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Perfect Margarita

That's a basic and classic recipe. However, if you want to try something that I think is a bit more tasty, here's a recipe I picked up in Cabo San Lucas:

It will take awhile to gather the ingredients, but it is quite worthwhile:

1) 3oz El Capricho Elixer de Agave
2) 1oz Damiana (mexican herbal liqueur)
3) 1oz Cointreau
4) 4 Key limes (large marble/golfball size)- squeezed but not strained.
5) wet rim with lime and then sea salt

The key ingredient is the El Capricho, which is similar to tequila, is 100% blue agave, but is slightly lower alc content (34% vs 40%). It is EXTREMELY smooth, distinctive "top shelf" tequila. Check with Old Town liquors for purchase online.

Jun 08, 2012
MargaritaIsMyName in Recipes