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Logs for BBQ smoking?

ok thanks for all the great advice folks. I did call Marc's in Oakville and got a couple bags of hickory. Not cheap though, but a good option. I will consider the other suggestions in the future (I am having a BBQ today so I needed it right away). Reading Buster Rhino's response, I am wondering if I should be using a blend of oak and hickory to avoid overpowering the meat, rather than just using only hickory.

Logs for BBQ smoking?

Does anybody know where I could find (in southern Ontario or northern NY) logs for a BBQ smoker? I bought a new BBQ which includes a big smoker firebox that I want to try out making some good authentic barbecue. All I can find is wood chips, I do not know where to find proper logs (ie. 15" x 3"diameter). Obviously the wood needs to be the proper wood for smoking barbecue- not interested in birch, pine, or other obvious fireplace firewood. If anyone knows of a supplier or even a local farmer or orchard that supplies this, please let me know!