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Nashville in March

Given your location I would definitely give an additional vote to Hattie B's and Patterson House. Catbird Seat is basically the best Nashville has to offer in the way of high-end cuisine, but you will have a very difficult time getting in at this point. Corner Pub Midtown is a good place to grab some pints and watch games. It's a bit of a Kentucky fan hangout.

Help. Need some food/drink suggestions for Indy.

I am going to be in Indianapolis for a "bachelor" weekend before my friend gets married next month. We already plan to check out the Rathskeller before the Jim Gaffigan show on Nov 3, but I am looking for some suggestions on breweries, pubs, good local places, etc. Anyone have any ideas? I'm especially interested in the local breweries.

Oct 29, 2012
matthew715 in Great Lakes

Thoughts on cooking a venison roast?

I have a 3-5 pound venison roast in the fridge that is just about thawed and I am desperately trying to nail down a cooking method for the weekend. I'm not terribly familiar with venison cuts so unfortunately I'm not sure what type of roast I am dealing with. My thoughts are to get it into a brine this afternoon, rub tomorrow, and roast it on a Holland Grill. Anyone have any thoughts or experience? My concern, of course, is that the cut is very lean and that it will dry out.

Jun 29, 2012
matthew715 in Home Cooking

When do you add wine when making sangria?

I have followed two different methods in the past: 1) add booze, fruit, sugar, and wine (basically prepare it in total) and allow it to hang out for 8-24 hours and 2) combine all ingredients except wine and allow to chill, then add wine before serving.

My preference in the past has been for the first option. When adding wine just before serving I have found that it doesn't have much character and tastes simply like ice cold sweetened red wine.

What's traditional here? Any preferences or thoughts?

Jun 08, 2012
matthew715 in Wine

First time to Nashville coming (June 10-14)

There's a lot here so I won't go point by point necessarily, but hopefully this will be of some help. Addressing some specific foods:

Pizza---Mafiaoza's is indeed a pretty divisive joint. We like it, but not so much when ordering by the slice. If you choose to order a whole pie (prosciutto, eggplant, and basil is a good combo) then it can be very tasty. Possible downside is that their pizza can sometimes be a bit soggy towards the middle, but not always. Aside from Mafiaoza's I would suggest checking out Bella Napoli. It's a cool location and as far as the style of pie is concerned I'm not aware of any better in town. On the issue of City House...I have yet to make it, but have only heard great things.

BBQ---Edley's is not bad. My experience with Martin's was offsite and I wasn't overjoyed. I would suggest checking out B&C if you really want BBQ, or track down Smoke et al. (see below). Otherwise I would skip BBQ altogether.

Burgers---This is perhaps where I am at my harshest. I haven't had what I would consider to be a good burger in Nashville. Pharmacy is perhaps the closest to what I could recommend, but it is still a toss up as to whether it will be dry and under-seasoned. My feelings about Burger Up are similar. You would be better off hitting Wendy's on a good day. I know that sounds harsh, but when you are paying good money for local beef there's no reason for it to be killed a second time by the grill and never see the salt. So bottom line...try Pharmacy out if you really want a burger and definitely sit in the beer garden if weather permits. Otherwise...meh

Now on to some specific suggestions...

Flyte---can certainly be pricey, but my experience has been on point
ChaChah---great cocktails and the perfect place to hang out and share small plates with friends. This is one of my favorite spots in town. Basil Gimlet and Metropolitan are both solid drink choices.
Patterson House---definitely worth visiting pre-dinner or late night. Best bar in town.

I should also mention the growing street food scene. If you see or happen to be near Riffs, Grilled Cheeserie, or Smoke et al. then I would definitely grab something, even if to split one item. Smoke et al. does some of the better BBQ I have eaten in Nashville.

This is all I have for now.

shelf-life of home-bottled carbonated cocktails

I hear that and am in agreement. I think he mentions 2-3 days if using fresh juice, while stating that the cocktails he is making will last indefinitely in the fridge. My thought was if the drinks were in sealed bottles and refrigerated it wouldn't be a problem.

Jun 07, 2012
matthew715 in Spirits

I've got a 2-liter limit. Which bourbon(s) would YOU bring?

I think Bulleit, Four Roses Small Batch, and Elijah Craig are all good options given what has been said. I second the advice of individually wrapping in clothes. I've done the same traveling from Europe back to the states and had no problems.

Jun 07, 2012
matthew715 in Spirits

shelf-life of home-bottled carbonated cocktails

I recently came across a link from Jeffrey Morgenthaler about home-bottled carbonated cocktails ( and am planning to try a few out this weekend. My concern, however, is that cocktails made with fresh fruit juice will not have a significant shelf-life in the fridge. Morgenthaler mentions this, but I am having a difficult time seeing the problem using fruit juice if spirits and liqueurs with a high sugar content are acceptable. I was thinking of doing a carbonated basil gimlet for example, but don't want to waste the product if I'm looking at a short shelf-life. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Jun 07, 2012
matthew715 in Spirits