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Local Heirlooms JFX

Anyone know whether local heirloom tomatoes are at the farmers market yet? Love 'em.

Good Homemade Carry Out Soup Baltimore

Who has the best carry out soup in the city?I'm looking for a place that sells containers of it that last for a couple of days. A friend bought home some potato leek soup from A Cook's Cafe in Annapolis and it was outstanding. I think he has cooking classes there,so he takes his food seriously.Attwaters is pretty good but I'm not usually blown away by it.Any suggestions?

Good Tomatoes at Baltimore Farmers Market

Who has the best tasting tomatoes at the JFX market. Unfornately not growing my own this year and looking for a great substitute. Not looking for greenhouse tomatoes. The name of the farm or approximate location of the stand would help. The tomatoes I have bought there in years past have just been o.k. Can't remember which stand I got them at.Thanks.

Best Feta Baltimore

Double Whammy. I just left a post about outside lunch with friends from NYC. But now I'm inspired again. I want feta cheese like they put on the salads at Ikaros. Fed up with supermarket feta. Help me find it. Thanks!

Friends from NYC, outdoor lunch Baltimore

Some friends from NY are coming to town Saturday and wanted to get together for lunch. We were thinking outside and casual, but good.Don't want to be hassled by panhandlers but not looking for run of the mill food either.We live in Hampden, so anywhere downtown is cool.The more I think about it ,sounds like a tall order.But I'm sure the chowhounds will come through.