Home Cooking

anyone use tajin classico seasoning on fish?

I don't see why not. All the flavors work with fish.

Feb 11, 2015
Tara57 in Home Cooking

Dessert when main course is waffles?

Dessert could be another waffle with fruit and whipped cream.

Feb 11, 2015
Tara57 in Home Cooking

Large side dish help

Texas caviar can be a dip, relish, or salad.

Feb 08, 2015
Tara57 in Home Cooking

Breakfast and Lunch suggestions for a group of women

Sausage balls could be your breakfast baked item. You can make them the night before. They are good at room temperature.

Feb 08, 2015
Tara57 in Home Cooking

Breakfasts so good you had them again for dinner

Our holiday breakfast tradition includes pigs in blankets. I always make plenty of them and add the leftovers to our pick-up, snacky lunch of cheese, summer sausage, crackers, crudite, nuts, etc.

Feb 07, 2015
Tara57 in General Topics

too many Lindt chocolates - need uses (other than eating them)!

Melt and dip Valentine's treats, maybe top with Valentine sprinkles --

dried apricots
pretzel sticks
Rice Krispie treats

Bake puff pastry shells, fill with chopped chocolate, put back in the warm oven for a minute to melt the chocolate, top with whipped cream

Feb 07, 2015
Tara57 in Home Cooking

What to do with huge bag of frozen tiny shrimp?

Shrimp remoulade

Heat in butter, maybe with garlic, and top a baked potato. Add hot sauce, green onions, parsley, etc.

Put a brick of cream cheese on a pretty plate, pour cocktail sauce over that, and top with cooked shrimp. Serve with crackers.

Feb 07, 2015
Tara57 in Home Cooking

Large side dish help

broccoli salad

black bean and corn salad

Feb 07, 2015
Tara57 in Home Cooking

Husband Coming from 3 months stay in China; What to cook .

What do the two of you like to eat?

If he's missing meat and potatoes, hearty meals:

Meatloaf, Salisbury steak, roast beef and gravy, meatball sub, chicken and dumplings, drumsticks, wings, salmon, crispy tossed salads, grilled cheese

Bagels, muffins, peanut butter, cereal, biscuits, cornbread

Feb 06, 2015
Tara57 in Home Cooking

Recipes perfect for leftover freezing

twice baked potatoes
frozen fruit salad
Swedish meatballs

Feb 05, 2015
Tara57 in Home Cooking

What to do with a can of chiles jalapeƱos and carrots

Add to a taco
Top beans
Serve with or on anything that needs a little relish - chicken, fish, pork

Jan 25, 2015
Tara57 in Home Cooking

recs for teas/juices/soups/drinks/other foods that act as decongestants

I just drank a big, steaming mug of half tomato juice, half chicken broth, with hot sauce, black pepper, and chives. It's soothing.

Jan 25, 2015
Tara57 in General Topics

Hosting curious visitors from Germany-- need special dinner ideas

Agreeing with greygarious, my first thought was BBQ with all the trimmings. I'm not above letting the restaurant provide the trimmings as well as the meat.

Brunswick stew and cornbread

Catfish, hushpuppies, cole slaw

Banana pudding, peach cobbler

Country fried steak and gravy

Chicken and dumplings

Sides - greens, green beans, pinto beans, cole slaw, congealed salad, fried okra, braised okra and tomatoes, succotash, sweet potatoes, potato salad, cucumber and onions

Jan 24, 2015
Tara57 in Home Cooking

Sides for Jambalaya and other dinner guest advice...

I agree, jambalaya is a meal in itself, but for guests I would serve a side or starter. A fresh, sharp, crisp green salad would be a nice contrast. Citrus salad. Greens or green beans would be good.

I'm always intimidated by new scenarios. I remind myself that no one knows my expectations but me. If something is missing or not how I planned it, no one else notices. Don't let perfect be the enemy of good.

Menu Planning Help - Baby Shower

The nicest baby shower I ever attended had lots of ladylike finger food like tea sandwiches, ham and pickle roll ups, mini quiches, etc., and a crock of the most delicious warm mulled wine.

Jan 24, 2015
Tara57 in General Topics

Kid-friendly and nut-free Italian dish that tastes good at room temp?

I'd likely go with foccacia, panini, or pizza cut into bite sized pieces. Mozzarella balls would be appealing to kids who are used to string cheese.

Maybe - bites of chicken parmesan or cacciatore. Cheese ravioli (mini?) in marinara sauce. Coins or crumbles of Italian sausage. I like things like this at room temperature. Garlic bread, bread sticks, grissini.

You might have a bakery nearby to make a tray of pretty Italian cookies.

Jan 23, 2015
Tara57 in Home Cooking

I bought canned collard greens! Umm... Now what?

Glory brand canned collards are pretty good.

Beans and greens and cornbread - heat the collards in their liquor, cook some pinto beans low and slow, bake a skillet of cornbread, and serve with chopped onions, hot sauce, pepper vinegar, chutney or chowchow.

Jan 21, 2015
Tara57 in Home Cooking

Meatless Meals

Cheese quesadillas or enchiladas, maybe with black or refried beans
Sweet potato and black bean burritos
Red beans and rice
Grilled cheese and tomato soup (or any vegetable soup)
Pita wrap with hummus, tomatoes, onion, cucumber, etc.
Pinto beans or black-eyed peas and cornbread
Breakfast for dinner - eggs, toast, fruit, etc.

Jan 14, 2015
Tara57 in Home Cooking