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I had Gronk Flakes for breakfast

I had a box of Flutie Flakes that I was keeping as a souvenir, but I got really poor in college and had to eat them. Saved the box though!

October 2012 Openings and Closings

In this Eater Boston interview, David Dubois says Tasty Burger Harvard Square is aiming for the end of the month or early November. Also, it will be open until 4 a.m.

Looking for Indian food in the Boston/Metrowest area - thanks!

Nice, constant naan replacement might be the most important thing for me in an Indian restaurant. It's naan-negotiable. (I'm sorry.)

My first time in Boston

Just a note that the Friendly Toast also gets really busy on weekends. I love the place (although some other posters have been less enthusiastic) but I've never waited less than an hour. Might be easier to get a table with just a party of two, but it's something to consider if you have a full day of activities planned.

September 2012 Openings and Closings

Potbelly's opens tomorrow, according to their Twitter account.

Globe reports Whole Foods looking to buy chunk of Johnnie's Foodmaster stores

No way! I live across the street from the Beacon Street store and that's where I do most of my shopping. It's nice because whenever I go to a huge supermarket I end up buying a bunch of crap I don't need, but at Johnnie's I can just stick to the basics. The produce isn't great, but I do like the deli and meats -- and those uncut sirloin tips are on sale next week so I'm all over that!

If I want to go to Whole Foods I just walk to Prospect Street. I guess I can always do my basic shopping at Star Market or Market Basket, but man it's really nice to be able to run across the street and buy a 12-pack anytime I need to.

Who wants to start another WHOSE FOODS protest with me?

So That Was Annoying!

I feel like the juice markup at breakfast/brunch is like the liquor markup at dinner. The worst is when you don't even get a decent-sized glass -- I swear I've taken shots bigger than the OJ glasses at S&S in Cambridge.

August 2012 Openings and Closings

According to the Potbelly's website the Washington Street store is now open. I'm going to stop by this week to see if it matches my memories of the Chicago-area location I frequented in college. (I'll probably need to be really hungover and/or stoned to make a fair comparison.)

Either way at least Potbelly's doesn't pump out that nauseating Subway smell that seems exactly the same outside every store.

Boston's best burger?

I've haven't tried a lot of the places reviewed on Boston Burger Blog, but my two current favorites haven't made it to the site yet (maybe because both are kind of out of the way in Somerville): Bull McCabe's near Union Square and Olde Magoun's Saloon in, yup, Magoun Square.

I guess neither place does anything especially fancy, but the burgers are always cooked perfectly and both have a page of their menus dedicated to different options -- the Lone Star at Magoun's is a personal favorite (chili, caramelized onions, cheddar and BBQ sauce).

There was one other Somerville burger joint I used to like but I dated a waitress there and it didn't end well so I don't go anymore.


Olde Magoun's Saloon
518 Medford Street, Somerville, MA 02145

Bull McCabe's
366A Somerville Avenue, Somerville, MA 02143

June Openings + Closings...Mostly Openings

Aw, that makes me sad. I used to frequent the Evanston location around 2001-2005, so maybe I was enjoying the lower quality chain version anyways? When I was in college I thought Miller Lite was good beer so what did I know.

June Openings + Closings...Mostly Openings

I'm not sure when it's opening, but Potbelly sandwich shop lists 275 Washington Street on their Coming Soon page:

I was a huge Potbelly fan in my college days in Chicago and my excitement after learning they opened a Boston location in March was only matched by my disappointment that it was located in Logan's Terminal C. Sounds like the new spot (near the State T stop) should be a lot easier to access.

Gillette Stadium options

Just went to the Red Wing last weekend. It's been kind of up and down over the years but everything was great -- especially the fried clams -- and the portions are huge. Waitress was a little surly, but to me that's just part of the charm.